Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Mac Jeffries 2019 Running Shoes and Gear of the Year

Article by Mac Jeffries



For 5K-10K, the Skechers Go Meb Speed 6 Hyper (RTR Review) one of the best racing flats ever made. Super lightweight, and the Hyperburst foam was simply made for these thinner platforms. 10K-Marathon, the Nike Vaporfly Next%, because, well, if you are smart enough to be reading RTR.com, then I am sure you already know that the VFN% is simply a rocket. If you are a serious runner and haven’t tried these, you really owe it to yourself. Take out a second mortgage or whatever :-) 

Daily Training
For daily training, it is a tie for me between the Hoka One One Carbon X  (RTR Review) and the Asics Glideride. Since I can put the AG in the cushioned shoe category below, I will go with the Carbon X. The only Hoka I have ever really loved, it is lightweight, holds up to the longest of long runs, and has enough protection and spring to make them enjoyable. 

From the only Hoka I have ever loved to the only Asics I have ever loved, the Asics Glideride   (RTR Review) is also the heaviest shoe I have ever loved. Plenty of spring and cushion, possibly the best upper of the year, I constantly find myself reaching for these on recovery days and junk miles. 

Best? Well, that is the Vaporfly Next%  (RTR Review), but I don’t feel like listing the same shoe twice, and I would feel awful if I didn’t say something about the Skechers Razor 3 Hyper (RTR Review)
If I had to only wear one shoe for everything, I could be completely happy buying about 5 pairs of these, in all of their ugly “SPEED” glory. 

Biggest Smiles Road Shoe ot the Year
New Balance FuelCell Rebel  (RTR Review) Light, comfy upper, soft, springy midsole, and feels great at any pace. The little flange thingy might even do something to help keep my stride consistent. 


Daily All Arounder
Nike Terra KIger 5 (RTR Review) It has great fit, good weight, and plenty of traction for all but the most gnarly of trails. 

Garmin 235: almost affordable now that the newer models have come out, it is great for inputting workouts and gathering data afterwards. The HR is fine 90% of the time, while the GPS is super reliable and really helps to nail down paces in training. 

Maurten: easy on the stomach, easy to swallow, no need to chase with water. Good stuff. 

Tech of the Year
Tire, nylon belt, and bungee cord. Yours for free behind any tire store :-) 

Mac Jeffries 

Mac is from the Deep South and played small college football, earning All Conference his senior year. At that point, he was a 275 lb Defensive Lineman, but by the time his first child was born 7 years later, he was 275 again and pretty fat. P90X and a lifestyle change in eating habits got him down to the 220s, at which point his pastor challenged him to run a Half Marathon at age 29 - his first ever road race. Running and racing has been a healthy addiction that he has balanced with his wife, two sons, and teaching & coaching career ever since. Now at 6'4" 200lbs, Mac has PRs of 19:19, 1:33:xx, and 3:19:xx, and is engaged in the lifelong pursuit of convincing shoe companies to offer their premium shoes in a size 14. 

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Chad Payne said...

Amen on the size 14’s in premium shoes.

Anonymous said...

Is the Nike Infinity replacing the Epic? Like the Epic due to the weight. Thanks.

Sam Winebaum said...

Don’t think Infinity will replace Epic. It is quite a bit heavier and more a support shoe.
Sam, Editor