Monday, October 14, 2013

St George Marathon (UT)- Magic Course, Magic Day

A week ago a group of Park City and Houston running friends trekked to Southern Utah for the spectacular St George Marathon. Not my fastest by a few minutes but a very satisfactory 3:33 on a cool, sunny day perfect conditions for this desert course. Almost the whole gang got Boston Qualifiers or PR's.
Photo Credit: St George Marathon
It was cold and dark at the start, high 30's, but the incredible organizers light up at least a 100 campfires for the 7600 runners. Perfect.

Several of us were sporting the adidas Energy Boost (my review here)  and CEP compression sleeves. All these feet got a Boston qualifier and one got a  PR. No blisters, no cramps with plenty of responsive cushion for the long, steep downhills.

adidas Energy Boosters do St. George Marathon

The gang gets together for the group photos:

St George has been voted the best organized marathon and one of the most scenic and fastest. While it can get very hot, this year the conditions were ideal. A bucket list race for every marathoner.

Tales from The Shoe Crypt: Circa 1980 Nike Classic Run Shoes Unearthed-Waffle Racer, Mariah, Terra TC

My friend and college team mate Scott Slater was known in the day as somewhat of a pack rat. He did not disappoint recently when during an email conversation with a number of old Dartmouth runners he disclosed he had stored away a number of circa 1980 or so Nike classic shoes, some brand new,  never worn.

Here is his collection of classics. They are oh so close to what today passes for "minimal" shoes:

Nike Mariah 

Nike Terra TC
I wrote about the Terra TC here in a post about classic 70's and 80's running shoes.
Nike Track Spikes

The famous Nike Waffle Racer
Ever run in these? Your recollections of how they felt? Race memories?