Sunday, July 26, 2020

INOV-8 Terraultra G 270 Multi Tester Initial Video Review: A Light Weight, Any Terrain, Comfortable & Protective Marvel

Inov-8 Terraultra G270 ($160)

Sam on the granite mountains and forest single tracks of New Hampshire, Renee on Nebraska dirt, and Don in the Rockies of Colorado share first impressions and all the details for the Terraultra G270 which for all of us so far is one of the very best trail shoes of 2020 and for some ever..
Light at 9.1 oz / 257g US9 this zero drop shoe has a superb fitting, most secure and roomy upper and a protective, lively and forgiving ride from its TPU blend midsole with incredible Graphene Grip from its outsole. It dramatically improves over the G260 in all respects: upper, cushion, ride, and outsole.
Everything comes together here for just about any terrain from super rugged granite to smoother trails taken fast. Full multi tester review soon!


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Anonymous said...

Pretty low stack, is there a rock plate?

Sam Winebaum said...

@jeff J
No rock plate trading flex and agility for more protection than the outsole does provide a decent amount of.
Sam, Editor

fernand said...

This shoe's cushioning is definitely the best I've ever experience in a trail shoe. It's extremely responsive. The traction is amazing too, I especially how well it works on gravel compared to other shoes. Having TPU pellets in the insole is also a great idea, since most shoes lose their initial "soft" feel as soon as the insole gets compressed.

The toe box is unfortunately not that large. The widest insole forefoot width is exactly the same than the Hoka Torrent 2, but the upper does not have as much give as most other shoes because of the harder striped overlays. My pinkie and fourth toes started to rub uncomfortably after half a mile. I'll probably have to return them. Keep that in mind if your forefoot is more square-like.

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Fernand,
Thanks for your feedback. An amazing midsole for a trail shoe that's for sure. While I agree that the upper up front doesn't have as much give as say a Torrent the materials and overlays are soft enough and this is a relatively broad toe box compared to many. I can see how a square shaped foot might have an issue with pinkie toe. I had a touch of rubbing there no blisters after a very arduous day on often steep rock and attribute that to the flexibility up front more than width.
Sam, Editor

Lightning said...

Fernand, did you size up? Inov-8's size chart converts differently than most. For example, in my adidas, I wear US 11.5, which is Euro 46. Inov-8's US 11.5 is only Euro 45. My last Inov-8 fit well when I went up a full size (maybe a half size would have worked too, but I found it was what was available at deep discount when my LRS had a closeout).

The Stoat said...

Keep in mind that inov8 list the thickness of the midsole alone at 12mm, but the total stack is more than this as they typically use a fairly thick foot bed and there is there the outsole thickness as well.

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks the Stoat. I note in the video an estimate of about 21mm total
Sam, Editor

Curt said...

Would someone be able to try this with a different insole for comparison? I expect I'd like it to be a tiny bit firmer in feel and more like the 260.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Curt,
One of us will try but reluctantly as the combination of midsole and insole gives a fantastic ride which is far more dynamic and forgiving than 260's was.
Sam, Editor

Unknown said...

It seems it is a great shoe! I currently use speedgoat 3, differences and similarities?

Sam Winebaum said...

Terra is far lighter, more flexible, has a superior upper for all but highly technical, roomy toe box, much more dynamic cushion but less stack of it . Considerably more agile. SG=tank, Terra= well behaved sports car. Zero drop vs 5 for SG. A closer compare is to lighter more flexible EVO SG.

Curt said...

Thanks Sam! Much appreciated.

Johnny said...

My current favorite trail shoe is the Hoka Torrent. I wear a 9:5 in the Torrent, and wonder if it’s safe to assume a 9.5 in the Terraultra will work for me? I appreciate the review!

Kyle said...

I have the G260 and 260a half size larger than my Clifton 6s if that helps. I had to return my first pair of G260s to size up. I'll be ordering these soon as I love the 260s and just climbed a fourteener in them yesterday!

Anonymous said...

How does sizing compare between altras and 270s? I had read that the 270s were more true to size than the 260s. I already have one pair of inov 8 trail shoes that I had to give to my husband because they were too small. Looking to avoid that a second time.

Don Reichelt said...

I find more often than not I’m a half size bigger in Inov8 than I am in Altra. I’m a 12 across the board in Altra except for the Timp2, and am a 12.5 in all Inov8’s I’ve run in. Sizing felt similar between 260 and 270

Unknown said...

Thank you this helps. I am a men's 9.5 in Altra escalates so may go with 10s.