Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Strava's 2018 Year in Sport: 6.6 billion miles from 36 million athletes crunched and analyzed

Article by Sam Winebaum

Every year, Strava crunches its vast repository of activities uploaded by millions. For the 2018 Year in Sport report that was 36 million athletes in 195 countries uploading at total of 6.6 billion miles in 32 sport types!

We bring you a few of the key findings below. How did you compare to these averages?  Please share and comment below.

Women favor the half marathon as their key race distance and running as their top activity while men lean towards Ride and the marathon and half as their top run race types.

Goal setting and following them leads to more workouts uploaded! I wonder how many who set (overly ambitious) goals were interrupted by injury vs. those with less ambitious goals or no goals?
International readers, what is the significance of May 6 and September 16, 2018 as key activities days? In the US July 4 is our national holiday and November 23d is Thanksgiving Day where it is tradition to race a short race usually around 5 miles before the big turkey meal.

We run and especially ride longer further and longer together and especially hiking and walking time and riding distance.

No matter where we run, and no matter the gender, our average run distance is about the same at around 5 miles.

No matter where we run we run about the same amount of time on average but US runners do those runs somewhat faster than Global runners.

Participation in Strava activities tagged as Race increased by more than 10% Globally with US women's race participation increasing more than 28% year over year.

Run and Bike commuting grew dramatically in 2018.

How did you compare? Did you run or bike commute? Set a Strava goal? Please tell us. Comments welcome below.

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