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Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green Trail Running Poles Review

Article by Markus Zinkl

Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green ($180)


Markus: Introducing the Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green Trail Running Poles by Komperdell , a harmonious blend of innovation and functionality for trail enthusiasts seeking reliability and adaptability. These poles have been carefully engineered to redefine the trail running experience, offering a range of features designed to meet the demands of varied terrains.

The soft and lightweight Cork Grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, featuring an extended grip zone tailored for navigating steep slopes. The Click-In Trail Running Strap ensures a safe and hassle-free fit, thanks to the user-friendly click-in system.

In terms of construction, the 4-section design incorporates ultralight carbon with a 16mm diameter, striking a balance between strength and maneuverability. The Powerlock 3.0, a sturdy lock forged from aluminum, ensures stability during challenging trail conditions.

What sets the Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green poles apart is the FXP folding mechanism, an innovative self-deploying system. 

This mechanism establishes a solid connection between individual segments through a mechanical link, enhancing overall reliability. 

Additionally, the design achieves a 30% reduction in weight, reflecting Komperdell's commitment to advancing trail running gear.

Join us as we delve into the distinctive features of the Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green Trail Running Poles , exploring how Komperdell's thoughtful design enhances your trail running experience.

Tech Specs

  • Weight per pole: 216g/7.6oz

  • Sample weight:  

  • packed size: 41cm

  • adjustable from 115-135cm



In my hands-on experience with the Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green Trail Running Poles , I've been consistently impressed with the exceptional craftsmanship. The utilization of Gridstop hand straps, carbon segments, and forged aluminum fasteners reflects a commitment to high-quality construction and durability.

The speed at which these poles unfold is a standout feature, adding a level of convenience to my trail running and hiking. 

Watch RoadTrailRun Editor Sam’s Video Demo of FXP Self Deploying & Other Features (2:20)

Despite their lightweight design, the poles exhibit remarkable stability, a testament to their well-thought-out construction. I appreciate the thoughtful weight distribution, with the poles narrowing towards the bottom, resulting in a low swing weight that enhances overall stability during use.

The hand straps prove to be both comfortable and adjustable, with a soft Velcro fastener and good breathability. The Click-In system (also demonstrated in Sam’s video) is a notable addition, allowing me to guide the poles effortlessly with just my fingertips. The adaptability/adjustability of the hand strap, in terms of both tightness and length, adds a personalized touch to the user experience.

While the hand strap entry presents a slight challenge compared to Leki’s Trigger Shark system, the exit works seamlessly. 

One suggestion for improvement is the incorporation of a conical plastic clip to facilitate easier entry.

In terms of grip comfort, I find that rounding off the upper plastic grip end would enhance my experience, especially during descents when I prefer to grip the poles at the upper end. This is just a minor gripe though. Folding the poles, however, requires a bit of acclimatization. The FXP mechanism puts significant tension on the segments, and I've found that a gradual adjustment to the folding process is necessary for optimal use.



In conclusion, the Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green Trail Running Poles from Komperdell offer a compelling blend of high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. 

The quick unfolding, impressive stability, and excellent weight distribution make them stand out in the trail running gear landscape. The comfort and adjustability of the hand straps, coupled with the innovative Click-In system, contribute to an overall positive user experience. While there are minor suggestions for improvement, such as the hand strap entry and upper grip end, these nuances are outweighed by the poles' performance. Despite a brief learning curve in folding due to the FXP mechanism, the poles prove to be reliable companions on challenging terrains , showcasing Komperdell's commitment to delivering top-tier trail running equipment.

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Tester Profile

Markus Zinkl from Germany is mainly a recreational runner, currently running about 5 times per week. He runs about 50:50  on trails and roads. He is also an avid hiker with a focus on ultralight and fast completing the Via Alpina in Switzerland this summer. This is where his geek for gear and shoes comes to light. Likewise, he loves the mountains and tries to spend as much free time there as possible.

His only preference in terms of shoes is that they are not too heavy. Other than that, he runs in everything, from zero drop Altras to high stack Vaporfly. Racing times for the 10k are 39:48 min and 1:51:32 for a half-marathon.

The products that are the basis of this test were provided to us free of charge by Komperdell. The opinions presented are our own.

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