Friday, June 14, 2019

New Balance FuelCell Propel Initial Run Video Review: High Rebounding Fun!

Article by Sam Winebaum

New Balance FuelCell Propel ($110)
Update: Read our full multi tester review HERE

The New Balance FuelCell Propel checks in at about 9 oz /255 g with a 6mm drop. Releases August 1, 2019. It features an exciting new midsole foam called FuelCell. FuelCell is said by New Balance to have a minimum of 39% more rebound that its Revlite foam found in its performance shoes such as the 1400 and I can say after one run it sure does! It is the training companion to the FuelCell Rebel (RTR Review)

Soft and very bouncy FuelCell is well contained by a broad midsole geometry and a full contact outsole. The Propel is an exciting new option in the lighter daily trainer category going head to head with Nike offerings with React and Zoom X foam, Skechers Hyper Burst, Reebok's Forever Energy, and for sure New Balance's own Fresh Foam.

The upper is very roomy, comfortable, and well held. So far I am feeling that the Propel will be one of the biggest smiles, fun to run shoes of 2019. Releasing soon (exact date to follow)
Watch our Initial Video Review with Details

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Anonymous said...

What is the heel and forefoot height?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
Good question! New Balance never provides that information in official stats but we have asked! Guessing about 28mm heel 22 mm forefoot.
Sam, Editor

Unknown said...

Love my NB 1400V6 for shorter races but need to find something for training and longer races up to marathon distance. Recently bought the Forever Energy but after a couple of runs (a half and an 8 miler) I'm struggling to get on with them as I find the upper very basic compared to most comparable trainers and I've actually got sore feet in them after around 5 miles. Thinking of these to replace them and my Forza 3s which are coming to the end of their life. Would they be a good choice for someone who enjoys the 1400v6?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Unknown,
Well the 1400 is a firm racer and the Propel is considerably softer and bouncier so a completely different feel. Only thing in common is the brand. If you like the 1400 and are seeking a somewhat similar ride feel but softer maybe 1080v9 in NB. This said if you are seeking a softer more forgiving compliment to 1400 the Propel would an excellent choice. You might also look at the new Beacon (review here soon) or the Saucony Ride ISO 2.
Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

When is it going to be released?

Sam Winebaum said...

Just heard from NB. August 1st.

Anonymous said...

Is it true to size, I wear size 11 in the beacon. Thanks. :)

Ryan said...

Looking for a new marathon shoe that utilizes one of these new foams. Would you say this is a worthy candidate? What would be your top choice? If it’s the Vaporfly next%, do you have a 2nd choice? I am going to try it, but I just don’t know if I can deal with the aesthetics of the shoe. I am not a fast runner and I feel like I would be false advertising!

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Ryan, Thanks for asking the question. What is your goal time and what do you train and race in now? If your expected pace is anything faster than say 9 min miles no question the %Next. The Propel would be a good second choice which I would consider at the same time as the Hoka Carbon X. Both have a bouncy ride with the Carbon X of course being stiffer given the plate. That is unless you are say a 2:50 or faster racer where %Next would shine.
Sam, Editor

Ryan said...

Wow, thanks for the quick reply, Sam! I am aiming for 830-900 min/mile pace. I had taken the Carbon X off my list since it wasn't one of the new foams, the toe box was tighter and the midsole wasn't very soft. I will put it back on my list since I tend to favor stiffer shoes on longer runs. I saw on your video that the Propel was pretty flexible. I was also looking into Reebok (Maybe the Harmony Road or the Energy?) or the Skechers Razor 3 Hyper(I just don't know about that upper though). Thanks for you help and your great website!