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BCA Stash Pro 32L Backpack & BCA Scepter 3S Pole 2024 Reviews

Article by Jeff Valliere

BCA Stash Pro 32L Backpack ($219)

Capacity: 32L/1983ci

Weight: 2.59lbs/1174g

Sizes S/M, M/L


The BCA Stash Pro 32L is a high volume, lightweight backcountry pack, built with durable, high end materials. It is ideal for long days of ski touring, snowboarding or for other winter activities.  

The Stash Pro 32 is loaded with winter specific conveniences that sets it apart from more typical daypacks, such as easy and secure ski/board/snowshoe carry solutions, easy access rear/side compartments (easily accessible without taking the pack entirely off) and many other well thought out details for winter backcountry travel.


The shoulder straps provide a very good mix of width, padding and comfort, while not being overly thick, heavy or bulky and are easy to adjust.  

The sternum strap is secure, easy to operate and has just a bit of elasticity to it for deep breathing.  You can adjust it up and down, though not easily on the fly, so get it dialed before going out especially if it is cold.  

The back panel is well padded and comfortable, again striking great balance between comfort, flexibility, protection, without being bulky

The shoulder straps adjust tight on the lower end as is the case with most packs, but the Stash Pro 32 also has straps at the top to snug that load up closer to your back for better carry stability, comfort and confidence when carrying a heavy load.  There is also a very deep zippered pocket here that has multiple uses, as access to the internal removable back panel, storing soft items (as it is right against your back), or, as it, has hooks inside to secure a hydration bladder.  This pocket can also be accessed from inside the main compartment via a velcro opening.

This side stash pocket is amazing and has a generous opening.  I like that it is one of the few rear pockets on any pack that I can easily access and operate while on the go with my inflexible arms and poor backward reach.  I can easily stash a large water bottle here or any other sizable items I might want quick access to.  There is an internal zipper that can be zipped to keep this as a dedicated space for pass through items (there is an access zipper on the opposite side as well), or unzip the zipper for a larger main compartment.

The left side of the waist belt has a roomy zippered pocket, great for snacks or whatever you want handy, while the other side has a gear loop.

The main compartment is voluminous and has a very large zipper that extends about 180 degrees from the top side all the way to the opposite bottom side, which makes it very easy to stuff or access items quickly (instead of rummaging in a deep dark void).

Another view of the main compartment with the ample zipper fully opened.  You can see the divider at the bottom in the zipped position. It separates  the main compartment from the large side access/pass through pocket below.  If you unzip it, it is just a larger open space for bigger items, but I like keeping the divider in place for better organizing.  

There is also a nice roomy zippered pocket inside the main compartment for further organizing, complete with a key clip.

On the outside is still a slightly smaller, but still quite large pocket for organizing smaller items and another zippered pocket.  It also doubles as a probe/shovel pocket given the pass through organizers at the bottom. Above this pocket is a separate fleece lined goggle pocket.

The materials are thick and durable, yet flexible enough without that stiff, bulky feel.  Again, striking a very good balance between rugged, supportive durability and lightweight flexibility.  

There is a dedicated mesh helmet cover that tucks into its own hidden compartment that is removable and easy to deploy when needed.  Also there are ample clips and straps for securing poles, ice axe, snowshoes, skis, a snowboard, etc…


I have been using the Stash 32 for snowshoeing and as a winter pack for the added room of more gear, warmer clothes, puffy jackets, etc…  I appreciate the ample room of the 32L size, the well thought out layout of the compartments, the lightweight, yet well structured design to easily carry heavy loads with comfort and stability.  The rugged durable materials, easy to access rear/side stash pocket, helmet storage, goggle storage are all really nice too, BCA has thought of everything here.  

It is a great winter pack for just about any backcountry activity, be it skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, trekking or winter hikes.  Given the overall comfort, utility and smart design, I will also be using the Stash 32 for long summer family hikes on 14ers and high peaks where dad often gets elected to carry much of the food and extra water.

BCA Scepter 3S Pole 2024 ($109.95)

100-140cm / 67cm collapsed

12oz/340g per pole


The BCA Scepter is a sturdy carbon/aluminum 3 section winter focused pole, featuring secure locking mechanisms, multi function interchangeable baskets, a comfortable, easily adjustable velcro padded strap, a long touring foam grip for more hand grip options and a Scraper grip.

The grips are very comfortable with an ergonomic design and have broad straps that adjust via Velcro to accommodate anything from bare hands to full on expedition mitts.  The Scraper grip is handy for operating snowshoe heel lifts, manipulating backcountry bindings or scraping snow off the bottom of your boots.

The baskets provide good “float” in deep snow and are semi flexible, but I did notice this design tends to get snagged on bushes, branches or any hidden ground cover and find that a more closed design is a little more streamlined.  

The tip is concave, sharp and provides good purchase on icy, slippery surfaces.

The upper ⅓ section of the pole is made of Carbon, while the lower two sections are made of 7075 Aluminium for greater durability.

The locking mechanisms are very secure, easy to adjust (with a twist) to increase or decrease tension on the lock.  

They are pronounced enough that they are easy to operate, even while wearing mittens and have a very positive lock.  They are also quite durable.

The Scepter also has a pronounced hook at the top of the handle that is intended to manipulate backcountry ski bindings without having to bend down, snowshoe heel risers and is also great for scraping snow off the bottom of your shoes or boots.


The BCA Scepter 3S Pole is a sturdy and rugged backcountry pole which is most appropriate for winter use, but which can easily pull double duty as a sturdy, all season trekking pole.  The Scepter grip with the hook is very convenient for operating bindings or heel lifts and scraping snow, the velcro strap grip is easy to use (I really like the velcro over the bear trap strap design that can be difficult to manage) and the locking mechanisms are very secure, yet easy to use.  They easily compress down to a handy 67mm length for stowing on the Stash 32.  If I had one “complaint”, it would be that the poles are on the heavy side, which is felt, but that is the tradeoff for one of the most rugged, sturdy and durable poles I have used.

The BCA Stash Pro 32L and Specter 3S Poles available at Backcountry Access


Jeff Valliere loves to run and explore the mountains of Colorado, the steeper and more technical the better. He has summited all of the 14ers in the state and can be found on mountain trails daily, no matter the weather, season, conditions or whether there is daylight or not.  On the side he loves to ski (all forms) bike and hike, often with his family, as he introduces his 12 year old daughters to the outdoors. Jeff was born and raised in New Hampshire, but has called Colorado home for over 25 years. He is 5’9” and 145 lbs.

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