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2021's Top Trail (and Road) "Super" Run Shorts that Carry: Decathlon, Gore Wear, adidas Terrex, Salomon S/Lab, Hoka One One

 Article by Sam Winebaum

We most often write about running shoes here at RoadTrailRun , literally a couple hundred models reviewed every year. Yet, to run we also have to wear “something” and the most basic of running apparel is a short of some kind.  

Shorts can be super simple and super short and they work just fine but what if you need to carry something more than a car key? What if you want to take a phone, a jacket, water, some food?  I always run with my phone as I not only take pictures and video for reviews in progress on the run but I also just like to take pictures of what is around me: flowers, scenery, scenes. So, I always look for shorts with great pockets, a stout waistband to clip my phone with PopPocket to and of course comfort.

This year I decided early I was going to reach out to brands for “super shorts”. My 10 year old go to the Salomon S/Lab Sense Short with its mesh waist storage is not only a bit short but long in the tooth. Its replacement for me, the Sense Pro short with similar storage has been my go to for the road for a couple years. What else was out there?

So, since spring I selected and tested 4 shorts, all “trail” focused on the surface  but for sure road suitable, all state of the art, and all with carrying capacity. Of course this is not a totally exhaustive list of all the options. They are the Decathlon, Gore Wear Ultimate 2in1, Salomon S/Lab Sense 6” Short (with liner),  Adidas Terrex Agravic Pro Trail Running Short, and Hoka One Performance Woven Short 

Decathlon Evadict Trail Running Comfort Tight-Shorts ($40)

The Trail Running Comfort Short Tight Shorts are from Decathlon, a French brand that designs and manufactures sports products in every category (even scuba) you can imagine, all at very, very reasonable prices. The Evadict Trail running collection was developed at Decathlon's mountain sports focused design center near Chamonix.

The Evadict short has ample storage in its waistband (5 mesh pockets on the sides and front (one large enough for a phone with a small zip pocket behind it) and a large rear zip pocket large enough for phone all pockets with well reinforced top seams. It has both a compression liner and a brief along with a mesh gusset and all of this for $40, so far less than the other shorts in our super shorts with storage round up article. There is no bounce ever, even full loaded. The liner is nicely compressive with the fit relatively snug at the waist. 

Evadict Short shown with Decathlon's Kalenji mid layer

I have a 33" waist and have the medium and am fine but wish for a touch more give at the waist. I like that the length is moderate and the outer shell not as billowy as some.

After multiple washes and many runs both road and trail this summer and fall they are holding up just fine. Of all the shorts here it is the one, along with the adidas, I reach for most often. It is by far the best value.

Gore Wear Ultimate 2in1 Short ($160)

The Ultimate has more storage than many race vests or belts.  Not only does it have 2 phone sized (one zip) gigantic thigh pockets on the longest of the bunch inner tight, but its wide well held mesh wide stretch mesh waistband with drawcord  has compartments (5 of them) that can easily carry a phone, nutrition, a flask and a jacket. I only wish the number of separations between compartments was reduced.

The inner knee length tight is a dense, thin, compressive  stretch woven material and is surprisingly breathable while the outer shell attached to the bottom of the waist band is extremely light and the softest of the group with the deepest split so it is never in the way.. 

Our contributor Mike Postaski recently wore his at the 100K River of No Return Ultra and raved about them. See his review  in our weekly Quick Strides HERE

I wore them extensively (almost exclusively)  in cooler spring and even late winter weather as the tight underneath is about all I need down to about freezing and it was very easy to stuff even a substantial jacket into the mesh waistband as conditions changed. They were also surprisingly breathable and comfortable in hot humid conditions. 

My orange is a bit much for anything but running or hiking, (although there is also a nice conservative dark gray) as is the length, but who wears their carbon plated racers to the store!  

Priced at $160, so about what you would pay for a top trail or road shoe, they can be for sure a worthy investment for the runner who wants to ditch the belt or race vest and who is seeking the ultimate in short storage, design excellence, and for me also cool weather to warm versatility in a single do it all short. 

See my full review which also includes other 2021 Gore Wear running products HERE

Salomon S/Lab Sense 6” Short ($120)

The Salomon succeeds the awkward and expensive modular system of under and outer shorts that has been around awhile. I always race in the modular system’s  Short Tight with 2 thigh pockets under other shorts but the outer shorts plus stretch belt added up in complexity and for sure cost. 

The 6” short does away with modular but in some sense is still modular.  A very wide stretch mesh band with compartments makes up the storage. 

Sewn to it in the back is a pretty small but comfortable brief. The outer shell is tacked to the band in multiple places but essentially floats over the inner brief with air being able to pass all around: top, bottom, sides. Very airy and comfortable the Salomon shines in heat and for  storage, lots of storage in a very minimal short.  I can easily store a 500ml flask (or phone) in front, a jacket and phone out back. 

This is the short I would wear for a shorter trail race and for most workouts,  road and trail  if I needed not only the phone storage but a single flask of liquid, room for jacket and for the warmest conditions.

Adidas Terrex Agravic Pro Trail Running Short ($75)

The Agravic Pro has a similar design to the Salomon with its stretch mesh band  narrower and its corded waist band tighter. The outer liner is fully attached unlike the Salomon and it includes a brief. It easily holds a phone and several other small items but not so easily a 500ml flask, 350ml fine. 

This is the short I prefer for regular daily runs of all sorts where no liquid is to be carried or if you are using a race vest for your fluids. It has the lightest feeling outer shell and the one that moves easiest with the legs. It is also the ideal road race or marathon short of the group and I think the most run stylish with its big bold white 3 Stripes. 

See my review HERE of the other Agravic Pro apparel: jacket and tee shirt  with can all work together as a system with the jacket’s rear vents designed to work with the shorts’ pole loops

Hoka Men’s Performance Woven Short ($64)

You don’t usually (yet) associate Hoka with apparel but they are coming on strong with a brand new line in 2021.  The Hoka short is the simplest of the bunch. It has a rear envelope pocket, a small key pocket and a very well executed thigh pocket for a phone or other in the excellent very thin stretch mesh boxer (the mesh similar to the mesh the Salomon and adidas use for their storage waistband).  I was not able to carry my phone comfortably in the rear pocket without a bit too much bounce, although it easily fits,  and there is no pocket or compartment for a flask as the others have at the waist.

The ripstop outer woven shell is the stretchiest and most apparently rugged

The Hoka shines in being simple and classic in looks yet a state of the art run 5” short. I have no issue wearing it hiking, to the store, gym (although I never go there) and of course for any run be it road or trail.l

Photo Credits: Sam Winebaum and respective brands.

Tested samples were provided at no charge for review purposes oRoadTrail Run has affiliate partnerships and may earn commission on products purchased through affiliate links. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content The opinions herein are entirely the authors'.

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