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Salomon 2020 Introductions: Sonic 3, Sense Ride 3, Cross Pro, and XA Pro 3D

Article by Sam Winebaum and Jeff Valliere
At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2020 in Denver this week Salomon introduced a major update to its three shoe Sonic 3 road line and a new Sense Ride 3 all sharing Optivibe a new dual density midsole technology 6 years in development. Optivibe seeks to address what Salomon calls the golden triangle of fatigue and performance: vibration reduction, shock absorption, and rebound.  Salomon also showed us the Cross Pro a very foot conforming and foot shapes friendly (we tried one on) stretch knit, its first more generally commercially available shoe emerging from its ME:SH project.
Update: Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate rate multi tester review 

Salomon’s earlier Vibe tech sought to reduce tibial vibration which represents 35% of load input (or stress on the legs) using inserts of Opal embedded in a fairly firm Energy Cell+ EVA midsole. We found the vibration reduction of the first two generations with Vibe tech effective but the ride on the firm side and lacking in rebound but having good response,  

Optivibe addresses tibital vibration but also seeks to absorb shock and provide more rebound than the prior Energy Cell+ midsole foam.

Optivibe uses a polyolefin vibration reduction and shock absorbing layer underfoot, the green layer, combined with a lower layer of a co-polymer blending TPU and EVA for shock absorption and rebound.
  • The 3 model Sonic road line features three models as the earlier Sonic RA line had, all now with: Optivibe, 
  • varied geometric decoupling targeted at the shoes purpose 
  • and simple engineered mesh uppers. 
All three models will be $130 and arrive Spring 2020.

On the faster side the Sonic 3 Accelerate (top above), and formerly the Sonic RA Pro, will weigh 7.9 oz / 223  g for men and 6.8 oz / 194 g for women. Its decoupling is furthest towards the medial side to allow a more aggressive, quicker transition and toe off. It also removes mid foot outsole coverage to lighten and accelerate transitions and has the lowest stack height and drop of the three models at 24 mm heel / 18mm foretoo, 6 mm drop so expect a firmer more responsive ride than the Balance and Confidence.

Sonic 3 Balance (formerly Sonic RA 2 review coming soon ) is the middle daily trainer model. It will weigh 8.9 oz / 252 g for men and 7.6 oz for women. Its decoupling is the most centered. It will weigh 8.9 oz / 252 g men’s,  7.6 oz / 216 g women’s. The Balance has a 28mm heel, 20 mm forefoot, 8mm drop

Sonic 3 Confidence (formerly the Sonic RA Max 2 RTR Review)  is for the runner seeking slightly more you got it...confidence.. and support and features somewhat more supportive sidewalls and a decoupling furthest towards the lateral side of the forefoot for a more stable platform. With a 30mm heel / 20mm forefoot, 10mm drop it is the most cushioned highest drop shoe in the Sonc 3 line.
Confidence will weigh 9.4 oz / 268 g men’s,  7.9 oz / 225 g women’s.

Optivibe continues in the 2020 Sense Ride 3 ($120), also a shoe in its earlier versions with Vibe The RTR Review of the Sense Ride 3 now in the market is here.
The Sense Ride 3 will weigh 9.9 oz / 280 g for men, 8.3  oz / 235 g for women.with a 27mm heel, 19 mm heel, 8 mm drop.

We thought the Sense Ride 3 upper with its barely visible somewhat contrasting internal Sensi Fit underlays was particularly striking.
We also noted the raised rear midsole sidewalls to provide some additional rear stability something the Sense Rkde 2 could have used a touch more of.

Cross Pro ($160)

Update: Salomon Cross /Pro review
The Cross Pro is the first more 
commercially available shoe applying Salomon's ME:SH upper technology of a stretch knit mesh that conforms to foot shapes, what Salomon is now calling Multi-Fit. I tried one on as the sample was my size and the fit was very secure, foot 
conforming yet soft and comfortable particularly at the rear of the shoe, 

The Cross Pro can be thought of as more varied terrain, lighter and more flexible variant of the Speedcross but still a softer ground shoe given its aggressive outsole which unlike the Speedcross will have multi directional lugs. 
For additional support to the stretch upper the Cross Pro also incorporates MATRYX technology (also seen in the Hoka EVO Mafate 2 and Rehi) but here in a stretch mesh upper unlike the Mafate where the upper is non stretch. What looks like (will confirm) Kevlar fiber is lightly incorporated into the upper with wider more cord like fibers built into the mid foot wings.
It will weigh 10.2 oz / 290 for men, 8.8 oz / 250 g for women. Stack height is 29.5 mm heel, 21.5 mm forefoot, 8 mm drop It will be available Spring 2020 at $160

XA Pro 3D
Finally the iconic XA Pro 3D light hiker gets a softer upper with welded instead of glued overlays, keeps its fit and loses 20 g. We thought this color way looks particularly sharp,

All models are Spring 2020, so February time frame. No changes to the S/Lab line or other models were presented.

Watch our YouTube as Salomon presents
Sonic 3 line, Sense Ride 3, and Cross Pro 

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