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FlipMits Convertible Handwear Review: 3 Way All Seasons Hand Protection

Article by Sam Winebaum

FlipMits ($29.99)

FlipMits are an ingenious three way hand protection system convertible between fingerless glove, mitten, and wrist sweatband.

They are designed to be worn for summer cooling and protection, some winter warmth and as a wrist sweatband, say at the gym. 

I tested them during a 5 day trek across Tuscany in both heat and sustained downpours one day.

I had 2 pairs and used each for about 35 miles of trekking while holding poles. We always wear fingerless gloves while trekking as the top of the hand is continuously exposed to the sun and burns first and for some protection from gripping poles although with my cork handle Komperdell poles that was a less important use. 

I also like to wear fingerless gloves trail and road running for the sun (and pole) protection and to take the edge of any falls. FlipMits are ideal for those uses as well.

Flip Mits are made in the USA of a bamboo based light and soft and stretchy fleece like material more specifically 300 GSM Organic Bamboo Fleece2-Way stretch 66% Bamboo rayon 28% Cotton 6% Spandex. The materials are naturally anti-bacterial and anti microbial and even after staying damp for 2 days after getting soaked in rain and attempting to drying in damp conditions they smelled decent.

I also found them to be highly moisture absorbent, as advertised, and there were pluses and minuses to that. In heat, any moisture has a clear cooling effect on the hand and if saturated they in no way get clammy or unpleasant to wear

During rain, they absorb a lot of moisture and if fully wet or washed dry slowly. This actually was not an issue in use as the damp Flipmit was pleasingly cooling so I can well see soaking them in high heat for that cooling effect. 

I have not yet tested them in the cold but with the mitt mode I can well see using them or winter running as they should be plenty warm enough for most runs with that additional all fingers protection a bonus when the wind picks up. 

In mitt mode you can tuck all fingers in by bringing the thumb in or leave it exposed to hold a pole. 

I was concerned about wear of the soft mostly bamboo fabric while holding poles for 6-7 hours per day. There is some light fuzzy wear after 20 hours or so holding poles but not as much as I expected and at this point cosmetic.  

I would like to see Flipmits add something like silicone dots in the palm area and just below the top hem and through the thumb strip for additional durability. 


Flipmits are an excellent multi purpose item of kit for runners, hikers and the gym as they provide hand protection in summer heat and winter cold that is adaptable and always pleasant to wear.. 

FlipMits are available direct from FlipMits HERE

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