Tuesday, December 05, 2023

New Balance 2024 Previews: SC Elite v4, SC Trainer v3, SC Pacer v2, Balos, and Hierro v8

Article by Peter Stuart, Sally Reiley and Renee Krusemark

Update: FuelCell Super Comp Pacer v2 Multi Tester Review

Update: FuelCell Super Comp Elite v4 Multi Tester Review

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Update:  Balos Multi Tester Review

New Balance presented a completely updated Super Comp line. The SC Elite v4, SC Pacer v2 and SC Trainer v3 all get a similar new angular geometry, new PEBA based foams and for the intro versions one of our favorite color ways of The Running Event 2023. New Balance also delighted with an unplated big trainer the Balos featuring PEBA blend foam.

SC Pacer v2 ($200)

The Pacer v2 has a 32.8 mm heel  / 24.8mm forefoot stack height, so about the stack height of  the very first Vaporfly.. Spec weight is 7.5 oz / 214g for a men's US 9.5,  It has a new 100% PEBA Fuel Cell midsole and Energy Arc carbon plate. 

Compared to the Pacer 1 (RTR Review) at 199g / 7.02 oz US9.5, Pacer 2 is about 0.5 oz 15g heavier but with its 32.8mm heel /24.8mm forefoot stack height it has a big 5mm more depth of cushion. 

The Pacer was  designed for  the needs of Emily Sisson, US Marathon record holder who prefers a lower stack and more nimble racer. 

The first Pacer was  low slung and flat riding.. a super flat.  It was limited for most of us (but not Emily who set her marathon record in it)  to shorter distance racing . The new Pacer should have a much broader range of racing distances $200. Available 2nd half of 2024.

New Balance presents the SC Pacer v2 at The Running Event (1:20)

SC Trainer v3 ($180)

The SC Trainer v3 gets the same new angular geometry as the other SC models, and a denser PEBA based blended foam. 

Spec weight is 9.2 oz / 261g in a US men’s 9.5 so we see an approximate, and welcome,16g / 0.56 oz drop in weight from v2. No change in stack height of the v3’s 40mm heel 36mm forefoot was called out.

The front of the Energy Arc plate is cut out and more curved for a more forgiving forefoot landing. New Balance says v3 will be “stable, forgiving and fun”. Coming late 2024

SC Elite v4 ($250)

Update: Full FuelCell Super Comp Elite v4 Multi Tester Review

Spec Weights: 

women’s: 6.7 oz / 190g >> v3 tested sample 6.7 oz /188g

men’s:  8.1 oz / 230g (US9.5) >>  v3 tested sample: 8.18oz / 232g (US 9.5)

The SuperComp Elite v4 gets an all PEBA midsole with a new lighter Energy Arc carbon plate. The upper is an engineered mesh with Phantom Fit bonded material to lock the foot to the platform. 

The Energy Arc carbon plate is lighter and in two parts yet still rigid. We wonder if the separation of the plate at midfoot will assist in making for a longer easier transition especially given the 4mm drop here.

There is no change in weight that we can see from the v3. The platform remains at 40mm heel / 36 mm forefoot so it is one of the relatively few 4mm drop super shoes. Its “relatively” high weight compared to some such as the Nike Vaporfly and Alphafly 2 is likely due to the high forefoot stack height of 36mm with most at around 32mm.

Given the midsole is now PEBA, we expect the v4 to be a more solid faster paces racing platform than the low density soft prior Fuel Cell foam in the v3 which made that shoe the “friendliest” of super shoes but not exactly the fastest. Releases 2/1/24. $250 

New Balance SC Elite v4 at The Running Event (1:18)

Fresh Foam  X Balos ($200)

Peter: This was an unexpected and exciting reveal from NB. Ideally it’s a lighter and more fun substitute for the 1080. I’m getting Rebel V3 vibes. Felt so light for how big it looked. 

The all new Balos is an unplated near max max cushion trainer with a PEBA blend Fresh Foam midsole, we think with the same foam as SC Trainer v4 has. The stack height is a not over the top 33mm at the heel, 27mm at the forefoot, 6mm drop Weight is 8.7 oz /  in a men’s US9.5. Coming second half of 2024. $200

Hierro V8 ($155)

Print dyed upper (more eco conscious)

40% bio based 

Vibram outsole

The article will be updated as we have more details for each style and more..


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Anonymous said...

Pacer v2 7.5oz or 6.5oz?

Anonymous said...

I really hope that Hierro isn't using an ecostep outsole, Hierro is a pointless shoe if they lose their Vibram Megagrip outsole.

Anonymous said...

The hierro will lose me if that is the v8....