Friday, June 18, 2021

Skechers Performance GO Run Max Road 5 Initial Video Review

Article by Sam Winebaum

Skechers Performance GO Run Max Road 5 ($135)

The Max Road gets a carbon infused H plate and new engineered mesh upper to help tame and direct the sometimes wild ride of this super light 8.3 oz/ 235g (US9), giant 38/32 mm stack height trainer with a supercritical Hyperburst midsole. 

Does it work? Please watch the initial video review to find out.


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Jimmy said...

Hi Sam, from the specs looks like the MaxRoad is now a 6mm drop, does it feel like a higher drop than the MaxRoad 4 which by specs was a 4mm drop? Reason I ask is because I have run in both the MaxRoad 3 and GoRun 7+ which are both 4mm drop but the 7+ feels like a 2mm drop and as a result I can't run in it much since it stresses my achilles whereas the MaxRoad 3 I can run daily without issue. Not sure if the pod outsole design is the culprit and whether the MaxRoad 5 would have the same issue, but since the MaxRoad 3 I've always wished for that shoe with a better upper.

Todd Scott said...

My Maxroad 4's got decent reviews but lasted less than 200 miles. I'm not sure how useful reviews are of shoes that won't go long and you won't get your money's worth. (They also gave me blisters and heel stability issues.)

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Jimmy,
I have in our prior reviews both Max Road 4 and Max Road 4+ at 6mm drop so unchanged. As I say in video MR5 sure now feel less soft and low than 4+ which quite frankly I found pretty terrible to run slow in. MR5 I had no issues slow, I think the reason is as I say in the review the heel hold and overall mid foot hold is better so foot better aligned moving forward, Found the same with the new heel set up of the Endorphin Speed 2. It is is still the same soft midsole so the heel is still somewhat low feeling even with 6mm drop but I think improved. Now feels like 4mm and not 2mm as you say.
Sam, Editor

Unknown said...

Great review. It is the only one that features the shops where to buy the Maxroad 5 online, even outside the USA.
I have checked them, and just two: Runningwarehouse and holabirdsports really ship to Europe.
Thank you.

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks Unknown!
I did not know that both Running Warehouse US and Holabird ship to Europe.
Sam, Editor