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Daehlie 2023 Winter Run Apparel Round Up Review: Compete Long Sleeve, Vest Run, Winter Wool 2.0 Tight, Intensity Jacket

Article by Sam Winebaum

Compete Long Sleeve ($60),  Vest Run ($120), Winter Wool 2.0 Tights ($140), Intensity Jacket ($90)

I have been a huge fan of Dahelie not only the brand but its namesake founder Bjorn Dahelie, winner of a staggering 29 medals in the Olympics and World Championships in nordic skiing. Needless to say the brand has focused on winter equipping many national teams including of course his own home country of Norway.

Nordic skiers also train many many hours in summer: running, cycling, hiking, and roller skiing. And of course Norwegian runners have excelled in track and field using the same training principles as the nordic skiers. In the past  I have tested items from their winter and summer run collections. All have been exceptional in their functionality and clean modern design.

After excellent experiences in their Elite Singlet and Short and Intensity Jacket this past summer RTR Review, Daehlie sent me winter gear for testing here in Park City. 

I have now had multiple runs (and some Nordic skiing of course) in the Compete Long Sleeve, Vest Run, and Winter Wool 2.0 Tights in temperatures ranging from below 20 F (-6C)  to about 25 F (-4C) often with and a breeze and they have performed superbly. On the colder windier days I have paired the three with the Daehlie Intensity Jacket. I purchased a nifty Daehlie nordic hat  the at the local nordic ski shop and it has never been off my head the last few weeks on the move. Here is what I found.

Compete Long Sleeve ($60)

The Compete is a very thin, soft and stretchy base layer for high output endurance activities.

It sits lighter on the skin and is less compressive than most winter base layers with a grid type texture for standoff and moisture transport. My medium fits correctly but as often the case with Dahlie the rear can ride up if not tucked in.

Made of natural and sustainable Merino Wool, recycled polyester and Tencel (derived from sustainably sourced cellulose). It has some grid-like texture to assist with moisture transport and stand the top off the skin.

Performance is superb. Never clammy, never sticky or cold when the wind picked up and even comfortable after the run drying quickly if even wet at all. Very thin and it is  not designed to “insulate” per say although the merino in the mix helps, but to keep what is next to your skin as dry as possible. And staying dry is the key to staying warm in cold temperatures.  

This is likely the highest performing base layer I have ever used, and I have used many. Even in the low to mid 20’s with just the Vest, I was dry, warm and well temperature regulated and comfortable on the run. It is also an excellent choice for runs in the 30-40   all by itself. Odor resistance is excellent. I wore it for 5 workouts straight with no funk and of course it dries quickly.

Its only negative is “stylistic '' , and related non sport versatility, as unlike say the somewhat heavier Tracksmith Brighton baselayer (RTR Review).  it is not the kind of baselayer I would wear casually outside of sport but that is not its focus which is pure performance not looks.

Vest Run ($120)

The Vest is a minimalist approach to core warmth and an effective one. Bands of a very light mixture of merino wool and recycled polyester insulation run across the chest with the rest of the vest a thin 4 way stretch fabric. 

This means that warmth is concentrated where you need it and nowhere else. This works very well as I was warm across the chest and never overheated at the back or down low at the waist, often an issue with more fully insulated vests on the go. The fit is true to my usual medium, light and easy and non binding as so light and stretchy.

It pairs extremely well with the Compete long sleeve as I easily was able to comfortably run in the mid 20’s F with just the Compete Long Sleeve and Run Vest with the Intensity Jacket in the mix if a breeze and I never got clammy, overheated, or cold. 

A super light winter run or nordic ski combination .

The Vest has a single phone sized rear zip pocket.

The rear pocket can be used to stuff the vest and has a loop to clip the stuffed jacket.

There are “blackout” reflective highlights on my black version. A white version and women’s styles are also available. 

Insulation where you need it and nothing more. The Vest Run is an ideal core warmth piece.

Winter Wool 2.0 Tights ($140)

The Winter Wool tights are for the coldest of days yet never were overly warm even in more moderate temperatures around freezing. Very nicely temperature regulating they are a cozy and effective cocoon on the run and while skiing.  

Essentially they are a not super compressive Merino wool blend tight with from at the front from the waist to knee a 3 layer windproof breathable PU membrane designed to keep moisture and especially wind out, while transporting moisture out of the inside.

Rudolf Bionic Finish® Eco Technology on the surface assures that light rain and sleet is kept at bay, while safeguarding good breathability.

The tight  has copious reflective highlights front and rear.

In a smart move, and an improvement over the 1.0 version, instead of being stitched to the knee, the outer shell is no longer stitched at the knee so open and somewhat articulated. 

I am more of a fan of nordic style run pants , including Daehlie Pants Run 365 for their easier fit over the knees and thighs. The tight took a few runs to stretch enough not to notice some binding at the knees and thighs.  The windproof membrane might be shortened a bit as it reached below the knees a bit too far for my taste..

Yet, with literally a dozen other options in my closet, all top notch I reached for them for a week straight before they finally required a wash.

As with the Compete Long Sleeve the tights could use a bit higher waist at the rear as they want to sneak down more than I like. This may be a sizing issue as my usual medium here may be a bit small for my 33” waist.  My only other negative and a recurring theme at Dahlie, pockets. None here.

Intensity Jacket ($90)

I received the Intensity Jacket last summer. It is an ultralight weight jacket with many small laser cut ventilation holes.  Very very breathable it makes a great outer layer for winter running as I found out over the Compete and Run Vest to cut breezes and provide a touch of additional warmth with the holes dissipating heat and moisture build up. I has reflective highlights and as with the Vest a rear stuff pocket.

Daehlie Apparel is available from

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