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Korkers Snowmageddon Boots Multi Tester Review: Depth of Winter Warmth, Protection & Interchangeable Outsoles.

 Article by  Jeff and Allison Valliere

Korkers Snowmageddon Boots ($210)

Introduction:  The Korkers brand goes back 60 years, with a very interesting background.  Founder Sherman Smith noted loggers riding log rafts of old growth timbers down Pacific Northwest rivers and after hearing many harrowing stories of slips and falls, Sherman then decided to come up with a solution. 

He fashioned overshoes by carving soles and straps from old tires and then adding carbide studs to give the loggers traction on the slick logs.  Sherman’s innovative invention was regarded as a massive innovation that saved countless lives. 

 Simultaneously, an Oregeon fisherman, Frank Moore started using the new studded overshoes for fishing, in order to gain traction along the slick stone along the local river’s slick stone.  Moore and Smith partnered up to start selling the overshoes out of Moore’s Steamboat Inn and the company was born.  

The company has of course progressed significantly since then, offering unique and high quality traction solutions to help fisherman, outdoor adventurers, workers and everyday folks stay upright when the going gets slick with a variety of boots (with interchangeable OMNItrax outsoles), ice cleats and cleated overshoes.  The Snowmageddon encapsulates the companies tradition and dedication to providing safe and reasonable traction solutions, combined with top tier materials and BOA Fit System technology to provide a top notch winter boot that is warm, waterproof, comfortable and easy to use, with of course great traction, further enhanced by the Omnitrax interchangeable outsole system.

Men’s version


Warm: Jeff/Allison

Waterproof: Jeff/Allison

Easy BOA fit system: Jeff/Allison

Convenient on/off: Jeff/Allison

Traction and interchangeable outsoles: Jeff/Allison

Quality/Durability: Jeff/Allison

Comfort: Jeff/Allison


Stiff out of the box (but are breaking in over time): Jeff/Allison

Heavy: Jeff/Allison



3 lbs / 1 oz per pair (3 lbs, 8 oz / 1,580 g US Women’s size 9)

8” Height



3 lbs / 12 oz per pair (3 lbs, 11 oz / 1,663 g US Men’s size 10)

9” Height


First Impressions, Fit and Upper:

Women’s version

Jeff V: The Snowmageddon boot is big and burly!  Out of the box I am impressed how substantial and high quality this Snowmageddon feels, which implies that it is going to hold up well to the rigors of cold, snowy winter conditions.  The upper has a 100% waterproof breathable boot construction combined with waterproof leather and is enhanced by 400g of 3M Thinsulate insulation for added warmth on the coldest days, with ratings down to -30 F.  The Snowmageddon also features the Boa M4 Fit System, which does a great job cinching the boot tight in a quick and easy dial motion. 

One thing I normally dislike about wearing snow boots is the commitment of getting in/out of them with excessive lacing, hooks and loops.  Not with the Snowmageddon though, as you can simply step into them and instantly be on the move without ever having to set, kneel or bend down.  

With just a quick turn of the knob, you can dial in a custom snugness and when done, pop the dial and just step out of them with any effort.  This is especially handy for quick trips in/out of the house on snowy days to shovel, get the mail, take out the trash, walk the dog, etc… 

The leather upper is stiff out of the box, but it slowly breaks in and softens over time and is overall quite comfortable, secure and supportive.  Fit is true to size, but leaning towards being a bit voluminous.  For my use, this is a good thing for easy on/off and leaving extra room for a thick wool sock, which I am most likely to wear when wearing a boot of this type.  

While I have not yet experienced sub zero temperatures, I have used them snowshoeing in temperatures as low as single digits and my feet were exceptionally toasty.  In temps in the 30’s or even 40’s, feet were comfortable and not overheated.  The heel collar is well padded, soft and comfortable, but rides pretty high over the ankle, providing great protection from the cold, snow and wet.  It seems almost silly to state, but for the purpose of the review, these are absolutely waterproof and there is no chance of soaking through when using in wet, slushy, snowy conditions.  To add to the utility, there is a well thought out gaiter hook as well.

Allison:  I had many of the same first impressions as Jeff and agree with him on overall fit and with all of his observations.  The women’s version is nicer in my opinion with the faux fur around the collar, which is so soft and cozy and adds to the comfort and curb appeal. 

 I love how easy the BOA fit system is to use, especially if I have to make adjustments on the go when it is cold, I can easily operate the BOA dial while even wearing my thickest mittens.  

Being able to step into the boots and walk out the door, or easily pop them off when you are cold and snow covered is especially handy.  My extremities get notoriously cold and I often rely on toe warmers, but have not needed them with the Snowmageddon and do not think that I will.  

Like Jeff, my boots required a bit of a break in period as they are quite stiff out of the box, but are softening after each use.  Fit is accommodatingly roomy, not overly so, but enough for a thick pair of socks and  do not feel confined.  It is imperative to leave just a bit of room for air circulation, if too tight, your feet have a higher chance of getting cold if they are compressed.


Jeff V:  The midsole is soft and comfortable without being at all mushy, about what you would expect from a snow boot.  The Snowmageddon also features a premium shock absorbing polyurethane footbed to add to the comfort.  This combination provides comfort, stability and good insulation from the cold ground beneath.

Allison:  I do not have anything to add here, other than they are very comfortable and insulate well from the ground beneath.


Jeff V:  The Omnitrax outsole is another key aspect that separates the Korkers Snowmageddon from others booots, as you can easily swap out the outsole for one of 12 different variations (sold separately from $49.99 - $69.99 depending).  The outsoles either have various rubber tread patterns, but many also have metal studs of varying sizes/configurations.  These outsoles can easily be swapped out to customize your traction for conditions/intended use.


Allison:  The Snowmageddon comes with the Snowtrac Sole, which has an aggressive tread and a sticky rubber compound, providing great grip on most snowy, frozen surfaces.  Additionally, we were provided with the Icetrac Sole ($59.99) as well as the Studded All Terrain Sole ($59.99), both of which have aggressive lugs, topped off with sharp and durable carbide studs for added exceptional grip on icy surfaces.  The grip of the studded outsoles on ice is exceptionally secure and the studs are durable.

The Omnitrax interchangeable outsoles are very easy to swap over, where you:

  1. simply release the rubber strap on the back of the heel,

  2. pull the outsole from back to front releasing the 3 pop in tabs on either side, 

  3. then slide the front of the sole back to release the front tabs.  

The whole process can be done in a minute or two with some practice if you want to bring an extra outsole along with you in the field for varying conditions or needs.  

Step 1, release the rubber strap over the heel

Step 2, peel the outsole off from back to front, releasing the 6 security tabs (3 on either side) that help hold the outsole in place.

Step 3, now with the rear rubber tab released and the 6 tabs released, all that is left is to slide the outsole back to remove the two front “teeth”.  (When reinstalling, you push those two front teeth forward into the receptors until they disappear.) 

To install a different outsole, or re-install, simply reverse the process by sliding the two front teeth into the tip of the boot, snapping in the 6 tabs and then securing the back rubber tab over the heel (the below photo now with the IceTrac Sole)


Jeff V:  I am quite impressed with the Snowmageddon boots due to their warmth, comfort, ease of use, quality build and durability.  Traction with the stock Snowtrac Sole is exceptionally good on all but the most polished ice.  Going forward I will use these boots for snowshoeing, wearing outside in deep fresh snow, when it is really cold, shoveling, or just leaving by the back door for any outdoor trips where I need quick, easy, traction and warmth.


Allison:  Same as Jeff, I am impressed with the warmth, comfort, ease and quality.  Traction is great and with the IceTrac and Studded All Terrain Soles that swap out so easily, I look forward to using them on those icy days and not having to stretch supplemental traction onto them.  They are great for snowshoeing, but do not fit into my smaller (race snowshoes) that I often use, so I have to wear them with my larger expedition snowshoes.


Korkers Snowmageddon Boots are available at our partners below




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