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Saucony Peregrine 13 and Peregrine 13 GTX Multi Tester Review: 11 Comparisons

Article by Mike Postaski & Renee Krusemark

Saucony Peregrine 13 ($140 ) Peregrine 13 GTX ($160)


+1.5mm stack increase & softer lighter PWRRUN, a big difference in cushion Mike P/Renee

More of a do-it-all trail shoe than V12 Mike P/Renee

Same great upper fit and security Mike P/Renee

More stack, less weight Mike P/Renee

Runs much smoother on roads, hard surfaces Mike P/Renee


Maybe a minor stability & agility loss from V12? Mike P/Renee

More exposed outsole as compared to v12: Renee



  Peregrine 13 Samples: men’s  9.62 oz  /  271g US9, 9.6 oz / 272g US 9.5

                                       women’s 8.30 oz / 235g US8

  Peregrine 13 GTX Samples: men’s 10.12 oz / 289g US9, 10.6 / 300g US 9.5

                                                women’s 9.05 oz / 257g US8

Stack Height: men’s 28mm heel / 24 mm forefoot 4 mm drop

Available February:  $140 Peregrine 13, $160 Peregrine 13 GTX

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Saucony Ultra Ridge GTX Multi Tester Review: Hiking Boot? High Performance Trail Runner? Easily Both and More!

Article by Jeff Beck and Sam Winebaum

Saucony Ultra Ridge GTX ($190)


Sam: The name.. Ultra Ridge GTX is a bit confusing but it actually spells out exactly what this new entry from Saucony is capable of. The “Ridge GTX” is clearly,  based on appearances, a sleek modern hiking boot. The stats hint at the “Ultra” part and we’ll get to that here. 

It is very, very light at a mere 12.72 oz in US9 for a 32.5 mm heel / 26.5 mm stack height hike collar boot and is on the higher end of what a trail running shoe, with a low or mid height top would weigh. 

How is that possible? Well, Saucony uses a core of its supercritical high rebounding  PWRRUN Pb PEBA foam (same as in is Endorphin Pro and Speed road shoes) surrounded by a frame of firmer PWRRUN EVA/TPU foam (as found in the Peregrine 13-14). 

The undercarriage construction and 4mm lug outsole with woven rock protection for sure looks.. Ultra run worthy and is identical to the Xodus Ultra trail runner but with a ridge running hiking upper! 

Genius yet again from Saucony as we have here what potentially is both a no compromises all seasons hiking boot that is super light and a trail runner, winter run offering that while heavier than many has the ride of a fast trail runner. Let’s see how they performed in our early testing.



Boot? Trail Runner? Both! and with few compromises beyond maybe weight as a trail running shoe:  Sam/Jeff

-Runs as well as hikes! Smooth flowing 8mm drop, supercritical foam core, very stable, lightly propulsive rock plate: Sam/Jeff

-Incredibly light for a supportive full pledged boot Sam/Jeff

-Incredible foot/ankle support - Jeff/Sam

-Light in weight considering everything it brings - Jeff/Sam

-Great option for the ultrarunner with “bad ankles” or very rough terrain racing: Sam/Jeff

--Flexible lacing: tight down low, looser up top for forward run flex with side support or full on boot snug to the top: Sam

-State of the art trail runner underfoot platform with plenty of run flexiblity (same as Xodus Ultra) in a boot, what a great and fast idea: Sam/Jeff

-Solid underfoot protection - Jeff

-Torsionally rigid with high collar makes it stable for carrying decent size loads: Sam

-Excellent grip on hard packed snow: Sam

-Waterproof gusset goes up high enough - Jeff

-Front/rear pull tab helps ingress/egress - Jeff


-Waterproof Gore-Tex upper but outsole struggles in mud - Jeff

- I wonder if such a high cuff is really needed, may add to weight: Sam

-Weird blue sample color way neither run shoe or boot: Sam


Official Weight: men's 12.6 oz  / 357g (US9)  /  women's 11 oz / 312g (US8)

  Samples: men’s  12.72 oz  /  361g US9, 13.44 oz / 381g US10.5

Stack Height: men’s 32.5 mm heel / 26.5mm forefoot

$190  Available March 28, 2023

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Daehlie 2023 Winter Run Apparel Round Up Review: Compete Long Sleeve, Vest Run, Winter Wool 2.0 Tight, Intensity Jacket

Article by Sam Winebaum

Compete Long Sleeve ($60),  Vest Run ($120), Winter Wool 2.0 Tights ($140), Intensity Jacket ($90)

I have been a huge fan of Dahelie not only the brand but its namesake founder Bjorn Dahelie, winner of a staggering 29 medals in the Olympics and World Championships in nordic skiing. Needless to say the brand has focused on winter equipping many national teams including of course his own home country of Norway.

Nordic skiers also train many many hours in summer: running, cycling, hiking, and roller skiing. And of course Norwegian runners have excelled in track and field using the same training principles as the nordic skiers. In the past  I have tested items from their winter and summer run collections. All have been exceptional in their functionality and clean modern design.

After excellent experiences in their Elite Singlet and Short and Intensity Jacket this past summer RTR Review, Daehlie sent me winter gear for testing here in Park City. 

I have now had multiple runs (and some Nordic skiing of course) in the Compete Long Sleeve, Vest Run, and Winter Wool 2.0 Tights in temperatures ranging from below 20 F (-6C)  to about 25 F (-4C) often with and a breeze and they have performed superbly. On the colder windier days I have paired the three with the Daehlie Intensity Jacket. I purchased a nifty Daehlie nordic hat  the at the local nordic ski shop and it has never been off my head the last few weeks on the move. Here is what I found.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Hoka Transport Multi Tester Review: My favorite (non) running shoe ever!

Article by Peter Stuart and Dominique Winebaum

Hoka Transport ($140)


Peter: The Hoka Transport is an all new daily wear,  lifestyle and light hiking shoe from Hoka. On their spec sheet Hoka says “A crossover shoe with everyday appeal, the Transport is geared to propel runners through daily life.” That pretty much sums it up. It also seems to be a way to get the same Hoka comfort that people have come to love in their running shoes into a less “running” focused package. For all the other Hoka dads who don’t want to look like you’re wearing your running shoes with your jeans or Rhones–this is the shoe for you. 

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Saucony Kinvara 14 Initial Video Review: Still 100% a Kinvara! Lighter, More Cushioned, Smoother, and Still $120

Video and Article by Sam Winebaum

Saucony Kinvara 14 ($120)

In the video, I take the Kinvara 14, for a 1st run and share Details; Fit, Ride, as well as Conclusions and Comparisons. 

The Kinvara is Saucony's low drop light, flexible trainer now lighter and more cushioned with a more effective flowing midsole geometry 

It is topped with a very light and airy upper.

The Kinvara 14 releases early March 2023. $120. Full Multi Tester Review soon

Kinvara 14 Initial Video Review (14:09)

Tester Profile

Sam is the Editor and Founder of Road Trail Run. He is 65 with a 2018 3:40 Boston qualifier. 2022 was Sam’s 50th year of running. He has a decades old 2:28 marathon PR. These days he runs halves in the just sub 1:40 range, if he is very lucky, training 30-40 miles per week mostly at moderate paces on the roads and trails of New Hampshire and Utah. He is 5’9” tall and weighs about 164 lbs, if he is not enjoying too many fine New England IPA’s.

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Hoka Speedgoat 5 GTX Multi Tester Review

Article by Renee Krusemark and John Tribbia

Hoka Speedgoat 5 GTX ($170)


Complete Gore-Tex upper coverage: Renee/John

Versatility in winter conditions: Renee/John


Weight: Renee/John

Heel shape: Renee

Midsole is dense and harsh in cold temperatures: John


Sample Weights:  men’s     9.84oz  / 279g (US 9.0)

                               women’s 9.70 oz /275g (US 7.5)

Stack Height: M 32 mm heel / 28 mm forefoot :: W 30mm heel / 26mm forefoot

$170. Available now at our partner REI  HERE

Testbericht: adidas Adizero SL - Der Einstieg in die Adizero Welt (German)

Article by Nils Scharff

adidas Adizero SL (120€)


Mit dem Adizero SL hat adidas Ende des vergangenen Jahres ein neues Modell herausgebracht, dass mit einem relativ erschwinglichen Preis von 120€ den Einstieg in die adidas Adizero Familie bieten soll. Adizero Produkte wie bspw. der Takumi Sen oder der Adios Pro 3 sind stets auf maximale Performance ausgelegt und mit der Hilfe von Profiathleten entwickelt. Mit dem Adizero SL adressiert adidas nun jedoch explizit Alltagshelden, Jugendsportler und Gelegenheitsläufer, die vielleicht nur einen Schuh im Schrank haben, sich aber bei ihren Läufen trotzdem wie ein Profi fühlen und ihre persönlichen Bestzeiten angreifen wollen.

Gleichzeitig launcht adidas das PROJECT PB in der hauseigenen adidas Running App, das Läuferinnen und Läufern dabei helfen soll, ihre 5- und 10km Bestzeiten zu verbessern. Dazu werden u.a. entsprechende Trainingspläne über die App zur Verfügung gestellt.

Pro & Contra


Schneller Abrollvorgang!

“Pep” im Schritt!

Relativ leicht!

Guter Allrounder - hier reicht wirklich ein Schuh für jede Gelegenheit!

Hohe laterale Stabilität - ein Trainingsschuh für fast alle Läufer!

Gute Außensohle - auch ohne Continental Logo!


Lightstrike ist vermutlich das einzige Mittelsohlenmaterial auf dem Markt, dass noch “Break-in-time” braucht!

Lightstrike Pro Element im Vorfuß kommt erst bei schnelleren Geschwindigkeiten zur Geltung!

Ich hatte anfangs etwas Probleme mit Reibung im Fersenbereich, die sich nach ca. 50km jedoch verflüchtigt haben!

Niedrige Zehenbox, wodurch sich der Schuh etwas kleiner trägt als er ist!

Diadora Atomo V7000 Review: Italian Built Performance-Light Max Cushion Trainer 5 Comparisons

Article by Sam Winebaum

Diadora Atomo V7000 ($240 US)


The Diadora Atomo V7000 is a stable all around trainer assembled in Italy by craftspeople at Diadora’s home factory. That in itself is highly unusual these days for sure as very few shoes are currently built outside of Asia.  

It is the second in the Atomo line assembled in Italy after the Equipe Atomo, a somewhat lower slung more up tempo trainer we liked a lot (RTR Review) for its responsive firmer DD Anima foam with a touch of bounce and Italian team colors and sports car look and ride. 

The V7000 shares the DD Anima foam with the Equipe. DD Anima is a special compound developed entirely in house (also a rarity) capable of increasing the responsiveness of the midsole by 30% while reducing its weight by 20%. 

They boost the stack height over the Equipe to max cushion levels with a giant 41mm heel / 36 mm forefoot yet the weight is a remarkable 9.17 oz / 260g. 

Diadora compares V7000 to the Bondi 8 (RTR Review) in its marketing and, while the Bondi sits on a wider platform, its stack height is similar (actually a bit less than the V7000)  and it weighs 1.8 oz / 51g more. Think about that for a second. And V7000 is almost as stable, more reactively cushioned, and faster feeling.

It gets a soft air mesh upper (contrasting with the Equipe’s denser engineered mesh) and is shod in Diadora’s super durable Duratech 5000 rubber that can handle some “terrain” in addition to pavement.

At 9.17 oz / 260g in my US9 sample it is a lot of shoe for the weight and cushion.


Assembled in Italy, impeccable quality, stunning styling and detailing: Sam 

A max cushion 41/36 stack shoe that isn’t cartoonish in appearance: Sam

Firmer reactive highly cushioned ride with solid vibration absorption: Sam 

Smooth flowing ride with an effective rocker (and some flex)given its giant stack height: Sam

Light at 9.17 oz / 260g for so much solid, secure shoe, near the top for ratio of cushion stack to weight: Sam


Runs small. Sample is half size up from my normal and still snug all around on my narrower lower volume feet: Sam

Could use yet a touch more bounce: Sam

Pricing at $240 is way up there for a trainer


Weight: men's 9.17 oz  / 260g (US9)


         men’s 9.17 oz  / 260g (US9)

         women’s 8.57 oz  / 243g (US9)

Stack Height: men’s 41mm heel (measured) / 36 mm forefoot (5mm drop spec).  

Available now. $240