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Saucony Guide 17 Review

Article by Jana Herzgova

Saucony Guide 17 ($140)


The Guide is Saucony’s moderate stability offering. For the 17, the model follows the recent trend towards more inherent stability as the prior plastic support hoop on the medial side is removed. The platform width on the ground increases dramatically as do the side wall into which the foot sits to provide the stability. Along with an asymmetrical profile to guide the stride the combination is what Saucony calls Center Path Technology, Weight remains about the same. 

Pros: Well cushioned daily trainer, smooth and soft feel when running/walking, mid-range toe box width, true to size. Stability without add on pieces or firmer foam

Cons: Wish for slightly more energy return, but I have not found any real flaws with this model. 


Weight: men's 9.63oz  / 273g (US9)  /  women's 8.1 oz / 232g 

  Samples: men’s 9.63oz  / 273g (US9) (Guide 16: 9.55 oz / 271g  (US9)

Stack Height: men’s 35mm heel / 29mm forefoot ( 6mm drop spec) 

                Guide 16: 35mm heel / 27mm forefoot (8 mm drop spec)

Platform Width:  105mm heel / 85 mm midfoot / 120 mm forefoot

          Guide 16:  85mm heel / 70mm midfoot / 110 mm forefoot

$140  Available February 2024

First Impressions, Fit and Upper

Jana: I have been a big fan of stability and more cushioned shoes formy recovery/long runs for a couple of years now, transitioning from  “ground feel” shoes and seeking more comfort and lower impact on my joints. 

While I cannot compare Saucony Guide 17 to any of its previous versions (RTR Guide 16 Review), this one hits a sweet spot for me in a few ways. It is light, breathable, comfortable, true to size, and the toe box is in a perfect mid-range width (neither narrow, nor wide like Altra or Topo shoes). When wet in rainy weather, they do not feel heavy at all, and they dry out fast. 

Padding on the tongue and the heel collar is on the more minimal side, but still providing a comfortable feel - making this shoe potentially comfortable/usable for folks with higher arch.

The soft feel and higher cushioning also make the Guide 17 a great choice for folks who stand/walk all day on their feet at work, as well as walkers. I it during my all day walk/stand work days a few times (outdoors and indoor) and they were very comfortable and with no hot spots.

I am a fan of more “modern and colorful designs”, however, I like the minimalist design and colors of this model. I received the Navy/Orchid color combo, but I like a few more options from this color line up as well.

The upper is seamless and breathable, holding well its shape and feels rather roomy then snug. Laces are stretchy, ensuring a secure fit without any hotspots or numbness from too tightly laced up shoes. And as I mentioned above, tongue and heel collar padding are rather on the minimal side, but thick enough to provide a comfortable and hot spots free (at least for me) fit. 

Midsole & Platform

Jana: The foot sits somewhat lower/deeper in the shoe, making it feel more secure to me. 

The side walls feel higher, but I have not had any issues around the ankle/heel/Achilles tendon areas at all (and zero hotspots as mentioned above). The PWRRUN+ sockliner feels natural and comfortable. 

The broader base was something I was concerned about when I first looked at the shoe. The platform is much wider than the Guide 16:  20mm wider at the heel, 15mm wider at the midfoot and 10mm wider at the forefoot 

The width was quickly forgotten after I started my run. I don't have problems with over pronation, so I cannot speak adequately to this issue, but given the wider base and the pillow-like landing feel, coupled with slightly higher side walls, I can see how this shoe would  be a good choice for people who struggle with over pronation. 

The cushioning is high and soft, with a nice soft bounce and very light energy return. It has 2mm more front stack on the same heel height 35/29 (now 6mm drop) than the 16  yet is somewhat flexible out of the box. 

It is definitely not for blazing in high speed during your local 5k, or trying to break a record but for your everyday training.


Jana: After roughly 50 miles on the road I don't see any wear/tear at all - but that's a short mileage to be able to make an honest assessment of how long and how well the outsole will perform and last.I also ran on the road in rainy weather, and had zero issues with traction or feeling like they don't stick well to a wet surface. 

Ride, Conclusions and Recommendations

Jana: As I mentioned above, I am rather on the longer distance side of running and someone who increasingly prefers more cushioned shoes. The Guide 17 is just a perfect daily recovery/long runs companion for me and I would also recommend this model to folks wanting to run shorter distances with a preference for comfort and softness over speed. For long distance mileage seekers, this is a nice trainer / long distance events companion that will provide a comfortable ride for many miles.  Walkers and all day on your feet folks- try this model, you will like how soft and comfy it feels!

Jana: 8.98 /10

Ride - 9 Fit - 9 Value - 9 Style - 8.5



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Jana: Saucony Guide 17 reminds me of the Brooks Ghost Max (RTR Review). It is a very similarly designed shoe, with the exact same drop (6mm). Even though I find Saucony Guide 17 to be a great match for me, I slightly prefer Brooks Ghost Max. The reason why is that Ghost Max simply fits my feet better than the Guide 17. When it comes to comfort, softness, and overall feel/ride, they are very similar shoes. 

The Guide 17 will release January 2024

Jana Herzgova took up running in 2016, after a back injury. Prior to that she was a speed skater, but due to back pain and doctor's recommendation, she transitioned into running. Since then, starting with shorter ultra distance races she quickly evolved into an avid long distance and unsupported mountain runner. She also loves to take on challenges/races in arctic and subarctic climates, mainly in unsupported and semi-self supported style. She currently lives in Utah/Wyoming.

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