Sunday, July 05, 2020

adidas adizero Pro vs. ASICS Metaracer Video Comparison Review: Very Different Race Flats 2.0!

Article by Sam Winebaum

ASICS Metaracer ($200) vs. adidas adizero Pro ($180)

In the video I compare these two state of the art race "flats" and conclude they are very different in ride, fit, and potential uses. 

The adizero Pro weighs approximately 8.2 oz / 232g in a US9 while the Metaracer weighs just under 7 oz / 200g. The Pro has a 10mm drop while the Meta has a 9mm drop.

Our full multi tester review of the Metaracer is here
Nils Scharff's RTR review of the adizero Pro is here with full multi tester review to follow soon.

A/B TEST & REVIEW (7:00)
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Anonymous said...

Great breakdown as always Sam. If you had to choose a shoe for the half;speed elite, adizero pro or the metaracer?

Also, side note could the RTR team discuss further as to why alot of shoe reviewers/runners feel that the lower stacked shoes are no longer meant for marathons yet the Adios series shoes are still highly regarded as a marathon shoe yet no one is saying it's not meant for a full marathon anymore. Would be interesting to hear your team's thoughts of the change in dynamics of the marathon shoe "culture" that's saying 30mm plus is strictly marathon & anything below is not. Again, great info provided by you & the RTR team as always. I'm looking forward to more upcoming show reviews for the summer/fall from the team.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for kind words! Of course depends on goal times but for mine around 1:38 my choice would be Metaracer of the three. As far as any lower stack shoe for marathons and for many the half their time has clearly passed. The higher stack very light racers clearly keep legs fresher longer leading to better performances and quicker recoveries. Sam, Editor