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Road Trail Run 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners Part 2: Run Hats, Socks, and Gloves

Articles by Dominique and Sam Winebaum, Sally Reiley, Jeff Valliere, Jeremy Marie, Ben David, Mike Postaski, Renee Krusemark, Marcel Krebs, & Markus Zinkl

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners Part 2: Run Hats, Socks, and Gloves

The RTR team went to town this holiday season to bring you this holiday gifts guide. The ideas kept on coming as we pondered great ideas for runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, most tested over many miles in all conditions during 2023.

We ended up with well over 60 gift ideas (with mini reviews) across 12 categories for the runners in your life! 

Guide 2: Run Hats, Socks, and Gloves

Products in the guide are identified as review samples (RS)  or personal purchases (PP)

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Shuyu socks 

Dominique: SHYU Running socks are a new brand of high-performance socks specifically designed to complement the colorways of super shoes from brands such as Adidas, Asics, New Balance and Nike so you can streamline your look on race day.  

SHYU’s raison d’être, and predominant category, is their “racing” performance running socks, with a line-up of coordinate colorways matching those of super shoes.  These high end performance socks for “racing” day that are extremely comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and fit incredibly well.  Prices range from $18 to $24 a pair.

I tested a pair of SHYU “racing” performance socks in red/pink/white wearing them on my daily runs and I could not turn them over fast enough in the wash with just one pair!  

For those training days and for regular trainers, SHYU has a line of “training” performance running socks available in neutral colors, black and white, and in two “cuts” no-show tab and half-crew.  Training available in a pack of 3 pairs, $30 for no-show tab and $40 for half-crew.

RTR Contributor Steve Runs Chicago showing them off all matched up to 361 Flame RS

Make sure to take proper care of your SHYU running performance socks by washing them inside out in cold water and with no tumble dry.  I am adding SHYU among my favorite brands of performance socks (I have a few) and will find out how they hold after several months of wear. 

Darn Tough Socks

Renee: Nothing beats a quality pair of socks. DarnTough are my go-to socks. I have at least one pair of each of the “weights” (all personal purchases) and use them all year around aside from super humid summer days when I prefer to wear ankle socks (all of my DarnTough socks are crew length). Like most high-quality wool socks, DarnTough socks maintain body temperature and reduce odor. I recommend them for running and daily use. The durability is great, and although they should be washed delicate cycle and air dried, they hold up well with the occasional wash and dry with my regular laundry loads.


Shop for Darn Tough Run Socks


Running Warehouse US 


Fractal Running L Series Legionnaire Hats (summer and winter versions) $55-$65

For the ultimate in sun and cold protection go Legionnaire! 

The summer version features PolarTec PowerDry for rapid drying and sun protection. 

The winter version features a thick PolarTec Wind Pro fleece for the ultimate in winter warmth.  

Both feature full neck coverage and side of face panels which can be snapped under the chin. 

Summer & Winter Fractel Legionnaire Hats at  Running Warehouse 


SOAR Jacquard Pattern Merino Beanie ($48)

Sam: Luxuriously soft and stretchy this beautifully patterned beanie is of medium thickness so ideal for winter runs in a wide range of temperatures and of course great also for nordic skiing and around town. It is a wonderful stocking stuffer that will keep your runner cozy and last for many years.

FlipMitts ($29.99)

Sam: A great stocking stuffer for the runner, hiker, and gym goer. Ingeniously simple and versatile, Flip Mitts protect your hands from sun, poles, and cold and in all seasons and can even be rolled around your wrist as a sweatband,

This surprisingly durable light soft glove/ mitt can serve as a summer comfortable trekking pole glove and did so during our trek in Tuscany and hikes and runs this past summer. We have found that the hands are the first thing to get sun burned without protection if using trekking poles all day as they are tilted towards the rays. As they get damp with sweat there is even a slight cooling effect.

Come cooler weather, flip the fold down rear over your fingers for some warmth while still retaining grip. RS

WhitePaws RunMitts ($40)

Mike P: I discovered WhitePaws  last winter. I suffer from colld hands and have experimented with all manner of gloves to keep my hands and fingers warm. The RunMitts are different and especially effective as they focus on wrist coverage which is usually a spot where the cold can seep in. 

They feature a flap to cover the fingers when it’s extremely cold, and no thumbhole, which keeps all the fingers in for extra warmth. I used these during a 50k where the temperature was 9 degrees F at the start! They worked great! I now use them anytime the temps go sub-freezing.

Shop for WhitePaws Run Mitts


Alpine Hats - Skida  ($38)

Sally: Living in New England, a lot of my running is done on cold winter mornings. I never leave the house without a Skida alpine hat! I saw a new print this fall that I just had to have, so I am embarrassed to admit I now have nine different Skidas. Skida hats and accessories are made in Vermont but now sold everywhere, perfect for casual wear as well as performance. 

I prefer the Alpine, lined with midweight fleece that wicks moisture and blocks wind, for cold weather running and cross-country skiing, but others prefer the unlined Nordic, especially if they “run hot.” The Nordic is also good under a ski or bike helmet. They come in two adult sizes as well as adorable kids’ and babies’ hats. PP

Skida Hats including the Alpine 


Many colors now 50% off

RoadTrailRun Custom Fractel Custom Bucket ($49) and Cap ($39)

After thorough testing on roads and trails in the US and Europe this fall and summer, we now have our first RoadTrailRun branded merchandise-Road Trail Running Cap and Buckets. 

Cap:$39                                                             Bucket:$49

These high performance Fractel Running Australian designed lids are comfortable, adjustable, very moisture wicking and sun protective. Caps is one size. Bucket in two sizes with the S/M a great gift idea for active kids. At our store:  Custom Bucket ($49) and Cap ($39)

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Happy Holidays!

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