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Odlo Run Easy Thermic Jacket and Run Easy Warm Pants Review

Article by Jeff Valliere

Odlo Run Easy S-Thermic Jacket

Size S - XL


Introduction, Fit and Style:  

Do not let the “Run Easy” name fool you, as the run easy line is exceptionally versatile, spanning a wide range of use from running easy of course, to hard running, to casual day to day use.

I am 5'10' and 145 lbs and the size medium fits me just right, though has a somewhat athletic fit (not overly snug, but for sure not baggy, so keep in mind for layering).  For running with just a single baselayer, I find the fit to be ideal, but for more casual use, the S Thermic feels just a touch snug.  I debated if a large would be more appropriate, but am certain the sleeves and hem length would be too long.  I think if I just backed off the ice cream and donuts though, that would help a good bit, dad bods beware!

Colors come in both black and dark green.  I was hoping I would receive a black for review, but ended up receiving the green color.  Turns out, I am very pleased with the green and find it to be a nice break from all of the other black hoodies that I own.  It is very classy and stylish in my opinion.


I am a huge fan of hooded mid layers and I have a bunch from various brands, but the Odlo Run Easy S Thermic is by far the best of the bunch. It is incredibly versatile and warm, providing cozy, yet breathable comfort through a wide range of temperatures. With just an Odlo wool base layer, I find the Run Easy S Thermic to provide adequate warmth in temperatures from the mid to lower 20's when exercising (running in my case), all the way on up into the 60s for lower intensity activities such as walking, hiking or casual wear. Quality and attention to detail are unparalleled, with it's perfect fitting hood with cinch and visor, zippered hand pockets, cinch adjustable hem, thermoregulated design with varied materials, reflective details, back venting and light, thin but effective strategically placed insulation. As I mentioned above, don't let the "Run Easy" name fool you, as I have pushed hard efforts running mountains in a variety of temperatures and it performs remarkably well at any effort or intensity. 


I find the S Thermic jacket to be the best in its category I have owned for its versatility, style, comfort, quality construction, warmth, weight, fit and attention to detail.  I use this as a stand alone outer layer for the most part for running on dry days, but also as a mid layer for cold days mountaineering, hiking, running or snowshoeing, either under a storm shell or down jacket. When not using for outdoor activities, I also love wearing this jacket for day to day casual wear around the house or around town.  I am just as comfortable exercising in this jacket as I am wearing it around town.

Odlo Run Easy Warm Pants

Size: S - XXL


Introduction, Fit and Style:  

The Run Easy Warm Pants, like the S Thermic Jacket are all about versatility, as much at home out running as they are lounging around the house.

Fit is somewhere between tights and baggy pants, which for me is ideal, as I don’t really care for running in overly baggy pants, but tights are often impractical for anything other than high performance activity.  My waist is 32-33 generally and inseam is 34” and the size large fit me well in the waist and length.

Style is what one would expect for a pair of running pants, but for running pants look particularly nice.  The green, while I really like in the jacket, takes a bit of getting used to for pants and if given the choice, would go with black.


The Run Easy Pants perform very well for running any speed, casual or fast and allow for very good freedom of movement.  Temperature range is good, being comfortable when running in temps down to the mid to lower 20’s, walking in the 30’s and up.  Breathability is very good, but on really cold and windy days they can feel a little airy.  The waist has a drawstring and they also feature two traditional hand pockets which are especially handy for carrying a phone, wallet or keys with minimal bounce (though mainly good for casual use and not necessarily ideal for filling up while on the run).  In a perfect world, I would prefer zippered pockets to add to the versatility and security of contents, but that could take away from more casual comfort.


While I really enjoy the quality, performance and fit for running, I actually do not run in them often, but instead wear them around the house on cold snowy days when working from home or lounging in the evening.  For day use, they are so soft and easily as comfortable as pajamas, but I don’t feel the sense of lazy guilt that I might if I were to wear my pajamas all day. I would also never run the kids to school or run errands in my pajamas, but have no reservations doing anything in the Run Easy Pants. These have for sure become one of my favorite pairs of pants!

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