Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Atlas Run Snowshoe

I have been snowshoeing and running for over 30 years and I have never found a snowshoe which I could comfortably run without thinking I had wide obstacles to trip over at every stride. The new running/racing snowshoes such as the Atlas Run solve this problem. Of course they do not have a tremendous amount of float over deep snow but for groomed trails or harder pack with the potential for post holing they are a ton of fun and a great workout

GoLite Hydro Speed 2 Bottle Belt

Until I got the Hydrospeed I struggled with a comfortable way to carry more than one water bottle but less than a 70-100 oz bladder while running 2 hours or more. Belt bladders were uncomfortable and even one bottle in a all the belts I tried tended to bounce. The key to the Hydro is a thin and relatively stiff foam on the back and the angle of the bottles which rest well and steady and also make bottles easy to retrieve. The 2 front pockets are large enough for several energy gels and a camera or cell phone unlike most front pockets. The bungie holds a light shell securely.

Patagonia Wool 1 T-Shirt

One does not often associate T-shirts with incredible technology but the Wool 1 is such a case. Somehow they have blended wool and polyester into a very light T-shirt which wicks like none other I have ever tried. Wool handles the temperature regulation and the poly strength and wicking. Stays mostly dry when exercising, far dryer than any other material I have tried. Light enough for running in the heat, a first in my experience with wool. Anti-stink. I have hand washed and dried overnight several times so this is the only T you will need for everyday and exercise. Ideal for travel