Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Scott Ultra Carbon RC Multi Tester Review: 10 Comparisons

Article by Mike Postaksi, Jeremy Marie, and Marcel Krebs

Scott Ultra Carbon RC ($230)


Mike P: Scott trail running shoes have been known for their alpine mountain running orientation. A firmer ride, deep levels of protection, rockered ride design, and radial outsole traction are all hallmarks of their trail and mountain running shoe lineup. I’ve been able to test and run in several of their trail shoes and the slant towards rugged mountain terrain is absolutely noticeable. I find them great in those conditions, but a bit much and usually “too much” shoe in some regards for a lot of the tamer, more runnable terrain found in the American West.

Enter the Ultra Carbon RC - Scott’s first carbon-plated trail running shoe. Designed in collaboration with Scott athlete Cody Lind for Western States style terrain, i.e. rolling, not overly technical, and fast. The shoe has been out for a little while, and I’ve had it on my radar. I have to note that I was aware of the weight of the shoe, which is surprisingly on the heavier side. I’ve found Scott’s rockered ride design helps their shoes run lighter than their actual weight in the past. 

Now of course there’s a Carbitex plate in the mix, so I’m excited to see how that factors into the equation. 

Jeremy M. My only other experience with Scott trail running shoe offering is the Supertrac RC 2 (RTR Review), which happens to be one of my favorite light, go-fast yet protective all terrain trail running shoes. Despite being thought for technical terrain, I found it quite versatile on my tamed trails, with excellent traction and adequate protection for up to 30 kms runs. 

I have also reviewed the Scott Speed Carbon RC (RTR Review), their carbon-plated long distance road racing shoe, which offered a nice blend of easy-going, rolling and protective stable ride, without trying to be an all-out speed racing shoe fighting against the Alphafly or the other super shoes. I appreciated its dense cushioning and the very effective rocker. The carbon plate made by Carbitex was quite unique at the time, as it provides more flex at easier paces, gaining a more propulsive rigid flavor as the pace increases. 

The Ultra Carbon RC can be seen as the trail running counterpart to the Speed Carbon RC. The idea being to provide a shoe that excels on easy and rolling terrain as Mike described, thanks to its rocker shape and the Carbitex carbon plate. As I really appreciated the Speed Carbon RC, I was eager to review its trail sibling. 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Review: Run Trainer and All Day on Feet Nursing Shoe

Article by Allison Valliere

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 ($140)

Introduction: The Adrenaline GTS 22 is Brooks long reliable stability trainer (in its 22nd iteration), featuring stability enhancing Guide Rails, maximum cushion, comfort, padding and support.  With 36 mm of cushion in the heel and 24 mm in the forefoot, the 12 mm drop is substantial, but is comfortable.  The Adrenaline is best suited for those looking for added support for daily runs, walking or just long days on your feet.  

Speaking of long days on your feet, what drew me to the Adrenaline GTS 22 is that I am a nurse and spend 8-10 hours on my feet each work day. The Danskos I have been wearing for years were taking their toll on my feet and especially my heels (I think I had a pesky case of Plantar Fasciitis).  Comments online suggested that for many nurses, the Adrenaline GTS 22 was proving to be a good alternative, so I thought a multi-purpose review would be a good idea to assess not only their running strengths, but also their utility as a nursing shoe.

Pros: Cushion, comfort, stability, support for long days on your feet, low weight for a stability shoe.

Cons: None!


Weight - Official: 9 oz/255g US Women’s Size 8

Sample: 9.6 oz/271g US Women’s Size 9

Stack height: 36mm heel/24mm forefoot (12mm drop)

Available now: $140

Monday, February 27, 2023

Article & Review: The Big Gnarly Nutrition Primer

Article by Peter Stuart

Gnarly Nutrition!


One of the highlights of the recent TRE (The Running Event) was getting a chance to get a deep dive on all of the tasty and functional products in the Gnarly Nutrition line. Having attended TRE for a few years, I’ve noticed that some companies are there to hand out a couple of free samples, or let you look at their upcoming shoes and other companies are there to really work with you and educate you about what they are doing and why. Gnarly was a terrific example of the latter.

 I sat down with Gnarly’s COO, Dr. Shannon O’Grady (her ph.D is in nutritional physiology). She’s a true believer in her product and her clear passion for Gnarly is palpable. 


I’ve used some of the Gnarly products in the last year, but if I’m being honest, I’d have to say that—up until I sat down with Dr. O’Grady I wasn’t clear where some of the products might fit in the equation for runners and other endurance athletes. Sure, the Gnarly Hydrate is easy. It’s a 30-calorie hydration mix that contains all of your basic electrolytes—and most importantly tastes terrific. It’s become my all-day everyday drink during the long hot Texas summers. Some of the other products took some education from Dr. O’Grady to understand. I’ll try to break down some of the line below as well as give some recommendations of specific uses for runners. 

Update: Take the 2 min quiz on the Gnarly site HERE to see which products Gnarly thinks you might benefit from. Then order a sample box for $9.99 (including free shipping).

RYZON - Premium-Sportbekleidung mit einer nachhaltigen Seele (German)

Artikel von Markus Zinkl & Nils Scharff

Update: Please also read our English language Ryzon review here


Nils: Ich bin Läufer - kein Triathlet! Ich schreibe das an dieser Stelle ganz explizit, um euch den richtigen Kontext für die folgenden Ausführungen zu geben. Aber vielleicht auch, um mich selbst von dieser Aussage zu überzeugen. Instagram jedenfalls scheint seit einiger Zeit zu glauben, dass es mir nicht auszureichen scheint “nur” zu laufen. Ich gebe zu, ich habe auch genug Anlass gegeben, mich in die Triathlon Bubble zu werfen. Nach ewiger Recherche habe ich mir letzten Sommer ein neues (Gravel-) Bike zugelegt und poste seitdem plötzlich nicht nur von Läufen, sondern auch Radtouren. Radklamotten und -ausrüstung samt der zugehörigen Marken scheinen mich seitdem auch zu interessieren. Und dann habe ich auch noch einen Coach, der aus dem Triathlonsport kommt, den ich regelmäßig in meinen Stories verlinke. Ich gebe zu, die immensen Ausdauerleistungen, die die Athleten per Rad und Pedes zurücklegen, faszinieren mich. Doch da ist ja immer noch die Sache mit dem Schwimmen und die hält mich nachhaltig davon ab, auch nur einen ernsthaften Gedanken daran zu verschwenden, die Sportart zu wechseln. Ich bin Läufer - und somit also ein schwieriger Fall für Instagram.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Puma ForeverRUN Nitro Video Review: All Nitro Foam, Max Cushion, Stable and Light!

Article and video by Sam Winebaum

Puma ForeverRUN Nitro ($150)

Update: Full written review HERE

In the video, I review the Puma ForeverRUN Nitro and compare to the ASICS Nimbus 25 and Nike Invincible Run.

It is an inherently stable daily max cushion trainer with a dual density Nitro supercritical foam midsole, 40mm heel / 30mm stack height, and light for stack weight of about 9.5 oz / 269g men's US9.

The upper is soft, light on foot and at the same time highly supportive,

$150, Available March 2023. Full Multi Tester Review soon.

Watch the Puma ForeverRUN Nitro Video Review (16:08)

Available now at our partner Fleet Feet HERE

Hoka Torrent 3 Multi Tester Review: 8 Comparisons

Article by Dom Layfield, Shannon Payne and Jeff Valliere

Hoka Torrent 3 ($130 )


Dom:  The Torrent is something of an outlier for Hoka, a brand inevitably associated with ‘maximalist’, super-cushioned footwear. Compared to their signature trail running offerings (like the Speedgoat 5, with 28 mm of cushion in the forefoot), the Torrent has a much more svelte 18 mm of stack up front. The Torrent is best suited to shorter distances on trail, and performs best on softer ground.


  • Lower stack makes the shoe nicely stable.  Dom, Shannon, Jeff

  • Competitive pricing.  Dom, Jeff

  • Striking looks.  Dom, Shannon

  • No real weaknesses.  Dom, Shannon

  • Versatility in terms of both technical and more tame terrain. Shannon, Jeff

  • Accommodating fit that allows for plenty of room without feeling boxy. Shannon, Jeff


  • Harsh ride on pavement. Trail-only shoes.  Dom, Jeff

  • Traction on wet rock disappointing.  Dom, Jeff

  • Lacking in personality.  Dom

  • Underfoot protection in rocky terrain.  Jeff


Approx. Weight: men's 9.1 oz  / 258g (US9)

  Sample: US M10 9.6 oz  / 272  g

Stack Height: 

men’s 23 mm heel / 18 mm forefoot ( 5 mm drop) 

women’s  21 mm heel / 16 mm forefoot (5mm drop)

$130. Available now.

ASICS Trabuco Max 2 Multi Tester Review: 5 Comparisons

Article by Renee Krusemark, Jeff Vallliere and Jeff Beck

ASICS Trabuco Max 2 ($150 )


Jeff V:  The Trabuco Max 2 has been completely reworked with an upper redesign, a new midsole featuring Asics Flytefoam Blast Plus foam and a new outsole with full Asics grip and redesigned directional 4.5 mm lugs. 

Stack height has increased by 1mm for a total stack of 43mm in the heel and 38 in the forefoot.  While that sounds like a crazy stack, the Trabuco Max 2 has a broad platform and is stable.


All day comfort: Renee/Jeff/Jeff B

Smooth forward roll: Renee/Jeff

Great cushion with bounce: Jeff/Jeff B

Excellent all around traction:  Jeff

Improved fit/security: Jeff

Normal laces! :Jeff B

Improved toebox width: Jeff B

Dulls ground feel: Jeff B


A bit heavy: Renee

Limited to smooth, rolling terrain: Renee

Dulls ground feel: Jeff B


Weight: 10.8 oz  / 303 g (US9)  /  women's oz / g (US8)    

Samples: men's11.25 oz  / 318 g (US10), 11.29 oz / 320g (US10.5)   

women’s 9.38oz / 266g (US8)

Stack Height: men’s 43 mm heel / 38mm forefoot ( 5 drop spec)

Available now. $150

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet and 4D MAG S Goggles Reviews

Article by Jeff Valliere

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet and 4D MAG S Goggles

I am a lifelong skier, be it alpine, telemark, classic XC, skate skiing and I have long regarded Smith to be one of the leading brands for helmets and goggles. 

After a bit of a lull in resort skiing (too crowded and expensive), I have rekindled my love for skiing by taking up ever growing SkiMo.  I love getting away from the crowds and getting some uphill exercise and then being able to slide back down.  \

Smith offers a wide range of ski related helmet and goggle options and I chose the Vantage Helmet for its warmth, venting versatility, comfort and safety and the 4D MAG S Goggles for their quality, field of vision and easy easy lens change options.  Read on to see how they perform.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Hoka Rocket X 2 Review: A Simply Elegant & Effective Super Race Shoe

 Article by Sam Winebaum

Hoka Rocket X 2 ($250)

I have now had initial runs in what I am calling Hoka’s 2023 do every run duo: The Rocket X2 racer and Clifton 9 daily trainer (RTR Review). Both are significantly updated and improved for me over their predecessors. 

The Rocket X 2 is for sure now a super shoe class, any distance racer with a 6mm higher stack of cushion, broader platform, smoother softer race ride and lighter weight than the rigid, stiff and firm Rocket X 1  (RTR Review)

The Clifton 9 gets 3mm more stack height and a new more easily flowing geometry while gaining very little weight. Our review of the Clifton 9 will be coming very soon.

Given the massive snows here in Park City, my initial testing has been on a firm indoor track with 7 laps to the mile and sharp corners, always a good test of stability and upper hold. I have tested many super shoes and trainers on this track so my context for this initial review is solid. With the weather clearing and warming I also was able to test on the roads.


Sample Weight: 7.18 oz  / 203 g US8.5
Stack Height 36mm heel (measured & spec) 31mm forefoot (5mm drop spec)
Available now including at our partners 
Running Warehouse US SHOP HERE 
Fleet Feet SHOP HERE
Running Warehouse Australia SHOP HERE

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Recenzja: Diadora Atomo V7000 (Polish)

Article by Matt Kolat

Diadora Atomo V7000 (180€)

Za i Przeciw


- Wspaniała włoska stylistyka

- Wysoka stabilność buta (but neutralny)

- Wygoda bez konieczności rozbijania buta

- Produkt zaprojektowany i wyprodukowany w 100% we Włoszech


- Wysoka cena


Waga wg producenta: męskie 9.17oz/ 260g (US9)

Próbka: męskie US 12 EU 46.5

Waga próbki: 311g / 10.9oz

Grubość podeszwy: 41mm / 36mm

Drop: 5mm

adidas Ultraboost Light Multi Tester Review: Massive Weight Drop! Now a "Real" Run Trainer? 8 Comparisons

Article by Jeff Beck, Steve Gedwill and Sam Winebaum

Ultraboost Light ($190)


Sam: I am going to go out on a limb and say the Ultraboost Light is the most significant new and effectively executed trainer from adidas for the “average runner” in many years. At least for me and since the 2013 Energy Boost 1 and if lighter duty, earlier Boston as adidas daily trainers got progressively heavier, less inspiring to run and clunky. 

Yes, we have a fleet of adizero line trainers such as the Energy-roded Boston 11, and the wild Prime X Strung. And for sure the budget Supernova 2 was a huge pleasant surprise but both were on the fringes as mainstream trainers for the more serious recreational runner with the Boston 10/11 more faster to elite runner focused. 

Now with the Ultraboost Light, adidas, without messing with the iconic looks and thus sales potential to non runners of its huge Ultraboost franchise, manages to bring the model way forward in run utility with a dramatic drop in weight and other improvements.

Resembling prior Ultraboost, that is for sure, it loses a massive 2 oz / 57g in my US8.5 in large part due to the use of a new Light Boost expanded bead TPU compound. 

With a weight of 10.3 oz / 292g in my size US 8.5, it is still not “light” as trainers go or as highly stacked at relatively low 30mm heel / 20mm forefoot on a broad platform. but it is for sure now in the hunt as a daily trainer and not just a style shoe that can run a bit. 

The upper is still Primeknit with over 50% recycled content and we still have the now iconic TPU cage in a new and lighter configuration,

Underfoot we see a new more “linear” Linear Energy Push system of TPU plate and outsole. 

Let’s see how they perform!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Testbericht: Diadora Atomo v7000-- Ein Volltreffer Made in Italy (German)

Artikel von Markus Zinkl, Nils Scharff

Link zum englischen RTR-Test des Diadora Atomo v7000: HIER

Link zu allen RTR-Testberichten: HIER

Diadora Atomo v7000 (180,00 €)


Markus: Der Diadora Atomo v7000 ist laut der hauseigenen Webseite der erste in Italien gefertigte Laufschuh seit 35 Jahren. Diadora hat damit ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal und für all jene, denen der Fertigungsort wichtig ist, ein Kriterium, das beachtenswert ist.

Der v7000 verwendet die DD Anima Mittelsohle aus dem Atomo Equipe. Dabei handelt es sich ebenfalls auf eine Eigenentwicklung im hauseigenen Forschungszentrum. Der spezielle Schaum soll die Reaktivität um 30 % steigern und dabei das Gewicht um 20 % reduzieren.

Für einen stark gedämpften Daily-Trainer ist der Atomo v7000 tatsächlich mit 300 g in Größe 45 EU/ 11.5 US einer der leichteren Modelle.

Apropos Dämpfung, Diadora spendiert dem v7000 im Gegensatz zum Equipe ein ordentliches Plus. 44 mm an der Ferse und 36 mm im Vorderfuß schieben den Atomo in die max. Dämpfung Kategorie.

Beim Obermaterial setzt Diadora auf ein weiches Air-Mesh Material mit Mikrofaser Overlays im Zehen- und Fersenbereich.

Zu guter Letzt kommt auch wieder die Gummimischung Duratech 5000 aus vom Equipe beim Atomo zum Einsatz.

Das Design ist natürlich wie immer eine subjektive Sache. Ich persönlich finde das Design allerdings sehr gelungen. Vor allem die Mikrofaser Overlays lassen an einen klassischen Sneaker mit Kunstlederelementen erinnern. Vorweggenommen dazu, die Leistung eines waschechten Laufschuhs, ist beeindruckend.