Monday, December 09, 2019

Skechers Performance 2020 Introductions: Max Trail 6, Max Road 4+, Razor 3+, Razor 3 TR Flow, Ride 8, Flow, Run 7+, GO Meb Speed 6 Flow, Forza 4

Article by Sam Winebaum

With incredible riding Hyper Burst midsoles, but some fit issues in the current models such as the Run 7 and Max Road 4,  Skechers went to work improving the overall experience of their base line with a "+" revisions of the Run, Razor and Max Road, broadened the base models with a new Flow series with more relaxed training focus versions of the Razor, Ride, and Speed, and introduced new models of Max Road and Forza with Hyper Burst midsoles.  All of the new shoes will be available Fall 2020 (June-August) except the Forza which is Spring 2020 (March). 

+ Series
Skechers Performance updated almost all models in its fast lines with Run 7+ Hyper,  Razor 3+ Hyper (now also available in men's and women's sizing), and Maxroad 4+ becoming a "+" series of current designs with new uppers and Goodyear rubber. Ride 8 which gets a different Flow approach (see below) reflecting its daily training focus as does the Speed 6. 

With the exception of the Run 7+ which gets a circular instead of flat knit as well as a more conventional upper design to hold the foot better than the original, others in the + series get a new mono mesh and polyester upper. Astute readers will recall the original Razor 3 and Go Meb Speed 6 had mono mesh uppers. Here the combination retains that lock down fit of non stretch mono mesh but adds a touch of give and softness. In the Max Road 4 which previously had a knit type upper of dubious and especially forefoot hold for some the mono mesh and polyester upper is sure to improve the foot hold. 

Flow Series
But that wasn't all... Skechers launched another set of variants in a new Flow series including: Speed 6 Flow, Ride 8 Flow, and Razor 3 TR Flow. The commonalities are more easy fitting, very breathable open engineered mesh uppers as well as some subtle changes to reflect a more training focused use. For example the Razor 3 Flow as does the Razor 3+ gets additional medial mid foot  Goodyear rubber coverage which the Razor 3 did not have for a touch more stability and wear resistance.

Completely New Versions
Finally Skechers introduced two completely updated shoes:  the Max Trail 6 Hyper and Forza 4. 

Goodyear Rubber
All shoes in the lines get Goodyear rubber. We learned that the heel rubber is based on Goodyear's Gold additives and the forefoot uses Goodyear Weather Adapt, both with temperature change resistance and are in part based on soy beans. 

Go Run Max Trail 6 Hyper 

We loved the Max Trail 5 for certain trails but its sock like upper and outsole limited this marvelous running, max cushion, trail shoe (RTR Review). With now a full HyperBurst midsole to go with its lively and protective Pebax forefoot plate, a new mono mesh and polyester upper as in the Skechers fast road shoes in the + series are getting are getting instead of the Max Trail 5's prior stretchy sock like upper, drainage ports and a full 6mm lug Goodyear outsole. it should prove to be a strong any trails contender and was one of the most promising shoes we saw at The Running Event this December.  It does gain some weight due to that full coverage outsole which I think will also stabilize the narrow mid foot waist. Weight: 10.8oz/306g (Men’s 9) | 8. 6oz/244g (Women’s 7). 4mm offset ( will get stack heights). July 2020,. $140, 

Go Run Forza 4 Hyper

The Forza is Skechers light stability shoe. The Forza 4 gets the translucent mono mesh and polyester upper which should provide solid support. The medial side below is Ultra Flight for some pronation support but is not firm, firm as a posted shoe can be.
The lateral side below has Hyper Burst.
The outsole is of course Goodyear rubber with zones for traction, durability, and some extra support.

At 9.0 oz / 255 g for a men's size 9  it is one very light... light stability shoe and will provide an option in a runner's rotation for those days, even for neutral runners, where other Skechers are a bit light on support. In big news it will also be available in 3E wide. Weight: 9.0oz/255g (Men’s 9)* | 7.1oz/201g (Women’s 7)6mm offset. $140. Available Spring 2020 (March)

Go Run Max Road 4+ Hyper

The Max Road 4 was a spectacular highly cushioned, super light ride that we all liked in our multi tester review but which due to issues in the forefoot upper and underfoot didn't work for all of our testers. While the deep pods which tended to deform for forefoot strikers and front supinators do not change,  the new mono mesh polyester upper instead of compression knit and a more conventional heel design and tongue which should lock the foot  better to the platform front to back and stabilize those foot strikes, opening the shoe up to more runners. It has Goodyear rubber and a more conventional tongue as the original had a stretch knit extension of the rear collar as a tongue. At 8 oz / 227 g men's 9 so this max cushioned speedster with the lighter non knit, more breathable upper actually loses about 0.5 oz from the original. Weight: 8oz/227g (Men’s 9) | 6.3oz/179g (Women’s 7)
6mm drop. $135. Fall 2020 (June-July). 

Go Run Razor 3+ Hyper

The Razor 3 Hyper + gets a mono mesh and polyester upper which should be a bit more accommodating in the toe box than the straight mono mesh of the original although we don't think the last changes. it will be available in both men's and women's sizing and will have a new area of ubber under the medial mid foot. Weight: 6.3oz/179g (Men’s Size 9) | 5.4oz/153g (Women’s Size 7). Offset 4mm. $140. Available July 2020.

GO Run 7+ Hyper

It's hard tor recognize the Run 7+ (Black and Green behind Forza above)  compared to the flat knit, cord supported Run 7 which was challenging for some to keep the foot locked to all that snappy Hyper Burst below.  The Run 7+ has a less stretchy circular knit upper, a conventional heel counter which I feel should go a long way to getting the potential out of this fast, natural running lighter trainer and even racer. I have wear tested it and am very pleased with the upper improvements. No changes underfoot except Goodyear rubber.  Weight: 7.7oz/218g (Men’s 9) | 6.3oz/179g (Women’s 7). 4mm offset. $130. Spring 2020 (February-March).

Go Run Razor 3 TR Flow

The Flow version of the Razor gets a breathable engineered mesh upper which should make it slightly more accommodating than the Razor 3+ and withsomewhat more of a training fit and focus.  It is 0.4 oz heavier than the Razor 3+. 
Weight: 6.7oz/190g (Men’s Size 9) | 5.5oz/156g (Women’s Size 7). Offset: 4mm. Fall 2020. $140

GO Meb Speed 6 Flow

The Flow variant of the Go Meb Speed 6 is essentially identical to the Speed 6 Hyper but gets a  slightly more relaxed mono mesh plus polyester upper whereas the original Speed 6 has all mono mesh. A touch more easy going comfort for hard training sessions. Weight: 6.6oz/187g (Men’s Size 9) | 5.0oz/142g (Women’s Size 7). 4mm. $140. 

Ride 8 Flow

The Ride 8, the fine daily trainer with a great upper didn't need the + treatment but does get a new engineered open mesh upper replacing the prior knit upper. It should breathe better. Weight: 8.2oz/232g (Men’s 9) | 6.5oz/184g (Women’s 7) Offset: 6mm. $120. Fall 2020 

The latest news from Skechers on the expected Speed Elite availability is early March, 2020.


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Anonymous said...

This looks like it might of been an emergency refresh of their line. All the new uppers look like the current GoRun Pure (not bad for an extra cheap shoe) with a few pattern changes.

Nic said...

Hi Sam, do you have any insight into Skechers' strategy regarding supply in international markets e.g. Europe, or in my case, South Africa? It is super frustrating to see these potentially awesome shoes available in the US, with no idea if it will ever be available internationally! In my opinion, if Skechers can increase the availability of the Performance line in markets outside the US, they will see a massive increase in sales volumes.

Our local Skechers stores sell models that are already on the market for 2 - 3 years (and mostly not in the Performance line), and they have NO idea regarding new models arriving. They recently excitedly told me that the "new" GRR7 just arrived, while I was wearing a pair with over 1000km on the clock already...

I bought a pair online based on your reviews without trying them on, and I have to say, it is one of my favourite long run road-shoes of all time. Keep up the good work!

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Nic,
I hear stories such as yours from many countries. I am not sure what the issue is. It is clear they need more speciality run retail stores in each country and that is a big task (as it has been in the US) given those local Skechers stores and distributors selling more lifestyle lines. I will try to get some insight into how Skechers Performance is going to grow a timely international distribution.
Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

Do you find the monomesh polyester upper is more breathable than knit?

Nic said...

Appreciate it, thanks Sam!

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Anonymous,
Indeed more breathable for sure than knit. Not quite as airy open as straight mono mesh but more comfortable. It sits between the two but leans towards the mono mesh
Sam, Editor

Ash Green said...

Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond.

There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Read our guide if you wish.
the shoesfinder

Thanks again :)

Cb said...

Thanks for info. I like the ride of the Maxroad 4 but the upper is awful. So hot and horrible lockdown. The + sounds promising. I'm baffled why they would release such a hotbox of a shoe.