Friday, July 03, 2020

Saucony Triumph 18 Initial Video Review. Comparisons to Triumph 17, Endorphin Shift, and Ride 13

Article by Sam Winebaum

Saucony Triumph 18 ($150)

After runs in Utah and coastal New Hampshire, including an A/B run with the Triumph 17, RTR Editor Sam tests and reviews the Saucony Triumph 18 (releasing August 2020, $150) in the video below. 

Triumph 18 is a max cushion, plush road running trainer with a redesigned upper, the T17's PWRUN+ midsole in a new geometry and a new all rubber (no crystal rubber) outsole. 
Weight increases to approximately 11.1 oz / 315g from about 10.8 oz for its predecessors with a 32.5mm heel / 24.5mm heel stack and 8mm drop.
In the video, Sam closely compares T18 to its predecessor the Triumph 17 in an A/B test as well as to the other most current Saucony neutral trainers Ride 13 (RTR Review) and Endorphin Shift (RTR Review), both of which we also have initial reviews on YT for.
Full multi tester review soon.


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Anonymous said...

The big question - is the upper more breathable in this version than the 17 or is it still on the hot side. Thanks :)

Mark said...

Thanks Sam for the very informative review! Been doing most of my mileage in the Triumph 17 which I absolutely love. Will be buying the 18 as soon as it’s available. Just purchased the Shift, but haven’t had the opportunity to run in them yet. I’m excited about the 18 having possible a little more cushioning and a little less plush upper. Once again, thanks for the best reviews online. Do you have links to the different running shoe websites where part of the purchase price goes to support your channel? I buy a lot of shoes and would like to help out.

Francesco said...

Any Idea why basically the 17 has lasted only for 6 month? Normally new Triumph are expected to be released on Winter.

Sam Winebaum said...

Upper about the same maybe a touch better breathability as 17 both having a bootie tongue which makes things warm for me in most any shoe

Saucony told us the sped up update was so the Triumph updates will now better coincide with retailers main buying seasons.

Thanks so much! Enjoy. Any of the links above just below the reviews (Running Warehouse, REI, RoadRunnerSports and on the side bars help support RTR and purchasing that way for sure helps support RTR and are much appreciated. Also please contact me via the right side contact form for something more.

Josh Holmes said...

Hey Sam, great review. I always enjoy everything you and the RTR team put out. Awesome stuff. I have a question: is the Triumph 18 a big upgrade over the 17 or if I stick with the 17 am getting pretty much the same shoe (big discounts on the 17 right now). I like the 17 and would probably grab another pair unless the 18 is a real upgrade. Thanks, Josh

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks Josh! If you have no issues with 17 and can get a good discount you can stick with it not a huge upgrade. More cushion, a bit more weight, improved upper, a bit smoother and more stable

Marcel said...

@Sam: I tried the 17&18 a couple of days ago. For my wide forefoot, the T17 felt much more comfortable, meaning that the toebox felt significantly wider. is this just my personal impression or did Saucony changed the fit?

As far as breathebility is concerned, i did not recognize a big difference. if i had to choose, i would even go with the T17, which did not heat up that much as the T18, but this can also be a subjective impression as "on paper" the upper of the T18 should have been improved according to the stats...?

Anonymous said...

About the outsole material, is it the same of the last Ride? 'cause I'm a very heavy supinator so the outsole of my Ride 13 (like the outsole of my last Glycerin 17) was flattened just after 30-40 km. I've noticed that the actual outsole of Ride and glycerin is something like blown rubber, like a very abrasive material. Thanks