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Skechers GoRun 2023 Previews & Analysis: GOrun Speed Beast, GOrun Ride 11, GOrun Max Road 6

 Article by RTR Team

Skechers presented three first half of 2023 models at the recent The Running Event: 

GOrun Speed Beast a max cushion trainer to racer focused on marathoners in the 2:50 to 3:30 range, GOrun Ride 11 a daily trainer of more “moderate” cushion stack and the GOrun Max Road 6 their max cushion daily trainer.

In what we are calling Skechers 3.0, they feature new midsole foams and new construction including dual density Hyper Burst Ice for the 2 trainers and an all new TPU based supercritical foam for the Beast, differing carbon infused H plate propulsion based on shoe focus and new GoodYear outsole designs. All share Arch Fit anatomical and podiatry approved insoles and Hyper Arc geometry. 

Skechers GOrun Speed Beast ($250, potentially less at release)

The Beast features a brand new Hyper Burst Pro 100% TPU supercritical foam.  As one can see in the detail of the picture above it is a supercritical expanded pellets type processing. Hyperburst 1.0 of recent years (and the new Hyperburst Ice dual density in the Ride 11 and Max Road 6) have been based on expanding dense “baby” forms of the entire midsole shape via supercritical processing with CO2.  

Unlike the other two models here Beast includes the more aggressive stiffer geometry H-plate (top plate in the picture above) as seen in shoes such as Razor Excess 2, Speed Elite and other more elite models from Skechers.  The Ride 11 and Max Road 6 include the more training focused and not as stiff H-Plate shown at the bottom of the picture above.

With a weight of 9.0oz/255g (Men’s US9 sample weighed at TRE) for the women’s 6.8oz/193g (US7) it is very decently light, but not incredibly so even for its big 36mm – 40mm stack height.  

This in part is due to the decision to include a very substantial for the category GoodYear outsole for long term durability and training utility which should assist with stability in the later miles of a marathon for those in the 2:50-3:30 range and for more heel striking runners in general. Today's soft energetic foams and the moderate 6 mm drop here have me thinking this extensive rubber arrangement is a smart idea and I foresee less of that bottoming out or low heel sensation such shoes have at slower paces and back at the heel.

Instead of with heat applied dye sublimation printing as is typical, the mono mesh polyester upper is colored with a print dye process (also used in the Razor 4)  which uses almost no water and no heat for improved sustainability and with less heat caused stiffness “baked” into the upper.  The sockiner is a 4 mm Hyperburst Arch Fit with the others here having a 6mm version

We see the Beast as a practical and versatile uptempo oriented trainer and a solid racer for the mid pack seeking a light enough stable and energetic ride to the finish. We hope, as indicated by Skechers as a possiblity that the $250 current pricing might get closer to $200 at release.

Available February 2023

Skechers GOrun Ride 11 ($120)

The Ride is Skechers' more classic geometry (non rockered) highly cushioned daily trainer.  For version 11 it moves up in stack about 3-4 mm all around  to 32mm – 38mm.  The sample men’s US9 we weighed came in at 8.6 oz / 244g. The women’s US7 spec weight is 7.6 oz/215g.

The Ride 11 gets an all Hyperburst Ice supercritical foam, dual density midsole construction with the training focused H Plate shown below at the bottom of the picture.

What is Hyperburst Ice? Well you see a greenish tinge through the midsole in the picture above. Hyperburst Ice is made up of an outer carrier of Hyperburst 1.0 (the firmer variety as in the Razors)  with a softer, more plush inner core of the new Hyperburst 2.0 which is a light greenish sea foam in color with the outer firmer Hypeburst 1.0 helping provide stability to the softer inner foam.  

Both Hyperburst foams used here, and in the Max Road 6 below, are created by expanding a miniature hard baby EVA form of the midsole (top blue above) with the CO2 based supercritical processing then applying some compression with the final result shown center above.

The outsole is GoodYear rubber, of course, in an aggressive pattern which should allow some light off road and dirt road use and plenty of durability.

While the Ride gains a touch of weight  (RTR Review of the Ride 10)  it also gains in stack height and rubber coverage.  At $120 for a full dual density supercritical foam high stack daily trainer with great outsole coverage and sub 9 oz weight it is a very solid value and should prove versatile. We hope the new foam construction and design improve transitions and dull forefoot feel as these were weaker points of the 9 although they did improve in the 10.

Available May 2023

Skechers GOrun Max Road 6 ($140)

Take the Ride 11 add 3 mm of stack height to 35mm – 41mm with a more aggressive rocker and with the same Hyperburst Ice supercritical foam construction, H Plate, Hyper Arc and 6mm Hyperburst Arch Fit sockliner and you get the Max Road 6.  And for that matter we also get 3 mm more stack height here compared to the prior Max Road 5 (RTR Review).

While unfortunately we did not get a picture of the outsole, the quite widely spaced podular pillars of foam topped with rubber of the prior Max Roads are replaced with a GoodYear outsole similar to the Ride11’s. This should improve the stability of what was a super fun bouncy house ride but for some a shaky one as in addition to the pillars and previously in the Max Road 5,  the entire midsole was the softer flavor of Hyperburst. Adding the firmer outer carrier of Hyperburst 1.0 to the plush softer inner new Hyperburst 2.0 should help keep the ride more stable.  We hope some of the fun stays in the mix!

As with the Ride 11 the Max Road 6 is an excellent value at $145 for a max cushion supercritical foam trainer. Expected May 2023.

Watch as Skechers presents GOrun Speed Beast , GOrun Ride 11, GOrun Max Road 6

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam. Looking forward to your comparison of Hyperburst Pro to the original flavors. I am wondering if it feels softer and more energetic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great year of reviews from you and your crew, Sam! This is somewhat off topic, but I’m wondering if there’s an easy way for viewers to translate the reviews that aren’t in English. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your helpful and thorough reviews—they’re among the very best!

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks for the kind words Anonymous about our efforts.
I use Deepl to translate. The free version will require you to do the translation in chunks but I find it quite good in most languages.
Sam, Editor