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Altra Mont Blanc vs. Timp 4 Comparison Review: Very different!

Article and Video by Sam Winebaum

Altra Mont Blanc ($180) Altra Timp 4 ($160)

In the article and video below I closely compare Altra’s new trail runners the Timp 4 and Mont Blanc. They share nearly identical stack heights of Altra’s EGO Max foam and from there they differ significantly in weight, fit, ride, and even the feel of their cushioning. 

Timp 4 Multi Tester Review

Mont Blanc Multi Tester Review

Mont Blanc Altra says: All day excursions, trail cruiser, light weight, ultimate trail traction features. 

Timp 4  Altra says: Trail cruiser any terrain, any trail, any ground


Mont Blanc: 9.4 oz / 266g US8.5

Timp 4: 10.56 oz / 298g US8.5

Stack Heights:

Mont Blanc: 30mm

Timp 4: 29mm


EGO Max foam reminds of Salomon Energy Surge but denser in feel.  It doesn’t feel like a rubberized (bouncy) foam and has a smoother more energetic return. 

The Mont Blanc midsole is softer in feel to the touch and on the run and more energetic in return compared to the firmer and thinner (especially up front) Timp 4’s more flexible midsole. Mont Blanc is also more cushioned in feel and protective particularly up front as well as more stable.


Mont Blanc: Rocker based with some flex with a wider heel base than Timp.

Timp 4: long easy flex shoe with a firmer narrower heel and a thinner more flexible forefoot using a combination of Inner Flex and 3 drainage ports.


Mont Blanc: Vibram LiteBase 3.5mm lugs, single firmness, more aggressive grip.

Timp 4: Altra MaxTrac rubber,  4mm, dual density with softer rubber upfront.


Mont Blanc: “Standard” Atra foot shape toe box as Timp but due to materials and also clearly visually it is in fact broader in fit. 

Dual materials with soft thin mesh upfront and no stretch, grid ripstop to the rear, less structured, less padded, lower, non stretch achilles and ankle collars, un padded tongue.

2 our 5 testers, both prominent forefoot strikers, reported significant heel slip. The other 3 testers did not and had no issues. Narrow heels may also be a factor with the heel hold.

Timp 4: Altra “Standard” foot shape, with a more conventional toe box fit similar to the road Rivera 2. Upper is a debris type mesh, padded tongue, extensive overlays, conventional higher heel area with some stretch to fit. 

Clearly a more secure and narrower fit than Mont Blanc all around but not as comfortable for me particularly at the ball of the foot.

My bottom line.. I clearly prefer the more energetic softer ride and stability of the Mont Blanc and its super comfortable and "adequately" secure upper. Both are strong and fresh new trail shoes from Altra and yes as Altra says cruisers!

Timp 4 Multi Tester Review

Mont Blanc Multi Tester Review

Watch Sam’s Detailed Comparison Review Altra Mont Blanc vs.Timp 4 (21:00)

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