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Rabbit Dream Chaser Review: 4 Comparisons

Article by Renee Krusemark

Rabbit Dream Chaser ($160)


The Dream Chaser is Rabbit's first running shoe “inspired by the belief that all runners deserve the best technology.” The “best” includes sustainable fibers and foams with a patent-pending midfoot Carbon Trax technology. The shoe launched in the Boston colorway during the 2024 race weekend. Does the quality of the brand’s apparel transcend into its first running shoe? 


Quality, stylish, comfortable upper material: Renee

Doubles as a casual and easy-day run shoe: Renee

Excellent vibration dampening eTPU foam

Targeted at the ground midfoot support/stability from the Carbon Trax plate


Weight: Renee

Midfoot can feel rigid/inflexible due to carbon plates: Renee

Most comparable shoes

Saucony Ride 17 

Brooks Glycerin 21

ASICS Novablast 4

New Balance FuelCell Propel v4


Estimated Weight: men's 10.3 oz  / 292g (US9)  /  women's 9.31 oz/ 264g(US8)

  Samples: men’s  10.11oz / 286g US ,  oz / g US

                  women’s 9.31 oz/ 264g US8 

Stack Height: 32mm heel / 27mm forefoot

Platform Width: 95mm heel / 82mm midfoot / 110mm forefoot

$160 Available from Rabbit HERE

First Impressions, Fit and Upper

Renee: rabbit’s first running shoe is here, and it’s totally understandable to question if the new Dream Chaser is a legit running shoe. Is the shoe a casual shoe marketed as a runner? Or a legit running shoe that doubles as a casual shoe? Can it be the best of both worlds? The truth is in the middle. No surprise is the Dream Chaser is a pretty shoe in the Boston colorway. The knit upper features minimal layers of 100% recycled polyester. As rabbit states, the upper is as “comfortable as it is premium.” 

Like the brand’s apparel, the Dream Chaser has a tailored fit for each gender. I can’t compare my women’s Dream Chaser to the men’s version. Both versions of the shoe are stated to have a secure heel, snug midfoot, and spacious forefoot. For the women’s version, I found this to be the case. 

The high heel collar is not my favorite in any shoe, but the foot opening and heel are secure (i.e. relatively narrow), despite the shoe’s heavy weight. 

The midfoot hold is good. The lacing system doesn’t tighten super securely across the midfoot or forefoot, but the fit works well for the shoe’s easy-run focus. For speed work, I’d prefer a more secure fit, but I don’t think the shoe is meant for those types of paces. For strides, the shoe is just as fine as any other shoe in the same category.

The volume and width in the midfoot and forefoot are great. The upper material has stretch without being sloppy. 

For runner’s with bone spurs or bunions on the top of the foot or big toe, the fit will be good. 

RTR Editor Sam demonstrates bunion area stretch!

The heel has some padding to reduce slippage. The tongue is minimally padded and thin, but fits comfortably across the foot. I had no issues with upper comfort during testing, running between 9 and 20 milers in the Dream Chaser. All of my miles were in the early morning during cool temperatures (40-50℉). The upper allows some air to the forefoot, but it’s not super breathable. 

For sizing, I suggest true-to- size. For runner’s between half sizes, I suggest the longer for running purposes and the shorter if purchasing for casual use. 

Midsole & Platform

Renee: The Blumaka insole is 85% recycled ETPU (we love TPU insoles!). The insole is “contoured,” which to me refers to the high arch design. 

The midsole itself also features a ETPU foam along with  Carbon Trax technology (the two flat strips visible from the outsole). 

The brand states the foam is “lightweight,” “bouncy,” and “controlled.” The shoe is not lightweight. 

At 9.31 oz is a women’s size 8, the shoe is heavier than even most of my trail shoes. The shoe feels lighter underfoot than the actual weight, but it’s still heavy. More on all of that in the Ride section. 

Because of the high insole arch and the Carbon Trax strips, my foot wasn’t able to naturally flex during my 20-mile run. I had some irritation at around 2 hours into that run under my arch. For shorter runs, my shortest run with the shoes was 9 miles, I had no issues. 


Renee: The outsole features “slip-resistant” 15% recycled rubber. I didn’t test during wet conditions, but the outsole worked well on gravel. Aside from some color chipping off, the outsole looks great after 50 miles. I thought the exposed carbon fiber plates would crack over my gravel terrain/roads, but have had no issues as of yet. 

The mid section of the outsole is exposed midsole, but even that is holding up well after running gravel. While the carbon strips are visible from the outsole (and therefore sit well below the foot), they do affect the feel and ride of the shoe. More on that in the next section. 

Ride, Conclusions and Recommendations

Renee: The ride is smooth, and during my first run (9 easy miles with strides), I was surprised at how the shoes felt lighter than the actual weight. The midsole and carbon fiber rod technology were apparent. 

So, yes, it’s a pretty shoe that is great for casual wear, but it has some legit running qualities . . . with some limitations. I don’t find the ride bouncy or responsive, just smooth and protective. While running strides in the shoes felt fine, I won’t choose it for tempo or speed work. The Carbon Trax strips (visible from the outsole) give some control without being a “stability” shoe. 

That said, about 2 hours into my 20 mile run, I had some “hot spots” under my arches. The carbon fiber strips give control and stability, but at the cost of not allowing the natural flex of my arch. I’m guessing this might only be an issue for mid to forefoot strikers. For my shorter runs (less than 2 hours), I had no issues. 

I’d suggest the Dream Chaser as a shoe for easy runs and as a casual/walking shoe. The shoe is pretty and it’s comfortable overall for walking and easy/short(ish) runs. I’d love to see rabbit release other colorways, and they are coming . For strictly running purposes, I’d choose other options, but the style factor gives the Dream Chase an edge. 

Renee’s Score: 8.8/10 (-.60 heavy, -.30 limited to easy paces and short to mid distances, -.30 rigid under arch)

4 Comparisons

Index to all RTR reviews: HERE

Saucony Ride 17 (RTR Review)

Renee: The Ride 17 gained a bit of weight from the previous version along with a wider base. The Ride 17 is a lighter shoe than the Dream Chaser. In terms of stack height and platform width, the shoes are similar. The Ride 17 has the advantage in terms of running performance. For casual use or daily walking, I prefer the upper and underfoot feel of the Dream Chaser, which could be because of the lower drop. Sizing is comparable. 

Brooks Glycerin 21 (RTR Review)

Renee: For me, both shoes are better for daily comfort, casual use, or walking as compared to running. The Glycerin 21 is lighter in weight, although both shoes run about the same in terms of performance. The midsole of the Glycerin is much softer and plusher as compared to the firm midsole of the Dream Chase. Sizing is comparable. 

ASICS Novablast 4 (RTR Review)

Renee: If you want bouncy, go with the Novablast 4. The current Novablast gained some weight and a wider platform as compared to the previous version. The width and stack are comparable to the Dream Chaser. The Novablast 4 has a higher drop and more “fun” underfoot for running because of the bounce. The low drop and firmer midsole of the Dream Chase make it better for a casual shoe. Sizing is comparable. 

New Balance FuelCell Propel v4 (RTR Review)

Renee: The Propel v4 is a $110 shoe, so bonus points for its cost. The upper, as a $110 shoe, is clearly less stylish and less plush as compared to the Dream Chaser’s. The underfoot ride in both shoes is similar. Neither are lightweight shoes, although the Propel V4 is lighter. For running, I’d choose the Propel v4; for style, the Dream Chaser. Sizing is comparable. 

Rabbit Presents the Dream Chaser at their Boston Marathon Pop Up Shop

The Dream Chaser for men and women is available from Rabbit HERE

Tester Profile

Renee is a former U.S. Marine journalist, which is when her enjoyment of running and writing started. She isn’t that awesome of a runner, but she tries really hard. Most of her weekly 50-60 miles take place on rural country roads in Nebraska, meaning mud, gravel, dirt, hills, and the occasional field. She has PR’s of 1:30:59 for the half marathon and 3:26:45 for the marathon.

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