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Deckers Lab KO-Z MULE Review: There is a Rocker to My Mule!

Article by Dominique Winebaum 

Deckers Labs KO-Z MULE ($130)

The KO-Z Mule and its KO-Z sibllings are trendy looking footwear fit for house bound hipsters, athletes in recovery mode, when the seal of approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) matters, and for all kind of folks looking for elevated comfort and support when it comes to their feet.  All KO-Z Sandals models have the APMA Seal of Acceptance. 


With each pair of Deckers Lab footwear, it’s been “oh goodie” for the high-end approach to comfort and support, Lab-oriented production, hybrid and trendy designs, and the novel performance worthy platforms of the brand.  

The X-Scape NBK Low (RTR Review) was my first introduction, in skyway-cashmera blue color. 

This was followed  by the KO-Z Sport Low Wedge  (RTR Review), in green tea-chalk violet, and now the KO-Z Mule, in black.  


Whether you are looking for a subdued or more dramatic look, there is a wide palette of colors, from white/grays, pastels, all black, to vibrant multi-colors, to choose from.  


I am wearing my KO-Z Mule indoors though they are designed with a durable outsole for walking outside.  The KO-Z Mule is a slipper without a heel strap – a mule – but is designed with the comfort and support of a HOKA and the cozy feel of a UGG.  Deckers Lab is an offshoot of the Deckers Brands, which owns HOKA, Teva, and UGG.  

The construction of the upper, which is made of a combination of Twinface Sheepskin and suede leather, feels luxurious and cozy as I slide my bare feet into my KO-Z mule.  

A  slit on the upper right side which is held by two wooden toggles allows for some stretch when needed.  The wooden toggles add a nice decorative touch along with the top stitching and outer seam in the top middle upper.  Inside all that wooly coziness, the fooldhold is nicely secured.  

The big upshot of the KO-Z Mule is that the foot is cushioned in a footbed made of five layers of foam on top of a next-to-skin layer made of 5mm of looped wool.  

So many layers of foams, with the softest memory foam closest to the foot, provide an amazing level of comfort, support, and stability.  What’s more there is a rocker in the midfoot jazzing up each step and an extended squaretail rear for a smooth landing of the heel.  

In comparison to my Birkenstock which I like to wear around the house, the KO-Z mule’s appeal stems from its double duty as a sport recovery shoe because of its construction with five layers of foam stacked on a wide footbed.  I would consider the KO-Z Mule as top of line “house shoes” especially if you are looking for indoor footwear that doubles as a recovery shoe.  They look extremely cozy and comfortable - though not dainty - and they feel just as cozy and comfortable wearing them.

All that technology built in a mule is intended to energize your steps and protect your feet -- this could be a game changer if you are tired of dragging your feet in your pantoufles.  

If you choose to wear your KO-Z Mule outside, the outsole is made with a durable, yet ultra lightweight sponge rubber with grip, for safe walking when venturing outside.  

The KO-Z Mule has the following underfoot geometry: 126-95-100, which is quite wide and bulky.  In addition the midsole stack height is 17mm at the front and 25mm in the heel -- the mule has an 8mm drop.  Maximalist cushion footwear par excellence.  

The materials have thermoregulating properties, such as the sheepskin, so your feet stay warm and dry.  

Yet, if you are looking for the same cushiony, wooly plush, energetic, protective, and super comfortable experience in a sandal/flip flop, check the KO-Z EVRST (above) and KO-Z SLIDE(below) in the KO-Z Sandals Collection.  

Both models - Slide and Flip Flop - are available with a next-to-skin layer of looped wool; either the whole under foot or just the arch. 

There are many models in the KO-Z Sandals Collection including the GLDTR above, so take the time to review all the options/differences to find out what might best fit your needs.  Some of them are more suited for outside activities than others.  

My preference would be the KO-Z Slide in Pastel Yellow - Purple, as I could wear it year round.  

At $130, the KO-Z Mule - and other KO-Z Sandals (some are $120) - are a bit of an investment, but well worth it.  Comfort, support, style, performance, and a recovery platform, all in a mule! 

For a more equitable world, Deckers Lab partners with HERproject, as was the case with this product, which helps to empower and to educate women in the workplace. 

KO-Z Mule, Sandals, and all Deckers Lab footwear are available from the Lab HERE

And from Running Warehouse HERE

Tested samples were provided at no charge for review purposes. No other compensation was received by RTR or the authors for this review from Deckers Lab .The opinions herein are entirely the authors'.
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