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RYZON - premium endurance sportswear with a sustainable soul

Article by Markus Zinkl, Nils Scharff and Jeremy Marie

RYZON is a relatively young brand from Cologne, Germany, with its origins within the Triathlon world. Co-partner and ambassador is none other than the all-time-great Jan Frodeno - maybe the greatest Triathlete of all time. RYZON offers premium sports wear not just for triathlon, but for cycling and running as well. 
All their products meet very high sustainability standards and are made within the EU.
The folks from RYZON were kind enough to provide three different winter running outfits to our testers in France and Germany, but are shipping to the US as well (actually to every country with DHL service). We put those outfits through all kinds of winter weather and share our unfiltered experiences with you beneath.


Nils: I am a runner - not a triathlete! I am writing this very explicitly at this point in order to give you the right context for the following explanations. But maybe also to convince myself of this statement. Instagram, at least, seems to think for some time now that "just" running is not enough for me. I admit, I've also given enough reason to the algorithms to throw myself into the Triathlon Bubble. After endless research, I bought a new (gravel) bike last summer and since then I've suddenly been posting not only about runs, but also bike rides. Bike gear and equipment along with the associated brands also seem to interest me since then. And then I also have a coach who comes from triathlon that I regularly link to in my stories. I admit, I'm fascinated by the immense endurance performance that athletes cover by bike and on foot. But there's still that swimming thing, and it keeps me from giving even a serious thought to switching sports. I'm a runner - and therefore a difficult case for Instagram.

But back to the topic: It was definitely a good thing that I no longer get only running shoes displayed in my IG feed. Otherwise I would never have come across RYZON! This still young brand from Cologne has its origins in triathlon and shows this with pride: Brand ambassador and co-owner is none other than Jan Frodeno, one of the best triathletes of all time. As soon as I discovered the first RYZON products, I was quite taken with them. Both from the usually very noble designs, as well as from the philosophy behind the products. "RYZON is a brand for premium sportswear with a sustainable soul".

As far as I can see, all products are manufactured fairly and sustainably in the EU. The corresponding supply chains can be viewed transparently on the respective product website. For example, the production sites for my test products are Portugal, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. In this way, the CO² footprint is kept small and at the same time fair working conditions are guaranteed. 

But RYZON doesn't just look closely when it comes to workmanship. The basic products are also subject to the highest standards in terms of performance and sustainability. For example, the organic cotton used is 100% GOTS-certified and the merino wool is mulesing-free. However, all these very praiseworthy things are also reflected in the price of the products, so that RYZON has explicitly settled in the premium segment. For example, the winter running outfit provided to me comes to a total price of €581. In this article, I will try to discuss whether the products, which by the way are only available through direct sales on, are still worth the money.

Jeremy: AFAIK, I’m the only triathlete in the RTR team, even if I still run on the trails (you never forget your first love!). So when Nils told me that we could review some apparel from Ryzon, I’ve been quite happy, to say the least. Ryzon is the brand pushed by the still GOAT of Ironman distance triathlon: Jan Frodeno. I’ve come to know the brand through Frodo’s social media, especially Instagram. I had no doubt about the technical aspects and quality of their triathlon or cycling stuff - you can’t get wear by such an athlete if you don’t deliver the goods - and has always been attracted by their understated, curated design. Sporty elegance, if that’s a thing. 

But for today , we’ll focus on running apparel (triathlon on Roadtrailrun.CLM would be quite a stretch!). 

This review has been the occasion for me to do a bit of research on Ryzon, and I discovered that the brand was deeply engaged into sustainability for its products. Be it through the materials (mulesing free Merino wool for instance) or the processes, or the location (every product is manufactured in Europe), Ryzon is already a bit ahead of the pack on those aspects. Those are the kind of details that resonates in me, but sheer quality and responsible production leads to high prices. One thing I’ve learned by cycling and…triathloning, is that sometimes, it’s way better to dig a bit much in your pockets and get a really good piece of kit that can enhance your experience in sports. 

Now let’s see if this applies to Ryzon running apparel. 


  • Nils/Markus/Jeremy: Great materials

  • Nils/Markus: High-quality processing

  • Nils/Markus/Jeremy: Sustainable products and fair production

  • Nils/Markus/Jeremy: Noble design

  • Jeremy: Very efficient products (Phantom line)


  • Nils/Markus: In some details, it seems to me that the products have not yet been thought through to the end.

  • Nils/Markus: High prices - but on the whole justified by quality and sustainable production

  • Jeremy: Toned-down colors and design, the counterpart of the noble and understated design. 


Markus Zinkl is 33 years old and lives in a small village in Bavaria, Germany. He started running just to support his main sport, soccer. Since he stopped playing soccer, running became his main sport to stay fit.

He now runs between 60-80 kilometers 5-6 times a week. Aside from a local relay race, he rarely races. Markus runs both on the trail and on the road and is an absolute gear geek. Besides running, he spends most of his free time hiking, especially in the mountains, where his interest in gear also comes into play.

Nils Scharff: I'm 31 years young, a native of Kassel, married to a wonderful wife and have been making Heilbronn and its surrounding vineyards unsafe running for 5 years now. I have been doing all kinds of sports all my life, often 5-7 times a week. Besides running, climbing and bouldering have been my sports for a few years now. I have considered myself a runner for only three years. It all started with a company run, into which I didn't want to start completely unprepared. From that point on, I just didn't stop. In 2017 it was "only" just under 1000 running kilometers, in 2018 double that, and in 2019 already triple that. Important to me during all these kilometers, whether on trail or road, are above all switching off and moving in nature. You will very rarely find me on the treadmill or with headphones. In the meantime I have run seven marathons, the PB of 2:55:19h I set up this year at the Berlin Marathon. In competition I run basically all distances from 5km (17:32min), 10km (36:15min) over half marathon (1:19:35h) up to the marathon.

Jeremy Marie: French, 42 years old.  Running since 2013 and quickly transitioned to trails, focused on ultras since 2015 : TDS, Maxi-Race, “100 miles du Sud”, 90kms du Mt Blanc, GRP 120kms, Some shorter mellow races (Saintelyon 45kms, Ecotrail Paris 45kms…) with always a good part of road and flat running, but not many road races. After adding some Bike as a cross training tool for trail, then a bit of swimming to try something else, I’ve naturally more or less transitioned to triathlon since 2019, challenging me to race an Ironman before my 40s and registered for IronMan Nice. Then 2020 happened, and here we are in 2023 and I’ve yet to honor my 2020 bib!

First impressions

Nils: When the RYZON package arrived, I was first pleased with the high-quality packaging. Each part was individually packaged in a milky zip bag, which gives the items a luxurious feel. In addition, there were a whole bunch of stickers and also a postcard within the package. I don't usually bother with that, but it's still quite clear that a whole experience is meant to be offered here. A certain sense of belonging is suggested to customers. The English word "united" appears several times on the individual advertising media.

But now to the products themselves. What have the ladies and gentlemen from Cologne sent me here? Announced were winter running outfits for Markus, Jeremy (French coverage follows) and me. While the other two, however, were rather equipped for really cold days and bad weather, my outfit consisting of base layer, hoodie, pants and accessories is rather made for cool to mild days. Especially the hoodie is thinner than I expected. More like a thin long sleeve shirt. I'm curious how it would deliver in terms of thermoregulation. The pants I can also not yet properly classify. The so-called Aterra Hybrid Pants (250€) are made for the most extreme conditions. That does not quite fit the rest of the outfit, or do I see it wrong? The tests will show. Other than that, all items seem very high quality and designed with attention to detail. The feel of the materials is excellent all over, little details like different lettering in the collar are a joy to see. I can hardly wait to put everything on and start running!

Markus: On the first impressions, I am completely with Nils. The packaging already confirmed the expectation you have of a premium brand. All products, except for the socks, do not come in a standard plastic bag, but in RYZON’s own zipper bags. The milky bags are all embossed with the brand name and the words "Guided by the horizon. United at heart.". The motto "united" also runs through the rest of the marketing material. In other words, the focus is on the community.

As Nils has already mentioned, Jeremy and I have received a set for colder temperatures. The set is composed of headband, short-sleeved base layer, long sleeve, jacket, long tights and socks. Together with all parts for the upper body, the set is also suitable for sub-zero (°C)  temperatures. However, the "Shadow Athletic Tights" are more suited for milder temperatures. That's how it's described on the website as well. At sub-zero temperatures, Nils seemingly is getting cold on the upper body and I’m getting cold on the lower body.

Jeremy the packaging might look unusual for running brand, but it strikes me as resembling what premium cycle brand do. Each piece is carefully packaged into its own plastic zipper bag (nice, but not so sustainable !), in the likes of what I see from Assos, Rapha or MAAP, or even Castelli. 

I loved the messages on the box exposing the ethos of Ryzon:

As it was winter season, I’ve chosen winter oriented apparel, but nothing too extreme. I still like modularity and usually Parisian winter never gets really bad. 

As a consequence, I’ve chose the Phantom Jacket, a lightweight, breathable and water-repellent jacket, the associated Panthom pants, as I’m really loving pants over tights for my winter runs (much more comfortable IMO), the same Ritual undershirt light as Markus, the graphene ultralight race cap and the Merino Long sleeve of the Frodissimo line - it was impossible for me not to choose a piece from this line!

Products in detail (Nils)

RYZON Scope Series Athletic Hooded Sweater (160€)


  • Warming main material with good temperature regulation between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius

  • Slightly wider cut provides optimal freedom of movement

  • Antimicrobial "equipment" ensures low odor and bacteria formation

  • Practical thumbholes

  • Hood with high collar fits well

  • Flatlock seams ensure minimal friction

  • Optimal moisture management thanks to breathable side material

  • Reflective details


  • Possibly a little too wide cut for some

  • If you are looking for a super warm winter hoodie, not here

Best suited for: Rather mild temperatures or intense sessions in winter

Don't be fooled (like me) by the relatively thin material of the Scope Series Hooded Sweater! To be honest, I had expected a slightly thicker / warmer material. In fact, it is a relatively thin long-sleeved shirt with a hood (which, however, is very well cut!). But I must say that this hoodie has become my favorite part of the whole outfit. It looks great and is super comfortable to wear. The main recycled material is brushed on the inside and insulates surprisingly well. A second fabric is used on the sides to increase breathability in those areas. Together with a base layer, I was always warm enough as long as the temperatures were in the positive range. The slightly wider cut and the 4-way stretch of the material provide super freedom of movement. I am 188 cm tall and rather slim built, and the size M fit perfectly. 

Thanks to the thumbholes, in those temperatures you can leave the gloves at home. The reflective details on the back round off the whole thing.

RYZON Ritual Series Merino Longsleeve Base Layer (75€)


  • Good heat and moisture management

  • Particularly fast drying

  • Inserts made of mulesing-free merino wool are particularly warming and also antibacterial

  • Practical zipper


  • Has shrunk quite a bit after the first wash affecting sizing

Best suited for: Rather mild temperatures or intensive units in winter

A base layer isn’t per se very spectacular. It should simply provide good heat and moisture management. And that's exactly what the Merino Base Layer from the Rituals series does! Together with the hoodie presented above, temperatures down to about 0 degrees Celsius are no problem with this base layer. 

The honeycomb woven main material not only looks cool, but is particularly fast drying. In the chest / shoulder area and on the sides of the torso mulesing-free merino wool is used, which provides more warmth there. The wool is also antibacterial and thus tends to have little odor which is a welcome bonus. I personally also like base layers with a higher collar and zipper. Here, fortunately, thought has also been given to small details such as the protection at the end of the zipper, so that there is no unpleasant friction. For those who prefer to get along without a collar and zipper, the part is also available with a normal round neck. 

Unfortunately, this otherwise very good and actually also competitively priced base layer has shrunk quite a bit during washing. My test sample of size M was initially already tight, but for the first layer okay. But in the meantime it got a bit too tight and also the length of the torso and sleeves could be a bit more generous for me with my height of 188 cm. If you take this into account, I can recommend the RYZON Ritual Series Merino Longsleeve Base Layer without hesitation. But if in doubt, rather go one size up.

RYZON Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants (250€)


  • Absolutely wind and weatherproof

  • Good cut and appropriate freedom of movement

  • Material warms very, very well - with this you can easily be on the road at minus 10 degrees Celsius without another layer

  • Material feels nice and soft next to the skin

  • Leg cuffs with practical zippers

  • Three pockets


  • Barely breathable

  • Back pocket could be larger so that a smartphone also fits inside

  • Smartphone fits only in the side pockets, where it bounces back and forth

  • Lacing has completely disappeared in the waistband after each wash

  • Difficult to put on and take off. Especially when it is sweaty

  • Very high price

Best suited for: Extreme conditions (far) below freezing point

Made in Portugal, the RYZON Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants are the most expensive piece of my outfit with an MSRP of 250 € and more expensive than any other pair of running pants I've worn so far. Expectations were correspondingly high.

The basis is a 4-way stretch softshell material specifically designed for these pants, which is not only wind and water-repellent, but also particularly light and stretchy. Thanks to an ecological DWR coating, water drops bead off the surface of the pants. This effect is supported by taped seams. The very dense weave of the material is also supposed to provide high durability. All these properties I can confirm. When there is bad weather outside - put on the Aterra pants!

The inside of the pants is covered with a honeycomb flocking, which provides a comfortable feel and warming insulation. The Aterra pants are actually so warm that you can wear them at temperatures around freezing to drink coffee in the garden without getting cold. When running, however, it was most of the time too warm and especially did not fit in line with the rest of the outfit, which is made for milder temperatures. Thus, I tested the rest further independently.

The best experience I had with these pants was on a business trip in Berlin: In the morning at 6 o'clock at -9 °C by the Spree river, it was perfect without another layer. It also served me well when trail running in the snow. The cut with the slightly wider thighs and overlapping material layers at the knees ensures good freedom of movement even over hillier terrain. The calves, on the other hand, are cut tightly so that they don't get caught anywhere. Zippers at the leg cuffs help with getting them on and off. I am a big fan of this hybrid between more loose pants and tights, because it works very well as described and also looks cool.

What unfortunately does not work so well is the lack of breathability. Although Ryzon talks about exactly that feature in the product description, but de facto I got sweaty in my pants after almost every training session. While running, it did not bother me much or I didn't even notice it. But when I took off the pants at home, a regular film of moisture could be seen on the honeycomb flocking and the legs were really wet - a very unpleasant feeling!

Not so well done as well are the pockets of the Aterra Pants. The back pocket is unfortunately much too small to store a smartphone. Even my iPhone 12 Mini did not fit. Accordingly, it had to be transported in one of the two side pockets. But there the phone unfortunately wobbles back and forth due to the wider fit of the thighs. This is annoying while running. In addition, the zippers, which seem to be very high quality, are difficult to operate with gloves. But that's exactly what I would want from a pants for "extreme conditions".

Overall, the RYZON Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants could only convince me to a certain extent. Someone who lives in colder climates than I do - somewhere in the mountains or further north in Europe - may find adequate running pants here. But I personally will only use it for runs on the very coldest of days. Beyond that, they will likely be demoted to bad weather sweatpants. The cool and more relaxed cut makes them suitable for everyday use.

RYZON Terrain Series Merino Performance Socks (21€)


  • Made from Merino Tech Wool and mulesing-free

  • Good fit

  • Responsibly made in the Czech Republic


  • Fabric is very smooth, which makes it easy to slide back and forth in running shoes

  • I already had a hole in my sock after the second run

Best suited for: Unfortunately, I can not recommend

Unfortunately, the fabric of the RYZON Terrain Series Merino Performance Socks is very smooth and slippery, so that one easily slides back and forth in the running shoes. This makes for an uncomfortable feeling that simply conveys insecurity when running. In addition, I had a hole in the big toe area in one of the socks already after my second run. I therefore can’t recommend RYZON socks.

RYZON Aura Series Performance Headband (30€) &

RYZON Arise Series Neck Tube (30€)


  • Very comfortable, smooth material

  • Good protection from wind and cold

  • Lightweight and quick drying

  • Responsibly made in Portugal

  • Thoughtful cut of the Neck Tube

  • Reflective logo prints on the reversible headband


  • None

Best suited for: Additional protection from wind and in cold temperatures approaching freezing.

These two accessories I received with my outfit have become my favorites in no time. I honestly wasn't a headband guy at all until now. Either I wore a beanie or nothing at all (on the head). But especially in temperatures between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius, the RYZON Aura Series Performance Headband is the perfect addition to my running kit and I no longer want to go without. 

Also, whenever it would actually be warm enough without headgear, but there is an unpleasant wind blowing, the headband is perfect. The material uses polyester and spandex and is super comfortable. Through the reverse option, you can also choose between two different designs, which is a nice bonus. On both sides there are reflective details for your safety!

Unlike headbands, my whole closet is full of neck tubes or colloquially "buffs". What makes the RYZON Arise Series Neck Tube stand out from the crowd are, of course, the noble design and again the very comfortable material. 

But beyond that, this premium version of a Buff impresses with additional wind protection and a very thoughtful cut, which becomes wider in the direction of the shoulders / chest. This ensures that the area between the neck and the shirt is always covered. None of my Buffs has this kind of design, which is why I can title the RYZON Arise Series Neck Tube without hesitation as the best of my collection.

Products in detail (Markus)

Fusion Merinoshell Performance Jacket (300€)


  • Very versatile with appropriate base layers

  • Temperature regulation (from -7 to 5 °C) through merino inside and laser perforation in strategic places

  • Excellent quality

  • Merino inside, very comfortable to wear next to skin

  • Windproof and breathable at the same time

  • Odorless merino inside


  • Wristband very tight, especially with a running watch

  • Zipper is difficult to open with gloves through the zipper garage on the collar

  • No thumbholes (personal preference)

Even before the set arrived here, I was most excited about the Merinoshell jacket. I was wondering how the merino fabric would be incorporated into the shell jacket. The jacket is made up of two layers. A very thin polyamide outer layer, which gives the Fusion Jacket its windproof properties. Inside, an equally thin merino layer. The merino part is mulesing-free merino, which is also very comfortable against the skin when worn with a short-sleeved base layer. Even both layers make for a rather thin jacket (0.52 mm), which however offers excellent thermal regulation. I have worn the jacket only with the Ritual Undershirt to about 0 °C comfortably and additionally with the Ignition Performance Longsleeve down to -7 °C.

Laser perforations on the back and underarms help regulate moisture. Combined with the already breathable merino wool works excellently. Similar to Nils and his hoodie, the Merinoshell jacket is my favorite part of the package.

The jacket in size S fits me with 182 cm height and slender build even with base layers very well. But I also prefer a more athletic cut. I also like the design exceptionally well. Kept rather simple, with discreet applications such as the Ryzon "R" and a small black patch on the left side pocket.

However, there are not only positive things to report. The sleeves are cut very tight. Especially with a running watch, it is almost impossible to check it during the run. Personally, I would rather have wider sleeves and thumbholes to secure the sleeves from slipping while running. In addition to the too-tight sleeves, The zipper garage is also a negative. With gloves on, it was very difficult to get the short zipper slider back out of the garage and open the zipper. Apart from these two points, however, the predominantly positive impression prevails. Only a few easily modifiable things, tailored more to running, would make the jacket almost perfect.

Ritual Undershirt Light (50€)


  • comfortable to wear

  • good moisture management

  • Merino wool inserts on underarms with odor-neutralizing properties


  • None

The base layer I received is, like Nils’s, also part of the Rituals series. However, I received the short-sleeved version for testing. The base layer is cut much tighter than the Ignition long sleeve (review below). In my size S it is tight-fitting, but for me, just as a first layer, not too tight. As mentioned above, I prefer a more athletic cut. Unlike Nils, the shirt did not shrink on me. However, I washed it only in the gentle cycle at 30 °C. The shirt consists of a material mix. The main part consists of 100% polypropylene, which makes it extremely fast drying. The honeycomb-like structure is also very pleasant to wear on the skin. At the armpits are inserts made from a blend of 95% mulesing-free merino wool and 5% elastane. These also do a good job of neutralizing odor. Especially in winter I don’t sweat too much and thus I could wear the shirt for a week without washing.

Ignition Performance Longsleeve (100 €)


  • extremely soft material mix

  • very light and stretchy

  • fast drying

  • slightly wider cut, perfect for combination with a base layer

  • odor-neutralizing inserts at the armpits, made of merino wool


  • None

I also chose size S for the Ignition long sleeve. The shirt is cut slightly more accommodating than the Rituals base layer, which lets the two parts combine very well. In terms of material, this time the main part of a mixture of 95% polyamide and 5% elastane is used, which makes the long sleeve very fast drying, but due to the elastane fabric significantly stretchier and softer. At the armpits, the inserts of 67% mulesing-free merino wool, 22% polyamide and 11% elastane can be found again. As a result, the Ignition shirt also offers very good moisture and odor control. The elastane content also helps with the inserts to stretch a bit more than in the Rituals base layer. In general, the extremely soft material makes the shirt even more comfortable to wear than the Rituals shirt and incredibly comfortable to wear directly next to skin. The Ignition shirt could be worn by me 2-3 days without washing, so a little less than the Ignition shirt with higher merino content, but still a lot better than a purely synthetic shirt. I can’t really find any negative points for the long sleeve.

Shadow Athletic Tights (140 €)


  • very soft and pleasant on the skin

  • good hold and still very stretchy

  • reflective details


  • only very small pocket, usable max. for one key

  • string in the waistband on the inside

As already mentioned in the introduction, the tights soon reach their limit in winter at sub-zero temperatures (°C). Apart from that, the pants are very comfortable next to the skin. I chose my usual size M, which again fits great. The material of 59% recycled polyamide and 41% elastane is very soft, stretchy and still offers great support. The hold of tights during running can often be somewhat problematic for me.

I also find the reflective details nice and subtle, but still functional. These are found on the pants top left, on the right shin and back on the left calf. In terms of storage space, I would have expected more, especially for a pair of running pants.

There is only a very small pocket at the back on the inside, which is just big enough for a car key. A smartphone has no place due to the size alone and it is also not suitable for gels due to the poor accessibility. Here, the product seems not quite thought through for running. 

The last point is a personal preference. The flat waist cord is very comfortable and stretchy, but I personally prefer the cord to loop on the outside of the waistband. Especially because of the lack of pockets, a running belt is indispensable, and here I find the loop on the inside can be a bit annoying.

Aura Thermal Performance Headband (40 €)


  • very soft and stretchy material

  • good protection from wind and cold


  • none

Like Nils, I'm more of a beanie-guy. Even though a headband is not my first choice in terms of style, I reached for the headband more often than I would have thought. Even a very thin beanie can get too warm very quickly, and here we come to the main advantage of the headband. In terms of heat regulation, the headband is an excellent choice. Unlike Nils' straight cut Aura headband, the Aura Thermal headband has an ergonomic cut for the ears. This means that the ears and forehead areas are very well protected against the cold and wind, without getting too warm. Even in sub-zero Celsius temperatures, the headband was still sufficient for me and even in single-digit plus Celsius temperatures very comfortable to wear. The headband is made of 91% polyester and 9% elastane and is also made in Portugal. Thus, very soft, stretchy and super comfortable to wear. As with the shirts, I can not find a negative point for the headband.

Terrain Merino Performance Socks (21 €)


  • high quality mulesing-free merino wool

  • responsibly made in Czech Republic


  • Very slippery

  • Too loose

Unfortunately, I can't report anything different than Nils when it comes to the socks either. Beyond the high-quality material and responsible manufacturing in the Czech Republic, the positive points end. I have made the same experiences with the fit in running shoes. The socks here are very slippery in the shoes, which affects the grip negatively. In addition, the socks are also cut too loose for my rather narrow feet, which of course do not improve the feeling in the running shoes. Therefore, I wore the socks only twice on runs. At least no holes formed in my pair, which suggests a production error in Nils' pair, which can always happen. However, I can not recommend the socks for running.

Products in detail (Jeremy)

Merino Athletic Long sleeve (120€)

I love Merino tees. They’re soft, effective at regulating temperatures and have formidable abilities to repel odors. But I usually love them as a day to day apparel, not much for running. Despite their thermo-regulating prowess, they tend to get soaked with water, or sweat, and I rarely find this nice. 

The Ryzon merino LS shares all those qualities, being made of merino, and then of course also the drawback of getting waterlogged. 

As a consequence, I used this LS shirt for a couple of runs only just to appreciate how effective it is for a large range of temperatures: from 5C to 15C, you’ll feel equally good. The fit is perfect for me: 1m78, around 70kgs and 102/104cm chest, size M fits as a glove. 

The sleeves are the perfect length, and the fabric used is light and thin, giving this barely there feeling that everybody likes. 

But I think that I’ve enjoyed it even more as a casual TS..hence the pictures above chose to illustrate.

Branding is present but not too loud, the deep blue color with the white stripes gives a very elegant look to it. And of your course, you’ll be spotted as triathlete by « the ones who know ». Is this a pro or a con, choose your side! 


  • high quality mulesing-free merino wool

  • responsibly made

  • Soft, thin, comfortable fit.

  • Nice sporty design

  • Works very well as casual wear

  • Usual Merino wool abilities for temperature regulation and odor retention


  • Like all Merino apparel: it gets soaked with water/sweat moisture

Phantom Lightshell Jacket (200€)

As tested by the Invisible man

The Phantom jacket is a lightweight, windproof, breathable jacket with a DWR treatment. 

It uses a feathery material (65g/m2) to achieve this, called Lightshell, and some parts at the top of the back have laser-made holes to further improve its natural breathability. My sample weighs an astonishing 98g, which is as light as it gets, considering how effective the jacket is (more on this later). 

It has a full zip and a chest pocket as its only « features ».

The Lightshell material is stretchy, and incredibly soft On the skin, far from the usual windproof jackets that feel a bit plasticy or get translucent once wet. 

The fit is athletic, but not tight by any means. Ryzon sizes are a bit large, so chose a M, and it was a perfect fit. Keep in mind that I don’t have a typical endurance runner kind of body and have a large chest (102/104cm). 

I’ve used it during the few cold days we had in France, with a simple base layer underneath (Craft Be Active, Satisfy or…Ryzon merino LS). For temperatures as low as -2C ith some wind, it was perfect. Never did I get cold nor soaked in sweat, be it during hard intervals or cooldowns. 

Thanks to the great breathability of the Lightshell material and the laser holes, I’ve also been able to use it as a wind jacket with temperatures around 8C with the same great success. I think it’s the first light jacket that might put my trusty 8 years old  Slab Light jacket to retirement (it’s a piece of apparel I’ve used on all my ultras and cold trails, so it’s almost part of the family now!). 

Actually, this kind of jacket is all that I might need for running in France, save from the most special conditions in the mountains. You can put a nice baselayer and it’s ok for subzero temps. If it gets really cold, put a thermal layer in between and it’s OK.

The DWR treatment is effective as I did not get wet after 2h under light rain. Of course, for heavy rain or deep winter temperatures that might occur in the Alps, I’d reach for more specific stuff. But this covers more than 90% of my needs. 

The lack of side pockets doesn’t bother me at all as I usually find them quite bad on jackets as soon as you put nothing weighing more than a credit card in it. 

There’s just one thing I’d like Ryzon to improve: the size of the zip pullers. Those are too small to catch with cold fingers or gloves. A more generously sized puller and this would be the perfect jacket. 


  • High quality Lightshell material

  • Feathery light

  • Incredibly breathable 

  • Very versatile

  • Fit is perfect. 


  • Zip pullers are too small 

Phantom Lightshell Active Pants (200€)

The Phantom Lightshell active pants uses the same fabric, with the same success. 

But it has some more tricks upon its sleeve to ensure a great fitting, with differentiated fabric around the knee area, and vents around the thighs. 

Two zipped pockets on the sides allow you to bring a key, or a buff, or act as hand warmers before the run.

There are zips around the ankles too, in order to ease putting it in and give a little customization : you might close the zip to ensure a tapered fit, as in the picture, so that the pant never gets in the way during the run, or let it open it you use it as a jogger before a race and want a somewhat looser fit, or to take it on/off while wearing your shoes. 

Ryzon advertises those pants for a temperature range of 5-15C. I find this very conservative, as I’ve used them for ~0C runs with just underwear and it was perfect. 

I’ve never really got used to running tights, always feeling constricted in them, and this kind of high-end pants are a joy to use. You feel like running in race shorts, but with the weather protection that allows sub-zero runs with no harm. Never do they get stuck to the skin despite some high intensity runs. 

The fit is perfect, loose on the thighs, tapered around the ankles and the waistband does not apply any pressure, yet the pants never move. The naturally stretchy Lightshell material is used in combination with a more « textile » feeling one at the back, ensuring even more stretch on key areas, around the knees, calves and the glutes. 

It makes  a perfect combination with the Phantom jacket and I have a hard time finding a bad point on those pants. They even get some reflective elements for added security. 

Both Phantom series pieces are made in Lithuania, and the Lightshell material provider comes from Japan.


  • Same premium fabric as the jacket with same qualities. 

  • The fit is incredible. You’ll forget you’re wearing pants. 

  • Many usage possible : before, during, after the run


  • Still trying to find…

Ritual Undershirt Light (50€)

Like Markus, I’ve received the Ritual undershirt Light, but with the idea of trying it as a cycling base layer.

I won’t repeat what Markus said about it as I’ve had the exact same experience. The cut is way more fitted and close to the body than other Ryzon apparel, which is a good thing for a base layer. I find it very soft to the skin and nice to wear. I’ve used it once for running a under a LS shirt, and it worked perfectly at pushing the sweat away from the body, something that might sound counterintuitive to people that never tried this kind of base layer. 

I’ve also used it on 3 bike rides, without washing it. And the merino insert under the arms works perfectly. I can imagine someone going on a bike trip and counting grams using it, for instance, as to minimize the amount of stuff to carry. It proved to be as efficient on the bike as during the run, effectively pushing all the humidity away from the body. This is not a thermal base layer, but « just » a base layer, aiming at wicking sweat. 

This kind of high quality base layers are usually overlooked but my practice of road bike clearly proved to me how efficient they can be, no matter the temperature. 

Merino Performance Socks (21 €)

In a similar fashion as the Merino LS, I usually keep merino socks for casual wear, or colder bike rides. 

I had one run with them and found the same slipping issue, and decided to keep them away from my running closet. 

As a day to day socks they are very comfortable. Not too thick so that you won’t get fit issues with your favorite shoes, they are still warm yet breathes well. 

Summary and recommendations

Nils: As you can already imagine, my opinion on the individual products of my RYZON outfit differ. Unfortunately, the tested Attera Pants in particular did not convince me. Not only is it extremely expensive, but in some places it doesn't seem to have been thought through to the end. When it comes to the socks, I have to ask myself whether anyone at RYZON has ever worn them while running. Sure, I could just have had bad luck with the hole, but the very smooth material is still just not very suitable for run uses

It looks quite different with all items that I was allowed to wear above the belt line. The base layer has indeed shrunk a bit, but otherwise performs great. Also, the hoodie has grown on me in the meantime and was my go-to top layer over the last few weeks, unless the weather has made a rain jacket necessary. And as already mentioned, the headband and neck tube are both absolute favorites of mine that I can recommend without reservation. All products combine a lot of attention to detail, great design and excellent materials. Of course, I'm pleased that a lot of attention is paid to the sustainability and fair production of the products. Especially against this background, the prices for most of the tested products are quite justified - to answer the question asked at the beginning.

Markus: I can only agree with Nils here. Some products like the shirts and the headband I can recommend without exception. Jacket and pants are excellent in terms of quality and material appearance. But I miss the running-specific details a bit, such as sufficient external pockets on the tights or the too snug sleeves on the jacket. Of course, these are only minor details and not reasons that fundamentally disqualify the products. But especially when I consider the premium price, I would expect, in addition to the premium quality and premium materials, a certain attention to detail. Ryzon has already proven that with the shirts and headband. Here also the price is justified for high quality, materials, sustainability and functionality.

With the socks, on the other hand, I can unfortunately not make a recommendation, even if I stretch it. 

Jeremy: my experience is a bit less tepid than my fellow colleagues. I’ll quickly pass on the undershirt which is a terrific, efficient piece of kit. It served me as a base layer for runs, rides and I even used it for two turbo trainer sessions with equal success. 

The merino LS tee is comfortable, but it still prefer merino wool for less sweat intensive activities, as it quickly becomes waterlogged. I used it as an everyday cloth and it was perfect. Only a few of my colleagues at work recognized the mighty Frodissimo logo - which earned them a coffee. 

The socks followed the same path, and I used them for casual wear, so their slippery character had not been an issue for me. I still have to tore z hole in them!

The standout pieces of my dotation is the Phantom kit. The material used, soft as silk, light, is incredibly efficient at keeping cold and wind at bay. Both pieces are very breathable thanks to clever design touches with large vents at the back. The only thing I’d modify are the zippers which can be made bigger: they are difficult to hang, even more so when wearing gloves. 

They are pricey indeed, but would recommend both without any hesitation. The light jacket is really good, breathable and feathery light, but I think I’m even more fond of the pants. 

Unfortunately I cannot judge the efficiency of the Graphene ultra light race cap as temperatures are not really high. I can say that I like it’s design, and would hope for a shorter visor.

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