Thursday, January 14, 2021

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Fk Initial Video Reviews

 Videos by Sam Winebaum and Jeff Beck

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Fk ($180)

Update: Read our full multi tester review with 12 comparisons HERE

RTR Editor Sam and RTR Contributor Jeff Beck take the new Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Fk for first runs and shares what they discovered, all the details and comparisons. It has an all ZoomX midsole, weighs about 9.8 oz in a US9 and has a big 36.6mm heel, 27.6mm forefoot, so a soft and springy max cushion option from Nike with 4mm more stack height than the React based Infinity Run. Releases Jan Globally. North America retail dates are - 2.11 Member Launch, 2.18 Full Marketplace. . $180. Full Multi Tester Review soon at

Sam's Initial Review (7:53)

Jeff's Initial Review (6:05)

Products reviewed were provided at no charge for testing. The opinions herein are the authors'

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Erik said...

How is it regarding midfoot? Will it be possible to run in if you are flat feeted? Most nike shoes are too narrow for me there.

Gene said...

How do you distinguish between "bounce" and "spring"? Is it a matter of degree?


Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Gene,
Bounce for me is analogous to a rubber ball while spring is more decisive quicker in feel but can be in a midsole that is equally as soft. Generally bouncy midsoles have actual... rubber (Hoka Mach and other Hoka'srubberized foam) or rubber like in reaction material in them such as TPU (Boost, PWRUN+, etc...) Springy midsole for me include Hyperburst and ZoomX.
Sam, Editor
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Isralva80 said...

Cuando se pondrán a la venta??

Gene said...

Thanks that's helpful, as you use those terms quite often in your reviews.


Sam Winebaum said...

Isralva80 ,
We are hearing global release Jan 18, 2021

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that great review! I also have a somewhat Wide Foot and am Flat Footed. Was wondering if you think the ZoomX Invincible is wide enough in the forefoot to accommodate a foot like mine? Especially since the outsole is so wide, is the upper just as accommodating?

Anonymous said...

Sam, any idea if there is an update planned for the Sonic 3 Balance in 2021?

Jules said...

Whenever Sam has to dub the audio this springs to mind...

Great review - def on the list for when my Triumph 18s run out of gas in a month or so...


Isralva80 said...

Graciassss, a ver si se cumple el pronóstico!

Unknown said...

Looks like the perfect combo of an over-built comfy ACSICS upper combined with the best foam on the market, Nike ZoomX. I'm all in on a couple pair for 2021 recovery and long easy run shoes!