Sunday, December 03, 2023

Hoka 2024 Previews: Tecton X 3, Speedgoat 6, Mach 6, Mach X 2, Skyflow

 Reporting and photos by Peter Stuart, Sally Reiley, and Renee Krusemark

Hoka for 2024 moves the Tecton X 3 to all supercritical PEBA foam, lightens the Speedgoat 6, gives the Mach 6 a supercritical foam midsole at the same $140 pricing as the 5 and introduces the Skyflow a new daily trainer to sit between Bondi and Clifton. Our team reporting from The Running Event in Austin, Texas.

Tecton X 3 ($275)

The Tecton X is Hoka’s elite ultra shoe with a prototype of the X 3 taking Jim Walmsely to his long sought victory at UTMB this past summer. The X 3 sees significant changes over its predecessors (Tecton X 2 Review)  while retaining its dual parallel carbon plates and 40mm heel / 35mm stack height, interestingly the same offical stack height as the Speedgoat 6 

(Note: As of this coming season Hoka will now list “full” stack heights of outsole, midsole, lasting board, and sockliner whereas before they only quoted midsole and outsole).

What’s New

The midsole is now all supercritical PEBA foam in two layers whereas the first two versions had a layer of supercritical foam (type not specified) and a layer of CMEVA. We do not yet have the weight of the v3 as it is not listed in the catalog, and it was not called out in Hoka’s presentation, but we suspect weight will stay about the same as before and maybe a bit lighter due to the all PEBA midsole 

While we retain the dual parallel carbon plates they now have winglets for rear stability, shown above the lateral side black winglet. With PEBA type foams, and especially in a trail shoe, winglets have been a useful add. 

And to further help with stability we have more midfoot rubber coverage especially medially as shown below in comparison with v3 top. 

The upper continues with Matryx, a Kelvar fiber reinforced textile that allows great hold, very light weight and durability. It gets a new knit collar which extends up from the tongue for debris protection. There is a stretch area in the vamp to allow foot splay, something we also saw in v2.

The outsole remains MegaGrip in a new LiteBase pattern and also now includes Vibram’s Traction Lug, very small mini lugs on the sides of the main lugs which we have seen elsewhere and definitely improve traction. 

Race tested and proven in 2023 at the highest levels,  the Tecton X 3 should continue as one of the top ultra shoes for the faster runner who wants a carbon plated ride over most any terrain. Confirming but expected July 2024

Speedgoat 6 ($155)

A new lighter and  more resilient CMEVA midsole foam also leads to a 14g drop in weight with

v6  to 9.8 oz. / 278g vs. v5 10.25 oz  /  292 g. The drop in weight with this new CMEVA foam has also been seen in other recent Hoka.

The Speedgoat 6 features a breathable woven textile upper with dual gusset tounge and an internal chassis. 


The Vibram Megagrip outsole with 5mm lugs has a revised lug orientation.

Speedgoat 5 outsole

With its big drop in weight to below 10 oz and its wide stable 40mm heel / 35 mm platform,  the latest Goat is likely to increase its lead in the big stack shoe technical terrain category and could also be more suitable for smoother, faster terrain than previous editions.

a women’s colorway of Speedgoat 6, GTX

July 2024 release and also available in wides.

Mach 6  ($140)

Stack Height:  men’s  37mm heel 32mm forefoot  women’s  // 35mm heel 30mm forefoot

Weight: M10 8.2 oz. 232g // W8 6.7 oz. 190g

The Mach 6, Hoka’s uptempo light and fast daily trainer gets a supercritical foam midsole with the foam not specified so likely not PEBA but a gas infused EVA or blend. As a result of moving from CMEVA it should be more energetic and livelier in ride feel and with as a bonus the price remains at $140. 

The upper is a creel Jacquard with zonal breathability.

The outsole is updated with more coverage (and stability given supercritical foam ) and increased durability.

Skyflow ($160) 

The Skyflow is an all new daily trainer with a supercritical foamed EVA midsole coming Fall 2024. 

It has a heel focused Active Foot Frame and extensive outsole coverage reinforcing its place as what Hoka calls the  “daily driver” in the 2024 lineup.

The Sklyflow is intended to sit between the Clifton and Bondi as an everyday daily trainer, more substantial than the Clifton, less ponderous and heavy than the Bondi.

Weight and stack height were not provided and have been requested.

Mach X 2 ($190)

The Mach X is Hoka’s PEBAX nylon plated uptempo trainer which competes with the likes of the Saucony Endorphin Speed.  

The Mach X 2 gets a more aggressive rocker geometry, an extended PEBAX plate and a more carved out central cavity which should better move its lowish 5mm drop and prior “blocky” wide but stable rear forward more smoothly. 

The combination of PEBA supercritical foam as the top layer of the midsole with CMEVA below remains.

The upper is now a woven material with Hoka saying having smoother collars. It will be available Sept. 2024. $190

More Hoka Introductions and Updates to come later in 2024

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Anonymous said...

What about Bondi 9 or Clifton 10?

Anonymous said...

Not all 2024 shoes are previewed end 2023. Expect to hear about Bondi, Clifton, and others mid 2024

Anonymous said...

"Tecton X 3" :: $275! :: Never have I been so excited to not buy a shoe.

bwilkinson said...

The new SG6 looks great, but man, so chonky! 40mm stack now? What is going on with trail running shoes? I really like the 'traditional' 33/29 config of the SG5...such a great shoe, so why change it? And also, when is the Mafate Speed 5 coming out?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for an updated Arahi. H frame maybe? Love my 6’s!

Anonymous said...

No Torrent 4 coverage? Looks like a pretty sweet overhaul!

Sam Winebaum said...

Hoka chose not to present... mistake on their part but limited time with them.
Sam, Editor

Thirdcoast said...

Any notice of a new Rincon version? While still my favorite Hoka, it is getting a bit dated technically.

Graeme said...

I love my Hoka’s but have stopped wearing my Speadgoats because of the tongue.
Anything with that tongue I will not buy or wear.
I have 6 pairs of Hoka but if they persist with the tongue I will move to another brand.
Probably New Balance

Anonymous said...

Love RTR however here’s a suggestion… maybe stop putting sooooo many adverts on your pages then you might be able to actually read the reviews etc!!!! It’s ridiculous!!!