Monday, June 29, 2020

The Road Trail Run Team's Best 2020 Run Shoes and Gear, So Far! Part I

Video by Sally Reiley, Joost de Raeymaeker, Derek Li, Jacob Brady, Ryan Eiler, Hope Wilkes, Don Reichelt, Michael Ellenberger and Sam Winebaum

In the recorded Zoom members of our worldwide test team share their run favorites of 2020,  so far!  The entire team has tested over 100 shoes in 2020 with more coming soon. They also share how they have maintained their running motivation and race sharpness during these trying times.

The team, and others not able to join the video today, have tested and reviewed over 100 different shoes this year including the latest (and to come)  from adidas, ASICS, Atreyu, Brooks, Hoka, Merrell, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Salming, Saucony, Salomon, Skechers and more. Apparel covered includes Tracksmith and Odlo.

The participants in today’s video (with a second to follow) include two World Marathon Majors age group podiums (including a 2x winner), an accomplished road and trail ultra champion, a 1:07 half runner, runners with Boston qualifiers and those seeking one, along with dedicated long time runners of all ages and paces.

Today’s participants (with time stamp links for their takes) include Sally Reiley 1:30, Joost de Raeymaeker 4:07, Derek Li 8:49Don Reichelt 11:45Jacob Brady 15:30, Ryan Eiler 19:55 , Hope Wilkes 21:37 Michael Ellenberger 23:40 and Sam Winebaum 26:11


To read our reviews (most multi tester) please visit our site's review index page here:

A full article based on a poll of the best training and racing shoes of 2020 so far to follow!

Read reviewers' full run bios here
The product reviewed was a provided at no charge. The opinions herein are the authors'.
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Anonymous said...

will there be a written transcription or written summary of this video?
i find lists like these incredibly helpful when selecting gear, but
this format is much harder and takes much longer to parse.

also, just for shits and giggles, how. many of these shoes were paid for
by the runners who reviewed them?

thanks to all of you for your hard work.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the kind words
Concurrently and in a few days we will have a written article with many more of our testers chiming in. We did a poll with specific categories. Participants could not see the others' answers. As far as purchase vs samples for testing relatively few were purchased. I can say I purchased the women's Peg 37 and I know Joost purchased his Reebok,
Sam, Editor

Stefan Feldmeier said...

Hi RTR Team, thank you very much for your reviews - really love it! So i am searching a daily trainer for road miles and as Don i totally love the escalante racer.

So what do you think about sizing for the salming route 3. I am a 42,5 (US9) in the racer and would go with a 42 2/3 (also US 9) in the route 3. Otherwise I have read your multi tester review of the salming and all tester pointed out "a litte to large".

Thanks for your answer.

Best Regards from Germany Stefan

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I saw in an earlier post about Odlo that you compared it to your previous favorite shirt, the Salomon S-Lab with 37.5 technology. At this point, how would you rank the hot/humid weather fabric technologies you have experience with, like Ceramicool, 37.5, Coolcore, and any others (Columbia Omni-Freeze?). I'm also wondering if you have any experience with Polartec Delta, which seems to be harder to find. Thank you!

Mark P said...

I'm looking to get an off road shoe for a trail marathon I'm hopefully doing in October. It's in the UK so not the big mountains of the US or even mainland Europe but it will throw a really mix at us, especially at that time of year. I expect fairly well groomed trails, steep rocky sections, mud (probably lots!) and some sections of blacktop. I know you have several cushioned trail shoes on trial at the moment. I had been thinking of the Xodus 10 but it looks like there are a few alternatives coming through. What would be your suggestions? For reference I've run road marathons in comfort using the Rincon, Skechers Forza 3 and Saucony Guide. The only long mountain race I've done was 18 miles in a pair of Inov8 X Claws, the ground was very dry and hard and my feet were in bits after about 12 miles!