Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Jeff Beck Video Comparison Review: 8 Early 2021 Big Cushion Road Running Trainers from ASICS, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike, Saucony

Video by Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck compares eight early 2021 big cushion daily trainers in his video review below. The contenders are:

Saucony Triumph 18 ($150) 12 oz 24mm/32mm, 8mm drop (RTR Review)

Saucony Endorphin Shift ($140) 31mm/35mm, 4mm drop (RTR Review)

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Fk ($180) 27.6mm/36.6mm, 9mm drop (RTR Review)

Nike React Infinity Run Fk 1 ($160) 10.6 oz 24mm/33mm, 9mm drop (RTR Review)

Mizuno Wave Sky Neo ($NA) 12.8 oz stack height unavailable (RTR Review)

Brooks Glycerin 19 ($150) 10.7 oz stack height unavailable (RTR Review)

ASICS Gel Nimbus 23 ($150) 12 oz 21mm/31mm, 10mm drop (RTR Review)

adidas Ultraboost 21 ($180) 14 oz 20.5mm/30.5mm, 10mm drop (RTR Video Review)


Jeff is the token slow runner of the RTR lineup as such his viewpoints on shoe and gear can differ from those who routinely finish marathons in three hours or less. Jeff runs 40 miles per week, both roads and desert trails in Phoenix, Arizona. He has a PR's of 4:07 marathon and 5K at 23:39. In December 2019 he raced his first 50 mile trail ultra. 

Most samples were provided at no charge for review purposes. No other compensation was received for this article .The opinions herein are entirely the author's.

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Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

I would definitely look into Saucony Endorphin Shift for my next LSD runner simply because it is the cheapest one with good review.

terry said...

those on glycerin 19 vs invincible. with 10% coupon on the brooks which makes it $135 (brooks) vs $180 (invincible). Is it still worth it to go for the invincible?

My favorite shoe has been the 1080v10. I am needing to replace it as its close to 370 miles and worn. In your video you mention the brooks makes the 1080 obsolete.

terry said...

and than you so much for the comparison video. Its very informative

Jeff said...

Hi Terry,

At $30 difference I could see the value in in the G19, and at $45 difference it's even easier to see - but it's hard to make a money call for someone else. I know some folks who wouldn't think twice, to them $135/180 is the same number and anytime they want they can spend it while would need to cut back on their food budget to make up the difference.

The Glycerin doesn't have the over-the-top bounce that the Invincible has, but I'm not 100% that much bounce is ideal for an every day trainer. Invincible is more fun, its bounce really is unparalleled, but the G19 is a more traditional ride. If you want an incredible, but fairly normal, big mileage daily trainer, the Glycerin fills that role. If you want the bounciest shoe around, the Invincible fills that role.

If I were you? Use the coupon when the Glycerin launches next week. It'll fill the role of your 1080v10 and at some point in the next 6 months, check out the Invincible. I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon, but there will be sales and discounts long before the Invincible 2 debuts.

And you are very welcome. We're always happy to talk running shoes around here.

terry said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff!

Been checking your reviews as your closest reviewer to my profile! Thanks for your hard work - super appreciated at this end :-)

From your reviews, I 'deduced' the best shoes for a heavier runner [i'm actually like 240LBS], are the Invincible, Glycerin, Shift, Wave Sky Neo and Triumph... Dunno if I got the order right? Wanted to ask... assuming all the same price [as Neo is reduced in Europe], what you reckon for some one packing a few extra pounds - slightly wide midfoot - not 2E, but wider than average... [slight supinator, flatter arches, midfoot landing but need the heel protection for down hill's]. I'm really enjoying the mid / forefoot of the Clifton 7 but theres no heel protection for down hills.

Many thanks! Really appreciate it :-)