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Saucony Fall 2020 Previews: Endorphin Pro, Speed, and Shift, Ride 13, Triumph 18, Switchback 2, New Canyon TR, Mad River TR 2

Article by Sam Winebaum and Peter Stuart

Saucony pretty much stole the show at The Running Event in Austin, Texas this past December. Not only were they the only brand to very publicly introduce two super foam racers the Endorphin Pro and Speed but top to bottom pretty much every shoe in their road and trail lines this year is significantly and we expect very effectively updated.  And not only in style but functionality with ISO Fit and crystal rubber going away and new PWRUN, PWRUN +, and in Endorphin PWRUN PB going into midsoles. 
Update: Triumph 18 review
Update: Canyon TR multi tester review 
Update: Mad River TR 2 multi tester review 
Update: Switchback 2 multi tester review
Update:Ride 13 multi tester review 

Endorphin Pro ($200)Endorphin Speed ($160)Endorphin Shift ($140)
Saucony's new Endorphin shoes clearly attracted the most attention at The Running Event.
Update: Endorphin Pro full multi tester review
Update: Endorphin Speed review
Update: Endorphin Speed vs. Pro run one on each foot and compared video review
Update: Endorphin Shift initial run video review
Top: Endorphin Pro Bottom Left: Endorphin Speed Bottom Right: Endorphin Shift

Pro and Speed both have PEBA pellet based PWRUN PB midsoles.
Shift has PWRUN TPU EVA blend midsole as now in Guide 13, Kinvara 11, and Peregrine. 

Pro has a graphite polymer plate,  Speed has a nylon plate, Shift has no plate 
The Pro's plate is approximately located at the bottom of the black highlighting above. Curving up a bit at the toe it allows a propulsive roll by keeping the toes up to push off
Watch Saucony VP HumanPerformance Spencer White present the Endorphin Pro

Weights, Release Dates and Sizes 
Pro:  men's 7.5 oz / 213g,   women's 6.3 oz /179g, June 2020
Speed: men's 7.8 oz / 221g , women's 6.8 oz / 102 g, July 2020
Shift: men's 10.1 oz / 286g , women's 9.5 oz / 269 g, July 2020
All models men's US 7-23, 14, 15 women's 5-12

Stack Heights and Drop
Pro and Speed have 35.5mm heel / 27.5mm forefoot stacks and an 8mm drop
Shift has a massive 38mm heel / 34mm forefoot stack and a 4mm drop
Left to Right: Endorphin Pro, Speed, and Shift
In a very short trade show floor jog test, Peter Stuart and I so far prefer the slightly softer forefoot feel of the nylon plate, even though not quite as snappy as the Pro's carbon, as well as the the more secure upper of the Speed making it a potentially more versatile to bridge to training. There is a distinct rolling sensation from the Speed Roll rocker in both  Pro and Speed, reminding of somewhere between the very first original Vaporfly and the Next%.
Endorphin Speed Black and Gold
The Endorphin line has a model for every type of run: Pro for racing, Speed for fast training and racing, Shift for easier long miles and general training. 
Endorphin Line 2020 Colors

Ride 13  ($130)
Update: Ride 13 initial video review
Weight: men's 9.7 oz / 277g women's 8.6 oz / 244 g
Stack Height: 32mm/24mm, 8mm drop
Update: Releases June 15, 2020
The Ride 13 loses the ISO Fit upper and will have an engineered mesh with 3D overlays, gets the PWRUN EVA/TPU blend midsole found in the Guide 13, Kinvara 11, and Peregrine, and goes to blown rubber in the forefoot instead of crystal rubber. Weight doesn't change. 
Top tworows 2020 Ride 13 Colors, Next two Guide 13, Bottom Kinvara 11
Triumph 18 ($150)
Weight: men's 11.1 oz / 315g women's 9.7 oz  / 275g
Stack Height: 32.5mm heel / 24.5 mm forefoot, 8mm drop
Update: Releases August 15, 2020
The Triumph gets a new upper with a more conventional heel counter, simplified midsole side wall visuals and blown rubber in the forefoot instead of crystal rubber. It surfaces early to in the future better correspond to retail schedules. Not only product changes but Saucony tuning release dates. Apologies but omehow missed getting a picture of the Triumph 18.

Switchback 2  ($140)
Update: Switchback 2 multi tester review
Weight: men's 8.8 oz / 249g women's 7.8 oz  / 221g
Stack Height: 22mm heel / 18 mm forefoot, 4mm drop
Releases June 2020
Update: Switchback 2 initial video review

One of the most exciting updates we saw, the Switchback 2 should help solve the issues which kept v1 from being a great trail and road trail hybrid. It has a new PWRUN +  midsole which is 25% lighter than the prior Everun with more flexibility and energy return (noted in the similarly shod Triumph 17). It loses somewhere near 1 oz in weight. 

The rock protection was quite lacking in v1 . The v2 gets a flexible braided rock protection layer all the way from mid foot to forefoot which I think should also give it additional smoother, ground snap and a touch more stability along with the new midsole. The 3mm tacky PWRTRAC lugs should continue to be an ideal height for snowy and dirt roads as well as smoother trails as v1 was.
The BOA closure upper is no longer lace like but pulls the whole debris resistant sock like midfoot wrap across the foot. The fit was fantastic when I tried them on. 

Mind you the Switchback is still focused on fast and nimble and for most not long ,long miles on rough terrain. The update should up the fun factor given bouncy PWRUN + with somewhat more protection from the new rock plate and upper security from new BOA closure upper.

Canyon TR ($120)
Weight: men's 11 oz / 312g women's 9.7 oz  / 275g
Stack Height: 34mm heel / 26 mm forefoot, 8mm drop
Releases July 2020

This brand new shoe is copiously cushioned with PWRUN, a responsive EVA/TPU blend also found in the Peregrine 10, Kinvara 11, Guide 13, and up coming Ride 13. Targeted at door to trail, as Switchback is also for us,  it is more cushioned for sure than Switchback and shares a 3mm lug PWRTRAC outsole and the flexible woven braided rock protection layer with it. The Canyon should be a great, daily all moderate terrain trainer.
The upper is a sleek engineered mesh with supportive and protective 3D overlays.

Watch as Saucony Presents the Switchback 2 and Canyon TR to RTR (3:00)

Mad River TR 2 ($110)
Weight: men's 10.5 oz /298g  women's 9.5 oz  / 269g
Stack Height: 28.5mm heel / 24.5 mm forefoot, 4mm drop
Releases July 2020
Update: Mad River TR 2 initial video review
The reasonably priced and adaptable Mad River keeps its drill hole and ice screw compatible outsole, two rows of eyelets for all kinds of lacing and fit options but as with others gets a PWRUN midsole and new upper. Call it the rougher terrain cousin to the more cruiser terrain Canyon.

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