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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Fk Multi Tester Review: All ZoomX, All the Time!

Article by Jeff Beck, Sally Reiley and Sam Winebaum

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Fk ($180)   


Sam:  The Invincible Run is the first Nike with an entirely ZoomX midsole. There is no React layer as in Peg Turbo 2 or Tempo Next% and no plates or air pods as in the Vaporfly,  Alphafly or Tempo Next%. 

The Invincible can be thought of as the faster runner's recovery easier days neutral complement to Nike’s other max cushion shoes: Alpha/Vaporfly racing, Tempo Next faster training, and React Infinity stability training. 

It can also be thought of as the max cushion soft and springy daily trainer in the max cushion Nike lineup for the rest of us.  While this group of reviewers has not tested the Vomero 15, but have the Pegasus 37, Invincible is clearly a modern, softer, more cushioned daily trainer than either of those and not quite the more uptempo focused all arounder the Pegasus 37 is.

With an official stack height of 36.6mm heel /  27.6mm forefoot, it clearly is a max cushioned shoe. At 9.8 oz / 278g in a US9 it also sneaks under the magic 10 oz barrier I prefer in daily trainers.  All ZoomX, no plate, a square heel geometry, and with some front toe off flex, it has the broadest on the ground platform of any Nike (to stabilize the soft foam) at approximately 97mm at the forefoot and 115mm at the heel, with only the Infinity React coming close at 92mm/115mm in my US8.5.  I was very intrigued to test. Would it be too soft to move along, not very stable or would it provide the same ZoomX efficient and pleasant magic as the Vaporfly and Alphafly?

Jeff: This is the shoe I’ve been looking forward to for more than three years. Once Nike unveiled ZoomX in the first iteration of the Vaporfly 4%, I started wondering “What if they loaded up a bunch of that into a trainer?” We sort of got a glimpse of that with the Pegasus Turbo, but that wasn’t all ZoomX and wasn’t that high of a stack. But now that it’s here - does the Invincible live up to the hype? Or is too much of a good thing just more?

Sally: I became a devoted Nike fan when I got my first Vaporfly 4% and crushed some races with what I thought were undeservedly fast times (for me).  Then came the Next %, even better for me for racing. I have been wishing that Nike would come out with a trainer that would use the amazing ZoomX midsole for some time. Lord knows we all miss racing, and that means we miss not only the thrill of the competition and the elation of the reward for a great effort, but we miss the opportunity to wear our beloved Nike Zoom X race shoes! I was thrilled to get the opportunity to test these beauties. Let’s see how they perform!



Unparalleled bounce, soft but fast, stable with lots of width, and truly fun to run.

Great traction and durability. 

Best implementation of Flyknit thus far


Soft, highly cushioned, springy, fast, fun to run

Excellent very forward very easy to toe off flex point

A non plated, non agro, softer, max cushion training option missing from the Nike line up

Sally:Yep. Bouncy. Soft. Stable. Natural toe off. Peppy. Nimble. Fantastic fit. FUN!




Built up heel collar could aggravate some runners ankles.

Cost vs durability remains to be seen

Sam: Medial achilles collar outer fabric is thin and not durable. May abrade/tear if you kick it as I did 


Estimated Weight: men's 9.8 o z / 278g (US9) :: women's 8.6 oz / 245g (US8)

      Samples: men’s 9.52 oz / 270g  (US8.5) men’s 10.8 oz / 307g (US10.5)

                      women’s 8.6 oz / 245g (US8)

Stack Height: Forefoot 27.6mm, Heel 36.6mm, 9mm drop

Available Jan 18, 2021 Globally. North America release dates 2.11 Nike Member Launch, 2.18 Full Marketplace.  

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Odlo Base and Outer Layers Winter 2021 Round Up Review

 Article by Dominique Winebaum, Adam Glueck, and Sam Winebaum


Sam: Odlo is a Swiss based brand with long time Norwegian ski and outdoor heritage. Catch the combination of Swiss engineering and Nordic weather and sport use. As such, Odlo creates truly spectacular performing apparel for all seasons with intricate and effective fabric technologies including body mapped ventilation, ceramic based cooling and warming features, and very robust anti stink properties, all styled modern and classy. Odlo outfits many national ski teams with base layers including of course the Swiss team. We were delighted with their summer Blackcomb Pro Tee and now bring you reviews from their long time speciality of winter base layers and apparel .The samples were provided at no charge for testing and there was no other compensation to RTR or testers.

Natural + Kinship Warm Baselayer ($100)

Style and Fit

Dominique: The Natural + Kinship Warm Baselayer from ODLO - Crew and Bottom is designed to keep you warm and dry in cold weather conditions with the added bonus of the luxurious feel of merino wool against your skin.  Natural thermoregulation from merino wool (52%) is enhanced with body-mapped ventilation zones.  In short, a high performance base layer with the perfect blend of natural fibers and fabric technology in a seamless design that is very form fitting. 

It may be difficult to select an ODLO baselayer when browsing the options as all combine excellent design, high performance, top quality, and with plenty of novelties to boot.  I selected the Natural + Kinship Warm Baselayer for its merino content and body mapping technology.  With slight differences in prices, the long sleeve top is available in three different options: crew, half-zip turtleneck, and with facemask. 

Attractive without frills, I have been wearing my long sleeve base layer top with running tights and hiking pants, and waiting anxiously for ski season to start so I can wear my ODLO baselayer (top and bottom) as a pair underneath my winter-ski clothing -- Downhill and Nordic.   The long sleeve crew top comes in two vivid colors: Charisma Melange and Submerged Melange as well as in Black, and the bottom in Submerged Melange and in Black.  


Dominique: Merino wool provides natural thermoregulation and feels soft to the touch creating a comfortable environment for your next-to-skin layer. Moisture management is inherent to merino, which is enhanced by ventilation zones stitched into the fibers, aka body-mapping technology.  This baselayer is designed to keep you warm and dry when working out in wintry conditions in a super comfortable way.

Seamless construction is a hallmark of a high-tech performance garment.  As a knitter and a sewer, I marvel at the seamless knitting technology that went into the making of my ODLO baselayer to help top both my comfort and performance.  Nothing is rubbing or bulging against skin. 

The merino wool blend has natural anti-odor properties so no need to worry about smell when working out.  Also, you can break the habit of overwashing clothes with merino - and most ODLO apparel - which will result in helping the environment, saving time and energy as well as extending the life of your garment.  


Dominique:I have reviewed ODLO summer apparel (running and biking) but this is my first introduction to their winter collection.  What a treat, especially as I have never owned a full pair of baselayers : what a difference in my level of comfort. A high performance baselayer blending both natural fibers and fiber technology for an amazing level of comfort in cool and wintry conditions. Priced at $100 for either the crew or the bottom, it's a purchase that is worth the "investment".  The long sleeve top comes in 3 different versions: crew (4100), half-zip turtleneck ($110), and with facemask ($115), offering different levels of protection around the neck and the head, which also means less skin exposed to the elements and fewer accessories when layering up.   

Odlo Blackcomb LS Baselayer ($90-$100)

Style and fit:  

Adam:  I first purchased one of these two years ago in the middle of a particularly cold nordic ski training camp in BC, Canada. The Blackcomb is a tight fitting baselayer, but so accommodating in stretch that it will fit differently sized and shaped people comfortably.  The fabric itself is thicker than most such base layers, and appears to hold a lot of air for insulation yet breathes very well.  The fabric is soft to the touch without any chafing seams of separate layers of fabric.  The fabric contains body mapped zones and ventilation, so the wearer’s core temperature stays warmer and the baselayer still wicks.  The patterns on the fabric are subtle but interesting, and I prefer it to having just a single color. 

Performance:  For cold conditions, especially below 25º, the Blackcomb baselayer is phenomenal.  Unlike most cold weather base layers, it can be worn comfortably in warmer conditions as well, or under jackets, thanks to its excellent breathability and wicking.  It’s similarly warm to a thick wool baselayer, but doesn’t get as wet after a long day of running or skiing.  The durability is exceptional, as I’ve worn these every week of winter for the past three years and they still look and feel good as new. 

Testing the blackcomb baselayer skiing in 2019


Conclusion:   I can not speak highly enough of the Blackcomb Baselayer. Consider them primarily if you live in colder climates,. It is comfortable, dependable, durable, and versatile.  I’ve worn it for ski races below 0ºF under my race suit, long runs in the rain, and mountain runs above treeline.  The fabric is  extremely stretchy with seamless transitions between different body mapped zones allowing for excellent wicking, quick drying, and warmth.  Especially when combined with a light shell jacket, the Blackcomb baselayers can create a warm air pocket that keeps you toasty even in very cold conditions.  If I could have one baselayer for winter running, this would be it.


Style and fit:

Adam:  The Corviglia Kinship Midlayer top has a hard to pronounce name, but is also an intriguing garment.  The midlayer has a beautiful 3D quilted fleece pattern on the front that looks more at home in fashion than in technical outdoor apparel.   I’ve even worn this over a dress shirt as a formal sweater and it looked great.  However none of that would matter if it wasn’t an excellent technical baselayer.  While not as stretchy accommodating as the Blackcomb baselayer or ZW Warm Hybrid jacket, the Corviglia Kinship Midlayer is comfortable and flexible enough for running and nordic skiing. It features a chest pocket that can fit iPhone plus/Max models.  The quilted fleece fabric is not as soft as the other Odlo fabrics, but is still quite comfortable.  


Adam: I enjoy wearing this midlayer around the house, but I’ve also tested it skiing and running and it holds up quite well.  It’s very warm, almost as warm as the ZW warm hybrid jacket, and the close fit at the waist stops cold air from coming in.  It also wicks quite well. 


Adam: The Corviglia Kinship Midlayer’s main draw is that it looks stylish.  For running in the mountains, I’d be more inclined to wear a blackcomb baselayer and a more packable wind shell  jacket, but I don’t think that this is the intended purpose of this midlayer.  This is a midlayer that you could wear in places that you wouldn’t normally wear running clothes, but that would still be easily capable of running the White Mountains in winter.

Blackcomb Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top with Face Mask ($110)

Sam: The ultimate base layer? A slim fitting body mapped base layer that is highly breathable and moisture managing. It allows for unusually good freedom of movement and layers easily under outer jackets such as the Ceramiwarm Hybrid Running Jacket below.  It has a 3 way hood/mask ideal for all weather conditions: down, as mask only, as hood only or as hood and mask. I have  found it exceptionally versatile and comfortable in cold and even in milder fall conditions. 

Corviglia Kinship Midlayer Top – Full Zip with Hoody ($120) and Half Zip ($100)

A warm, comfortable, and stylish top, that can be worn both as a top layer in cool weather and as a mid layer in wintry conditions.  Extremely versatile and good looking, it has become my go-to top this fall and winter whatever the occasions/activities — grocery shopping, going on a walk or a hike, ridding my “Momentum” bike, to the outdoor tennis court, attending a socially distanced gathering, and even inside when I need an extra layer.  

Named after a ski resort in Switzerland that is connected to St-Moritz and which I was fortunate to travel to as a teen attending a ski camp, this Corviglia Kinship full-zip hoody, with its advanced thermoregulation and enhanced comfort, will be the perfect mid layer to wear under my ski jacket.  Engineered mid layer made with 3D quilted AIR TECH fleece to keep your warm without the bulk and with plenty of stretch to keep you moving comfortably. 

The AIR TECH fleece has a classy and stylish outer layer design with an embossed heritage design, and which is available in four different colors: Black, Diving Navy, Submerged, and Charisma.  There are two zippered side pockets and the full zip top has a well-fitted hoody that is super comfortable. 

It is easy to tuck my hands under the sleeves when cold as the they are pretty long.  Reasonably priced for a high performance mid layer that is so versatile. I am just loving my Corviglia Kinship as a top and mid layer. 

Zeroweight Warm Tight ($110)

Winter testing of the ZW Warm Hybrid Jacket and ZW Warm Tights

Style and fit:

Adam:  The Zeroweight warm tights are a simple, sleek, black tight.  They combine a warmer fleecy front of the tight with a lighter breathable back.  The fit is precise and extremely comfortable, and just like the other clothing I’ve tested from Odlo, they’re very flexible and reliable.  The look is simple and clean with minimal logos, seams, and no zippers.  I’m 6’ 180 lbs (183 cm 81.6 kg) and a size large is true to size.  


Most tights I’ve tested fall into one of two categories.  They are usually lightweight running or nordic skiing tights with minimal insulation and wind resistance (Korsa tights), or thermal tights, usually lined with soft, fleecy insulation (Sugoi Subzero or Salomon Agile Softshell tights).  The Zeroweight warm tight combines these two concepts by having a warmer more windproof front combined with a lighter, stretchier back.  I’ve seen this in premium shell pants before, but never in a tight.  The end result is an extremely comfortable tight that’s breathable to wear up to about 40º F running, but warm enough to wear down to 20º without an additional layer.  This versatility is incredible.  Despite the precise fit, the tights don’t feel like they restrict range of motion, or slip down at all when running. 


The Odlo Zeroweight Warm tights have quickly become my favorite warm tights (they’re aptly named).  The wind resistant front/stretch back gives them unmatched versatility for conditions on either side of freezing, and if you’re running in a cold climate and want a versatile, comfortable, and reliable tight, this is what you’re looking for.  

Zeroweight Warm Pants ($110)

Sam: I am very fussy about winter/cooler weather run bottoms. I find most tights overly constrictive and not always that warm as they get soaked. The Warm Running Pants have proven ideal for cooler to colder conditions as they are incredibly light, have windproof panels only above the knees in front, and have a highly articulated knee that opens to a stretch mesh layer below. 

The rest of the pant is a very light stretch breathable fabric and there are even laser cut holes behind the knees at that warm spot for ventilation. They have some reflectivity, zip ankles, a flat thin waistband (could be bit more substantial, and a zip rear key pocket. You will forget the cold and wind or that you are even wearing them. They are ideal for cold weather racing and training.

They are thinner, lighter and more breathable than say a Gore R5 Run Pant or a tight and not quite as warm but far more versatile in uses especially for those runs in near to above freezing temps or when faster paces are the order of the day in cold as you will forget you are wearing them.

Zero Weight Warm Hybrid Jacket ($140)

Testing in the White Mountains

Style and fit:

Adam:In a sea of dark colored jackets, I have to give Odlo credit for making this yellow.  I love the color and it makes the jacket more visible during the day.  The jacket itself is a two sided construction similar to the ZW warm tights.  

The front is a windproof, insulated layer, and the back and arms are a finely textured, stretchy, and breathable fabric.  There are two front zip pockets, large enough to fit a phone, hats, gloves, etc.  The stretchy back and arms means the jacket provides excellent mobility, and fits my shoulders well (a lot of running apparel is tight there for me).  I’d like to see a chest pocket and some more reflectivity, but the design on the jacket is really well thought out and comfortable.  The inside fabric is soft too and feels good on the arms over a t-shirt.


Adam: Similar to the ZW warm tights, this jacket’s windproof front and breathable arms and back makes it excellent for running, cycling, and nordic skiing. It doesn’t get sweaty and wet if layered correctly, and that flexibility means it works in a wide range of temperatures.  This jacket is not super warm on its own since the stretch back and arms aren’t as insulating as the front.  This does make it more useful in warmer temperatures since it breathes well while running, but limits its utility for colder conditions without layering more underneath.  


This is a great outer layer for moderately cold running and skiing.  I think it’s primary purpose is for layering with a good baselayer underneath.  When combined with a baselayer such as the Blackcomb Pro above, it helps create a pocket of warm air, allowing for insulation, wind protection, and excellent wicking and breathability.  The light weight, bright color, wind protection, and wicking of this jacket make it excellent for running and nordic skiing in 18ºF + temperatures.  While I wish it had more reflectivity for running at night, the stretchy arms/back and breathability make it one of the few jackets I really like running in.

Tester Profiles

Adam is a cross country ski racer from New Hampshire.   Along with skiing, he’s a big fan of endurance sports in general and does a lot of running.  He’s much faster at skiing, recently participating in the curtailed NCAA’s skiing for Dartmouth College, but can run a 4:43 mile (in trail shoes) and has won a few small trail races you’ve never heard of.  His mileage varies depending on how much snow is on the ground, but he trains about 700 hours a year including 1200 miles of running and 4000 miles of skiing and roller skiing.  You can follow him at his IG: @real_nordic_skier, his blog:, & on Strava

Sam is the Editor and Founder of Road Trail Run. He is 63 with a 2018 3:40 Boston qualifier. Sam has been running for over 48 years and has a 2:28 marathon PR. These days he runs halves in the just sub 1:40 range training 30-40 miles per week mostly at moderate paces on the roads and trails of New Hampshire and Utah. He is 5’9” tall and weighs about 164 lbs.

Dominique has run for over 40 years, consistently about 25 miles per week at paces between 10 and 11 minute miles. She races rarely, but always surprises more hard core runners in her age group when she does. She has a 1985 marathon PR of 3:16 in her second marathon which at the time put her on the top 10 Swiss women’s lists. She is the mother of two grown children, both runners post college, and enjoys nordic and alpine skiing, hiking and trekking, and gardening. 

Tested samples were provided at no charge for testing purposes. No other compensation was received. The opinions herein are entirely the authors.

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Topo Athletic Cyclone Review: Aveces los detalles sencillos son los mas efectivos, Corre y Responde tan bien como se mira!

Article by Beto Hughes

Topo Athletic Cyclone ($120 US)

Topo Athletic Cyclone el nuevo integrante que pone a la marca Topo en la mira de los entrenadores diarios con gran respuesta para la velocidad, Un gran cambio, con estilo y positivo que trae este modelo!!!

Test: 320km / 200millas


  • Muy transpirable y muy buen ajuste en el medio pie y se sujeta bien el talón.

  • Una puntera muy amplia para los dedos. 

  • Media suela muy suave y ancha para una mejor estabilidad. 

  • Gran Durabilidad en la suela y gran agarre en suelo mojado.


  • Personas de pie muy delgado pudieran sentir muy amplia la puntera. 

  • Agujetas muy largas. 

  • Se siente firme en distancias largas.

  • Talonera con poca estructura.


Size: M 12US

Peso/Weight: 265g/9.3oz

Stack Height/Drop: 28mm/23mm - 5mm Drop

Primera Impresiones Puestos:

Personalmente soy talla 12.5 pero el upper de este Cyclone me quedo como un guante, perfecto ajuste, mucho espacio para los dedos y perfecto para gente con pie ancho (como yo), el Upper es muy transpirable y delgado con gran soporte y ajuste, la lengüeta es delgada pero cómoda con ligero acolchonamiento aunque le demos buen ajuste alas agujetas no genera presión, se siente como un tenis de dia de carrera pero es mas como tenis de Dia de Velocidad. La media suela muy suave especialmente con ese inserto de Zip Foam Core que lleva y aun mas cómodo especialmente con esa plantila Ortholite dandole extra comodidad y comfort.

Materal Superior/Upper

El Upper es muy ligero una sola capa de Engineered Mesh, es delgada pero con poca estructura en puntos clave, eso si tiene muchisima transpirabilidad te entra el aire y se siente muy fresco lo cual sera excelente para dias de verano, la lengueta es delgada con poco acolchonamiento lo cual se me hiz muy comoda al ajustar las cintas ya que tiene un muy buen ajuste en el medio pie, lo probe media talla mas chica y me quedo perfecto gracias a su amplia plataforma la cual te deja mover libremente los dedos, eso lo agradecir mucho en la larga distancia. La talonera es muy flexible con muy poca estructura solo dos colchonsitos como usan los tenis de dia de carrera pero dan un buen ajuste aunque yo no tuve problemas ni se me movia el talon tampoco se resbalaba ala hora de correr, el talon usa un materia interno de gamuza el cual sujeta muy bien la calceta para que genere un mejor ajuste y no se mueva el talon, quiero pensar que el haber recivido esa media talla ayudo a un mejor ajuste en el talon.

Me encanto su amplia puntera perfecta para la gente que tiene el pie ancho, es muy comodo y mas con esa plantilla de Ortholite que hace aun mas suave y comodo.

Media Suela/Midsole

Topo nos trae su Zip Foam Core (Conjunto de EVA/TPU) una media suela que es suave cuando vas lento pero se siente ligeramente más firme cuando aprietas el ritmo, se siente muy cómoda y estable a pesar de ser un tenis 100% Neutral lo cual ayudó mucho en distancia larga se agradece esa ancha plataforma. Este Zip Foam Core me gusto pero esta media suela está hecha más para ritmos fuerte ya que se empieza a sentir más firme dando más pop en cada zancada es más como ese tenis de dia de Tempo, Repeticiones y Fartlek donde se ocupa un pop extra en cada paso me recordó mucho al Saucony Kinvara pero con mejor upper. 


La suela tiene mucha media suela expuesta con áreas estratégicas de goma para durabilidad y vaya que si tiene durabilidad en este Test se nota muy poco desgaste en la goma y la media suela expuesta tiene muy poco desgaste, la goma que tiene dio un buen agarre en concreto mojado aunque pense que seria resbaloso pero no se agarro muy bien incluso en un dia lluvioso no se resbalo y mantuve bien el ritmo, tiene dos pedazos en el talón y tres en la parte delantera en el medio pie y puntera justo donde se da el agarre a la hora de correr, si es algo firme la suela de goma pero ayuda a dar un pop y agarre en cada zancada. Me agrado mucho el agarre en cualquier terreno incluso en trails compactos no tuve problemas.

Se Corrieron 320 km/200 millas para el Test y probar la Durabilidad del Topo Cyclone.

La suela expuesta muestra poco desgaste y la suela de caucho muestra solo desgaste en las áreas de mayor uso en mi pisada, en la parte externa hacia el medio pie y en la orilla lateral y parte del medio pie y punta. Me impresionó mucho la durabilidad de la suela fácil puede llegar a los 640 km/400 millas sin problemas, la media suela sigue respondiendo bien a ritmo no ha perdido mucha respuesta. Lo único que logré notar es que en algunas ocasiones se llegó a sentir un poco más firme en la parte delantera a la hora de despegar con la punta pero es de esperarse. El Upper sigue en excelente estado no sin roturas o marcas de flexión marcadas. único detalle como todo tenis blanco se ensucia rapido.


A La hora de ponerlos a prueba lo puse a prueba en ritmos suaves y fuertes incluso en distancia para ver de lo que estaba hecho.

Este tenis le gusta la velocidad ya que en los ritmos suaves empiezas a sentir que te impulsan poco a poco a un ritmo no tan suave y ala ves sostenido, una vez que te sueltas te levanta el paso a uno más fuerte no tanto como un Tempo pero si a un ritmo no tan ligero y sostenido como esas veces que sales a trotar y entras en modo automático, definitivamente el trote de recuperación no se puede con los Topo Cyclone.

Es un tenis se comienza a sentir firme cuando empiezan a pasar los kilómetros pero con suficiente acolchonamiento para ser tu tenis de entrenamiento diario y el upper tiene una gran ajuste y mucha comodidad, en trotes suaves no es el más cómodo pero cuando empiezas a apretar el paso es donde de verdad se le saca provecho, ayuda en esos trotes de ritmo sostenido no fuerte ni suave, pero en los Tempo y Fartlek es donde más los disfrute esa firmeza en la media suela da ese pop en cada paso y en cambios de velocidad si no pones atención no se baja tanto el ritmo ya que te ayuda a impulsarse un poco tiene buen retorno de energía y eso me agrado mucho ya que otros modelos tienden a generar fatiga más rápido. Lo puse a prueba en una Distancia larga de 30km y todo hiba muy bien hasta pasando el kilómetro 25 me comenzó a generar un poco de fatiga en los pies ligera pero notable, las piernas seguian bien solo eran los pies especialmente en los metatarsos debido a que es firme en la parte delantera puedo decir buen tenis para hasta un 21k sin problemas me recordó a esos tenis donde no se ocupaban placas de carbono donde se usaba un verdadero Racing Flat.

Conclusion y Recomendasion:

Topo Cyclone un gran tenis para entrenamientos fuertes donde ocupas un upper más cómodo y plataforma más estable. No será el favorito de muchos pero sí de esos que merecen ser probados, me recordó al Saucony Kinvara, New Balance Beacon, incluso al Adidas Adizero Boston. Esos tenis de entrenamiento diario donde se siente el suelo pero no son tan suaves como otros modelos, donde se disfruta el pasar de los kilómetros en ritmo sostenido y más cuando apretamos el paso a ritmos fuertes, Este Topo Cyclone es como un Kinvara menos flexible y con un Upper mucho más ligero parecido al upper del Endorphin Pro fresco, con buen ajuste y mucho más espacio para los dedos.

Lo recomiendo para los amantes de los tenis minimalistas que buscan un entrenador diario que no sea tan suave pero que sea durable y le guste la velocidad y más con una plataforma natural para el pie.

Beto’s Score: 8.76 /10  Ride:8.5, Fit 9.0, Value 9.2, Style 8.5


Saucony Kinvara 11 (RTR English Review)

Este es el modelo que más se le parece, minimalista, firme pero con poco acolchonamiento, poca suela exterior, peso ligero y que le guste hacer kilómetros. En este caso la gran variante es el Upper mucho más ligero y transpirable, el kinvara tiene más estructura y el Cycline no pero se sacrifica para ser así de ligero, la media suela es más flexible en el Kinvara y el Cyclone menos flexible. Aqui el Ganador seria el Topo Cyclone ya que son muy similares en su uso pero el upper y plataforma son más cómodos.

New Balance Beacon V2/V3 (RTR English Review)

El Beacon es uno de los favoritos de muchos y mio tambien asi que puedo decir son similares en muchos sentidos de la media suela y suela. La media suela es muy similar ligeramente acolchado pero firme, mucha media suela expuesta y pocos parches de goma en la suela para agarre y durabilidad, igual no son tan flexibles, a la hora de correr muy similares ligeramente firmes y les encanta acumular kilómetros donde Gana el Cyclone es en el Upper ligero y mucho más transpirable. Aquí considero un empate ya que son muy similares a la hora de correr y aquí la diferencia sería si buscas un upper ligero y transpirable o un upper con más estructura.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 (RTR English Review)

Este si es un versus entre similar y opuesto, aquí el Rincon y el Cyclone son muy parecidos en ciertos aspectos especialmente en precio, pero la gran diferencia mas notable es el acolchonamiento, ya que los dos son similares en peso y excelentes para comer kilómetros en velocidad pero el Rincon tiene un acolchonamiento mayor eso es lo más notable entre los dos, en mi opinion aqui seria dificil elegir ya que tienes dos opcion o te gusta lo ligero y acolchado o ligero y firme asi que aqui dejare un empate. Los dos son muy buenos haciendo lo mismo pero lo suave de los Rincon se agradece mucho en la larga distancia.

Atreyu (RTR English Review)

Estos dos de verdad son similares un upper sencillo sin mucha estructura y una media suela suave pero firme la diferencia es la suela, Atreyu no tiene nada de goma en la suela es pura media suela expuesta y el Cyclone ti tiene goma en áreas estratégicas para mayor durabilidad, los dos se sienten muy similares a la hora de correr y sirven para esos días de kilómetros fuertes, pero aquí si nos vamos a cuál de los dos elegir Atreyu gana por precio 75 dlls y con subscripción 55 dlls vs 120 dlls la diferencia es la durabilidad el Cyclone durara mucho mas entonces ahí es de ponerse a pensar cuál prefieres en mi opinion me agrada mas lo amplio del Cyclone pero en Atreyu si agarras suscripción pues ahí es donde gana

Adidas Adizero Boston 9

No podía faltar los Boston en esta comparativa aquí si se nota la diferencia en media suela pero los dos tenis hacen los mismo les gusta el ritmo fuerte y el entrenamiento diario para sumar kilómetros, me gusta mas el upper del cyclone más transpirable y sujeción amarre en el medio pie, al igual el Boston 9 pero la media suela son diferentes el Lightstrike con Boost da una sensación minimalista igualmente con el cyclone, una gran diferencia es el amplio espacio delantero en el Cyclone es más cómodo que los Boston, los dos son buenos contendientes pero aqui en mi opinión el ganador será el Boston 9 ya que el Boost que tiene y la suela continental ayuda más en cualquier condición. Aunque los dos en mi opinión dan una ligera fatiga en los pies en la larga distancia.

English Language Cyclone Multi Tester Review

Tester Profile

Humberto Hughes

Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

31 Años, Altura: 176 cm, Peso: 89 kg/ 198 libras

Kilómetros por semana 100 - 120 / 62 - 75 millas

Distancia Favorita: Maratón, 21k Medio Maratón y Ultra Maratón también.

Maraton PR 3:22, Medio Maraton PR 1:32, 10k PR 41:52, 5k PR 20:05

Me pueden seguir en Instagram como @betohughes

Empecé a correr en 2016 y a entrenar para perder peso llegue a pesar 135 kg y entre Correr y Crossfit empezó mi viaje por la vida Fitness y por Correr. Y ahora tenemos la meta de calificar para Boston.

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