Thursday, June 27, 2019

Brooks Running Spring 2020 Introductions: Glycerin 18, Transcend 7, Ravenna 11, Launch 7, Bedlam and Ricochet 2, Levitate 3, Caldera 4, and Divide

Article by Sam Winebaum

Brooks Running highlighted changes to its light support Cushion line Transcend 7 and Speed line Ravenna 11 which will now come with an integral lateral GuideRail and a medial co-molded GuideRail. The idea is to make the light knee focused guidance more seamless to the shoe and more flexible as glue layers are eliminated. This will be a welcome change for me as I found the Ravenna 10's GuideRail while a promising approach but stiff impeding transition on the medial side.

Many models drop approximately 0.5 oz in weight due to upper and outsole changes.

The Energize line shoes Levitate, Bedlam, and Ricochet get new flat knit uppers and a redesigned outsole.

The Caldera becomes a more maximally cushioned ultra type shoe and Brooks introduced a new $100 "door to trail" rock plate model the Divide

Cushion Line
Cushion Line: Transcend 7 (bottom) Glycerin 18 (top)
Cushion Line: Transcend 7 (bottom) Glycerin 18 (top)
Transcend 7
Launch date: 2/1/2020
Price: $160
Weight: 10.7 oz. men, 9.5 oz. women
Stack: 27/ 17, 10mm drop
The lateral side GuideRail (above) is integral and of the same BioMoGo DNA midsole material as the rest of the midsole

The medial side GuideRail is firmer but co-molded with the rest of the midsole to eliminate glue layers.  Transcend 7 now has 1mm more midsole while the overall stack stays the same as the outsole is modified.
The Transcend drops 0.7 oz  in weight while the Glycerin drops 0.4 oz.

Glycerin 18
Launch date: 3/1/2020
Price: $150
Weight: 10.2 oz. men, 9 oz. women
Stack: 27 /17, 10mm drop
The Glycerin 18  has 1mm more midsole while the overall stack stays the same as the outsole is modified. It is expected to drop a very welcome 0.5 oz / 14 g in weight.

Speed Line
LEFT: Ravenna 11  RIGHT: Launch 7
Launch 7
Launch date: 1/1/2020
Price: $100
Weight: 8.8 oz. men, 8.1 oz. women
Stack: 24.5/14.5, 10 mm drop
Brooks Launch 7 (women's)

The primary update to the Launch is a single layer engineered mesh upper.  It appears as a result that it loses about 0.5 oz / 14 g compared to the Launch 6.

Ravenna 11
Launch date: 2/1/2020
Price: $110
Weight: 9.4 oz. men, 8.4 oz. women
Stack: 24.5 /14.5, 10 mm drop

The Ravenna 11 gets a similar GuideRail update as the Transcend received.  Shown above the co-molded instead of glued in medial GuideRail.
The Ravenna 11 medial outsole is now more filled in as was the Ravenna 9 but not  the 10 (black left above). This should increase the support at mid foot of the platform. The weight stays about the same. 

Energize Line

Ricochet 2, Bedlam 2, and Levitate 3 see new flat knit uppers  flatter, fuller ground contact outsoles with no changes to the DNA AMP PU midsoles.

Ricochet 2
Launch date: 12/1/2019
Price: $120
Weight: 9.7 oz. men, 8.4 oz. women
Stack: 21.5/13.5, 8mm drop

Ricochet (above) and Levitate 3 have longitudinal knit support (darker gray on upper) for a more flexible faster fit, while the support Bedlam has vertical knit support bands. Ricochet loses a welcome  0.6 oz /17 g.
Brooks Bedlam 2
Bedlam 2
Launch date: 11/1/2019
Price: $150
Weight: 11.6 oz. men, 10.3 oz. women
Stack: 23.5 / 15.5, 10mm drop

The Bedlam 2 and Levitate 3 have open breathable knit toe boxes yet with the supportive denser knit down the sides which should be a great way to support the foot yet make traditionally dense flat knit uppers more breathable,
LEFT: Bedlam 2  RIGHT: Levitate 3

The Levitate 3 shown above and the other Energize models see a flatter fuller contact outsole design.

Levitate 3
Launch date:  11/1/2019
Price: $150
Weight: 11.6 oz. men, 10.3 oz. women
Stack: 23.5/15.5, 10mm drop

Caldera 4
Launch date: 1/1/2020
Price: $140
Weight: 11.6 oz. men, 10.3 oz. women
Stack: 32/28, 4mm drop

The Caldera sees radical change becoming a highly cushioned ultra focused shoe with the new just released 1 oz lighter and completely redesigned Cascadia 14 (RTR Review) replacing it as the all arounder in the Brooks trail line and with the new Divide (see below) the lighter lower cost door to trail shoe, and the PureGrit the more minimal short and fast trail runner.
The Caldera gains 3mm more midsole cushion to become a maximal grade model at 28.5mm heel / 24.5 mm forefoot stack.
The Caldera has a TrailTack tacky rubber outsole with flex and decoupling grooves.

Launch date: 1/1/2020
Price: $100
Weight: 10.3 oz. men, 9.2 oz. women
Stack: 25/17, 8mm drop
Brooks surprised with a brand new $100 trail and door to trail model the Divide. Not skimping on features it has TrailTack outsole, a rock plate, and a relatively wide forefoot.

Watch as Brooks Introduces the Glycerin 18, Transcend 7 and Divide
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Anonymous said...

Any photos of new glycerin outsole?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
Sorry yes have outsole pics. Added.
Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Much appreciated.

azer89 said...

It's pretty hard to judge from a single picture, but does the Caldera 4 have roomy toebox?

Anonymous said...

Azer89, the toebox is going to be huge, and almost the same shape as the Altras.

Unknown said...

Can't stand the direction they've went in. The uppers have no support. The cushioning doesn't either. Feels like a Nike :/

Dennis Chui said...

I really like my Glycerin 16 for long run but given the competition out there it needs to drop its weight under 10z.

Unknown said...

Not sure why they changed the Caldera 3 to a completely different type of shoe, then replaced it (sort of) with the Divide - albeit adding a rock plate.  I don't want or need a shoe with a rock plate - so guess I'll just pick a few extra pairs of Caldera's 3's in the end of line sale....!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any other pictures of the Ravenna 11s that are going to be released in 02/2020 I would like to see the color scheme on the shoe if possible?