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Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 Ultralight Backpacking Tent 2024 Update - What has Changed?

Article by Markus Zinkl

Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 Tent ($654.00)


Durston Gear updated their vastly popular X-Mid 1 Pro tent for 2024. The Pro version was already an ultralight version of the normal X-Mid 1. Especially the now available DCF Floor version is now eveon more ultralight. So happy days for the ultralight hiking and fastpacking crowd. The 2024 X-Mid Pro 1 is now available in two versions. One with a 15D Sil/PEU nylon floor and one with a custom DCF floor. In this review I will compare the 2023 version with the 15D Sil/PEU nylon floor with the new 2024 DCF floor version. I used the 2023 version in most of my trips last year, including my thruhike of the Via Alpina in Switzerland. Both versions are still very similar, so for the detailed review of the 2023 tent see it here. You can find a full list of the changes below. Afterwards, we will get more into the details. The question is, do the changes improve the X-Mid 1 Pro or not? Let’s find out.

Changes overview

  • custom DCF floor

  • longer corner guylines

  • modified geometry

  • Thicker corner guylines

  • thinner zipper guylines

  • different tent stakes

  • big bigger pack size

  • a bit lighter

Tent Specs Comparison

First, let's get the specs out of the way.




0.55 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric (CT1E.08) in Spruce Green

0.55 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric (CT1E.08) in Spruce Green

15D Sil/PEU nylon (gray floor)

custom DCF (white)

YKK #3 AquaGuard water-resistant zippers (fly)

YKK #3 AquaGuard water-resistant zippers (fly)

YKK #3 zippers (inner tent)

YKK #3 zippers (inner tent)

Lighter: 2023 (left) and 2024 (right)





16.7 oz / 475 g (incl. stuff sack)

15.8 oz / 448g (incl. stuff sack)


16.9 oz / 482 g (incl. stuff sack)

15.9 oz / 452g (incl. stuff sack)





63 x 98 in / 160 x 250 cm

63 x 98 in / 160 x 250 cm

Fly area

43 sq ft / 4.0 sq m

43 sq ft / 4.0 sq m

Peak height

45 in / 114 cm

45 in / 114 cm

Floor width

32 in / 81 cm

32 in / 81 cm

Floor length

90 in / 230 cm

90 in / 230 cm

Floor area

20 sq ft / 1.9 sq m

20 sq ft / 1.9 sq m

Vestibule area

22 sq ft (10.8 sq ft x 2) / 2 sq m (1 sq m x 2)

22 sq ft (11 x 2) / 2 sq m (1 sq m x 2)

Packed size

12 x 4 in / 30 x 10 cm

10 x 4.5 in / 25 x 12 cm



2024 (woven floor)

2024 (DCF floor)

without stakes




with stakes





The Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 has been a staple in the ultralight tent market. With the release of the 2024 version, there have been several notable changes compared to its 2023 predecessor.

The most significant change in the 2024 version is the introduction of a DCF floor. This new floor material is not just any DCF, but a new version that uses a thicker outer layer only on the underside, where it’s needed most, and a regular thickness on the top side. This design offers similar durability to more common 1.0oz DCF floors while being lighter and packing smaller.

The durability of the 15D woven floor used in the 2023 version, and the 2024 DCF floor is similar. The DCF floor has an advantage in resisting tears, while the woven floor is more resistant to abrasion. As such, the decision on which floor to choose mostly comes down to cost and weight. The DCF floors come at a higher cost but enable an extra weight savings of about 2 oz / 60g.

Despite the higher cost, the new DCF floor is considered more attractive because it is lighter and actually saves weight compared to a woven floor while also avoiding a big increase in packed size. 

This makes the 2024 version of the Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 tent a better overall option for those prioritizing weight savings and packability.

The 2024 version also features longer corner guylines, allowing for a higher pitch. I was able to set my pole height to around 125 cm instead of 120 cm in the 2023 version. This change is complemented by a modified geometry to accommodate the higher pitch. 

2023 (bottom) and 2024 (top)

The section from the fly to the beginning of the door has been shortened a bit (63 vs. 58 cm). This results in a bit shorter storage pocket as well (30 vs. 35 cm).

2023 (left) and 2024 (right)

Also the inside guyline connecting the floor with the tent corner is now longer to accommodate the higher pitch.

2023 (left) and 2024 (right)

The corner guylines now are also come thicker and with different line-loc hardware. This change may seem minor, but is actually a major improvement. In the 2023 version, it was very hard to pull the guylines tight. It sometimes got kind of stuck in the line-locs. This was a pain, especially with cold fingers.

2023 (left) and 2024 (right)

The zipper pulls are now a bit thinner than in the 2023 version. It is nothing major but another small area to save some weight, without sacrificing functionality. 

2023 (left) and 2024 (right)

Another noteworthy change are  the tent stakes. 

The 2024 version now uses higher quality aluminum stakes from DAC that are longer, providing better stability with minimal added weight.

Due to the new DCF floor, the 2024 DCF version is a bit lighter than its predecessor. However, it is slightly bigger when packed down, which might be a consideration for those with limited pack space.


In conclusion, the Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 remains a great tent in both its 2023 and 2024 versions. While the 2024 version is a better overall tent due to its improvements, if you already have the 2023 version the upgrade might not be worth it. Noteworthy to mention is also that the 2024 woven version actually decreased in price by $50, which is great to see. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual needs and preferences. 

2023 Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 Review

Available for Preorder at Durston here: Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 1 Tent 

The products that are the basis of this test were provided to us free of charge by Durston Gear. The opinions presented are our own.

We welcome comments and questions in the comments section.

Tester Profile

Markus Zinkl: I’m 34 years old and live in a small village in Bavaria, Germany. I started hiking and backpacking 5-6 years ago. Coming from trail running and with light and fast in mind, I started hiking and fast packing with ultralight gear. Over the years I tried and tested a lot of gear, always in search of weight savings. Although still trying to stay out of the ultralight rabbit hole. I spend most of my days off from work on the trail, with at least one 2-3 week thru-hike. Among the more well known trails I have hiked over the last few years are the GR221, WHR (Walker’s Haute Route), TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc), TC (Tour du Cervin-Matterhorn) and Via Alpina Switzerland. As you probably notice by now, I’m at home in the mountains. So if I’m not running or thru-hiking a longer trail, I’m probably somewhere in the Alps checking out some shorter trails.


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