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Sam Winebaum, Editor and Founder

Sam is a 1:38 half marathoner on a good day and doesn't mind at all going into his 60+ age group in 2017. Update: maybe he can still run fast as he clocked at 1:35 recently surprising him.  He runs approximately 40 miles per week. He has been running for 45 years and has a very dated marathon PR of 2:28. Always a geek Sam is also the Senior Contributing Editor for Wearable Fitness Technology and Music at Competitor Magazine.

Jeff Valliere is a former pro cyclist who now runs and climbs the mountains of Colorado. He has been top 5 Masters, top 25 overall, at the Pike's Peak Marathon several times, finishing 3d Masters this year. Jeff loves vertical accumulating more than 500,000 vertical feet per year, has climbed all the 14's and 200 of the 13's and has held FKT on several.  He often runs and climbs at night. Passionate about the sport but also the gear he has reviewed hundred of shoes for various magazines and sites and participated in product testing for many brands.  Formerly a bike mechanic he has recently worked in Satellite Imagery. He has twin 6 year old daughters who keep him ever busier yet.

Peter Stuart
My running career got off to a slow start…in high school I was told I ran like a race walker and was thus relegated to race walking on the track team. I got back into running about 15 years ago and then into triathlon. Triathlon really rekindled my love for running, so about two years ago I hired a coach and really focused on the half and full marathons.  I broke a bad habit of putting in tons of moderately hard miles (and no or hard ones) and after plateauing at 3:25 (with some disastrous marathons in there), this past year I brought my marathon under 3:00 and my half under 1:25. Along the way I’ve developed a bit of a shoe problem.

Larisa Dannis
New Hampshire based, Larisa is an accomplished mountain runner, ultra road runner, and marathoner. Back in her home state after several years in California, she is working on her second Whites Mountains Grid, all 48 4000 foot NH peaks, each done in every calander month, most over very rugged, spectacular, technical terrain.  Her first Grid led her to start running, as she could cover more summits on the run than hiking!  Moving to California, in 2014 she finished 2nd in the Western States 100, had a 50 mile road PR of 5:59 becoming US Road Champion and was on the US 100K World Road Championships team. She was the top non elite runner (2:44:14), 17th woman overall at the 2014 Boston Marathon and qualified for 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier. She is a long time proponent of heart rate based pacing and uses this approach for all her running and racing. Her website can be found here.

Dave Ames
Dave is the Founder and Head Coach of Ame For It Run Coaching, a nationwide run coaching business, training athletes of all ability levels from 5K to Marathon.  A formally competitive runner in High School and College, Dave focuses the majority of his time now on his athletes, but maintains the love for running and racing by keeping sub 3 Marathon, fit.  His previous work in the run specialty industry consisted of managing multiple run shops across the US, then switching over to the Corporate wholesale side, most recently via Newton Running and Skechers Performance. Dave can be found on Instagram @ameforitruncoaching and his website

Dominick Layfield
Dom lives in Southern California after several years in Park City, UT.  He is an avid trail runner who likes to race.  He holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from MIT, and has worked as a researcher in orthopedic biomechanics. So he knows the difference between a ligament and tendon :-).
In 2016, he raced, among others, the Angeles Crest 100 (2nd place), Scout Mountain 80K (1st place), and Georgia Death Race 68 miler (3rd place).  His 2017 achievement include first place in the dead of winter 2017 108-mile Spine Challenger race in the UK, breaking the course record by an hour, first place in the Quicksilver 100K in California, and 14th at the Western States Endurance Run. 

Derek Li
Derek is a family physician who lives in Singapore. He has been running marathons for the past four years with a 2017 marathon PR of 2:41. He started running for triathlon training in 2003, and now focuses purely on running in a bid to run all the Marathon Majors. In his free time, he likes to review running shoes and related products at his blog Running Commentary.

Shannon Payne
Colorado Springs based Shannon is a 2 time winner of the infamous Mt Washington Road Race including 2017, a past member of the US Mountain Running Team placing 3d in the 2014 World Mountain Running Championships long course ascent of Pike's Peak, and was a 7 time All-American in track and cross country at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

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