Sunday, June 09, 2019

Salomon Sonic RA 2 Video Review

Article by Sam Winebaum

Our full written review is coming soon. In the meantime our video review of the Salomon Sonic RA 2 ($130).

I estimate (based on comparing my size 8.5) that the size 9 weight is 9.2 oz /261 g or about 0.5 oz /14 g heavier than the Sonic RA, largely I assume due to a full contact outsole and re sculpting of the midsole side walls
The middle shoe in the Sonic RA line, it is the daily trainer with the Sonic RA Max 2 (RTR Review) having a more assisted (stable) transition through its more lateral decoupling line location and the RA Pro (RTR Review soon) with its medial focus decoupling can be thought of the uptempo quick shoe in the line.
In brief, I find the changes to upper which is now more pliable and smoother fitting with fewer overlays and mid sole outsole lead to a fuller ground contact, smoother transitioning shoe than RA Sonic 1 placing the Sonic RA near the front ranks of durable sub 10 oz daily trainers.  The Vibe cushioning system with a tibial vibration reducing Opal insert at heel and forefoot is effective in making the relatively firm Energy Cell+ midsole responsive and easier on the legs than it would be otherwise.
The product reviewed was provided at no cost. The opinions herein are the authors'.
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Basti said...

I bought the Sonic RA based on RTR's review and I was quite disappointed with it.

I get blisters every time I run more than 45-50 min and after only 150 km the lugs on the outside of the heel are almost completely gone.

In comparison I'm thrilled with the XA Elevate which shares a pretty similar build for the upper and with them my feet never felt sore or got blisters after 6+ hours of trail.

I hope Salomon got it right with this 2nd generation.

Boris said...

Thanks for the review :) Should I keep the same size as the one I got for the S/Lab Sonic ? Thanks !

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Basti, Sorry v1 did not work out for you. Where were the blisters? If on the toes I could see that happening to some given the plastic fairly heavy toe bumper but not for me. v2 as described is much changed there but still a very wide forefoot might struggle.
Hi Boris, yes same size as S/Lab Sonic.
Sam, Editor

Basti said...

Hi Sam, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I get blisters on the internal side of the shoe were the seam joins the front and mid uppers. It's an area that often causes me this kind of problem but as the XA Elevate was fine to me and the Sonic RA1 looked similar, I gave it a go. Unfortunately it didn't work for me.

As I'm looking to buy another pair for road running, I thought at first to look for other brands but the Sonic RA2 upper looks more flexible and seamless. I might give it a go but based on your reviews, I hesitate with the Saucony Ride ISO 2. How would you compare them for a mix of tempo runs, longer hilly sessions with as well the ability to run occasionnaly marathons?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Basti,
Now I understand better. The Sonic RA 2 no longer has the stiffer open mesh at mid foot to that seam. It is all a one piece and softer in comparison upper. I do feel an internal overlay in that area where previously the two materials joined but it is soft and pliable so while not sure it should be less of an issue. The upper change and other changes make RA 2 more flexible which is always helpful in preventing blisters where you experienced them. As far as Ride ISO 2 vs Sonic RA 2 both could serve your needs in similar fashion. I would say the Sonic RA 2 has a more stable and slightly more cushioned forefoot platform, if firmer. The heel feel is similar with the Sonic RA 2 a touch firmer but due to Opal insert with less shock vibration. If the course is hilly I would lean towards Sonic RA, flatter Ride ISO 2. Hope this is helpful.
Sam, Editor

Basti said...

Ok Sam, thanks for your comments. I'll stick with Salomon then.

Boris said...

Hi Sam,
I second Basti question about the ability of those ones to run occasionally a marathon.
I mostly do trail running but would like to run a road marathon. I use the Salomon Sense Ride for trails and an old 1080v4 for road. Salomon shoes fit me very well in general (Sense Ride, Sense Ultra 1, Sense Pro 2, and an S/Lab Sonic Black just to wear around). The 1080v4 is fine but a bit wide.
So I'm debating between the Sonic RA 2 and a 1080v9 for the road marathon. Any opinion ? I can do 10K in 46 minutes.
Thanks !

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Boris,
For the race I would lean towards Sonic RA 2 if Salomon fit you well. you will find a broader more stable forefoot platform than Sense Ride with heel feel quite close. Upper is a bit more relaxed and smoother fitting than earlier Salomon including Sonic RA 1 but still that Salomon fit. 1080v9 is also a fine choice. Not quite as firm a generally similar fit.
You might also consider a lighter yet still very well cushioned shoe for the race itself such as Kinvara 10, Sonic RA Pro 2, NB Fresh Foam Beacon 2, Nike Epic React 2 and always Vapor Fly! Reviews of all and many more below.
Sam, Editor
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Sam, Editor

Basti said...

Sam, what about Sonic RA2 vs Vomero 14?

Chris said...

Found a great deal online...true to my Sense Ride and Sense Pro 4 sizing?