Saturday, April 30, 2022

Salomon Glide Max Initial Review: Max Cruiser for Sure- Roomy, Soft and Fun!

Article by Sam Winebaum

Salomon Glide Max ($150)


The Glide Max is a  a max cushioned road training shoe. It is the first road running shoe we have tested from Salomon’s completely revamped 2022 road and trail lines (RTR Preview Article). 

As with all the new Salomon, and last year’s trail UltraGlide and Pulsar, it features a soft and energetic EVA/Olefin copolymer block Energy Surge foam midsole and Salomon’s R-Camber geometry.  Salomon confirms the Energy Surge foam is of the same density as in the UltraGlide, Pulsar, and road racing Phantasm CF (RTR Review) so quite soft. 

The midsole has no plate, rods, fingers, or Energy Blade as Salomon calls them, as most of their other 2022 road and trail shoes will have. Salomon’s approach to "plates" features different blade geometries and materials for every shoe with none carbon or carbon infused. In fact, their pinnacle long road racer, the Phantasm CF, features a differentially flexing fiberglass plate that I find more forgiving and natural running in feel than most rigid carbon plated shoes yet with plenty of impulse and a very smooth rocker from the R-Camber geometry that flows from heel to toe. 

We are stacked big at 37.4mm at the heel and 27.4 mm at the forefoot putting the Max in a class of shoes such as the Fresh Foam More v3, Nike Invincible Run, Craft CTM Ultra, adidas Prime X, Saucony Endorphin Shift and Brooks Glycerin 20 all compared in brief at the end of the article. 

The giant stack comes at a very reasonable price of $150 and competitive weight of 9.7 oz / 275g (US9 sample).

The upper is a very soft mesh with a very broad fit and high volume, not something usually associated with Salomon road or trail shoes.

Of course we also have a full coverage outsole of Contragrip rubber for durability and also I think to provide some stability.  


Highly energetic softer ride

Max cushioned for sure with a 37.5mm heel / 27.5mm forefoot stack 

Smooth flowing: stable heel, decoupling groove, rocker, front flex, and appropriate 10mm drop for the softer foam & heel strikers

Dynamic forefoot rebound at faster paces, stable heel bounce at slower paces

By far the roomiest, most comfortable and well enough held upper in a Salomon to date

Altra / Topo levels of toe box room.

Solid weight to cushion ratio (stack height, full outsole, upper)

Great walking shoe

Fairly and competitively priced 


Low volume feet and strong pronators may find the midfoot a bit too roomy

More medial support or less upper volume might improve the slower paces ride

A bit denser and firmer Energy Surge foam might improve stability and response

Friday, April 29, 2022

Brooks Running Women's Run Within Collection Review

Article by Dominique Winebaum

Brooks Running – Run Within Collection 

I received a “media package” from Brooks Running with apparel from the Run Within Collection and a running bra. They are beautiful running and  workout clothes that are versatile, stylish, youthful looking (some midriff showing with crop), and made with lightweight and breathable technical fabric in gorgeous colorways.  

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Brooks Running Divide 3 Multi Tester Review: No Compromises Road to Trails Fit & Performance for $100! 10 Comparisons

Article by Jeff Valliere and Mike Postaski

Brooks Running Divide 3 ($100)


Jeff V:  The Divide 3 receives a complete makeover from the previous versions, with an all new outsole, Loft DNA v1 midsole and new upper.  Versions 1 and 2 were remarkably good shoes for the $100 price point, but the Divide 3 is a remarkably great shoe for any price point! Intended for door to trail, I would clarify that the Divide 3 would be better called a “door to just about any trail” shoe, for not only it’s excellent road manners, but also it’s all around capability even on technical terrain.


Jeff V:  Cushion, comfort, accommodating but secure upper, versatility, price

Loft DNA V1 cushion is consistent and just right for a training shoe Mike P/Jeff V

Very roomy toebox, wide across the forefoot Mike P/Jeff V

Neutral, stable landing base without being overly wide Mike P/Jeff V

Quality seems much, much higher than price point Mike P/Jeff V


Jeff V:  Hmmm….  I can’t really come up with a complaint for a $100 shoe

Ride can feel a bit flat (but I actually like this aspect in a trainer) Mike P

Race Report: Joost's Long Road from NYC 2019 to the 2022 Boston Marathon

Article by Joost de Raeymaeker

After NYC 2019, I was on a high. I’d just run a 2:26:10 PB in Berlin 5 weeks earlier. At age 51 and going on 52, I was able to wring out a 2:28:16 in the NYC marathon. It was early November, and after a little rest, a minor foot injury and the Christmas holidays in Belgium with my family, I picked up training in Luanda, Africa where I live in January 2020. My sights were on the Abbott Majors World Championship in London. At 52, there wouldn’t be many younger runners in my age bracket to challenge me. Everything was set and booked.


Then of course Covid hit. When they declared a state of emergency in Angola, restricting basic rights like freedom to leave your house, I still had some hope that the two weeks of “flattening the curve” would be sufficient. Vain hope, of course, as we now all know, but I kept on training, paying the guards at one of Luanda’s soccer stadiums to let me and a friend into the closed parking lot to train.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

ASICS GEL-Cumulus 24 Multi Tester Review: a More Mellow Riding Cloud! 8 Comparisons

Article by Dominique Winebaum, Ryan Eiler and Sam Winebaum

ASICS GEL-Cumulus 24 ($130)


Dominique:  I am excited to be testing another “cloud” shoe from ASICS, the Cumulus 24 after testing the Nimbus 24 in late December.  New to both models, I have been pondering which one might be better suited for me – the Nimbus or the Cumulus.  This new iteration of the Cumulus comes with significant changes, both in the upper and in the midsole, namely a new Jacquard mesh upper with gusset and FlightFoam Blast throughout the midsole with 3D Space gender specific construction of hexagon pillars in the top of the midsole.  

The drop has been reduced from 10 mm to 8 mm, which is significantly lower than the 13 mm drop for the Nimbus in the women’s version.  In parallel, I have been testing the ON Cloudmonster (RTR Review), another “cloud” shoe,

Sam: Not my first Cumulus that is for sure. In recent years and especially with the Cumulus 23 (RTR Review)  they have gotten softer, less Trusstic and big heel counter structured with the last edition the 23 one of my favorite all around trainers of 2021 for its soft enough forefoot and lively snappy any pace ride.  

The 24 gets a new dual density softer yet and for sure bouncier Flightfoam Blast Plus midsole with 3mm more forefoot and 1mm more heel stack of foam and yes in a trend shaping up here a softer engineered Jacquard mesh upper.  Would the magic of forgiving do it all trainer with some get up and go be improved especially given FF Blast which is so great in the Novablast ( slightly firmer flavor of Blast) or fade away in all the new found softness? 


Pleasant, eager to please ride - Ryan

A velvety yet stable feel during footstrike - Ryan/Sam

Lots of impact damping from the midsole - Ryan

Highly comfortable upper - Ryan/Sam

Plenty of toe room minus a wide toebox –  Dominique 

Extremely comfortable from the midsole to the upper – Dominique/Sam 

Welcome weight drop of 0.6 oz / 17g with 3mm more forefoot stack height

Upper made from recycled materials


Lacking depth of cushion as compared to competitors - Ryan/Sam

Overly soft lacking in snap mid to forefoot (3mm more stack of FF Blast Plus +soft outsole) Sam


Non-propulsive ride characteristics. Is the softer than FlightFoam Blast new Plus flavor too soft for this geometry?- Ryan/Sam

Not as bouncy as Novablast with FlightFoam Blast – Dominique 

A bit too “casual” soft and friendly a daily trainer upper fit for narrow feet in regular sizing with wides also available. Sam

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Reseña Completa: New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12 (Spanish)

Article by Beto Hughes

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12 ($160)

El 1080 v12 regresa con su misma base pero pequeños cambios en la plataforma, geometría, Hyponit más cómodo y adiós al Ultra Heel!!!

Tester Profile

Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

31 años, Estatura 176cm, Peso 89kg

Comencé a correr en 2016 y a entrenar para bajar de peso, solía pesar 135 kg y entre correr y Crossfit comenzó mi amor por la vida saludable y Fitness, y claro por correr, ahora estoy enfocado en pronto calificar para el Boston Marathon. Kilometraje por semana: 100 a 125 km en Asfalto. nDistancia Favorita: Maratón y Medio Maratón. También el Ultra Marathon. Maraton PR 3:22, Medio Maraton PR 1:31, 10k PR 41:52 5k PR 20:05

Me puedes seguir en Instagram @betohughes


  • Hypoknit un upper muy cómodo que se acomoda y amolda muy bien al pie.

  • Nueva talonera más cómoda y acolchada que sujeta bien el talón. 

  • Sensación al correr muy cómoda y acolchada en la parte delantera del pie.

  • Buen rocker en cada paso al correr.

  • Plataforma más ancha y más estable que su versión anterior y se siente a cualquier ritmo.

  • La media suela Fresh Foam X esta bien balanceada entre suave y densa perfecto para corredores pesados.


  • Viene un poco más largo a su talla.

  • Es algo pesado y tosco para usarse en entrenamientos de velocidad.

  • Le hace falta un poco más de respuesta a la media suela pero es más orientado a trotes diarios y suaves.

Monday, April 25, 2022

ASICS GEL-Trabuco 10 Review

Article by Bryan Lim

ASICS GEL-Trabuco 10 ($130)


Bryan: The GEL-Trabuco line of shoes is an understated trail shoe that sits as Asics’ flagship trail option (as opposed to the maximal rocker based Trabuco Max (RTR Review) and lightweight more door to trail Fuji Lite 2 (RTR Review)) but yet does not receive any marketing attention, at least in Australia. There’s even a Gore-Tex variant.

I thought of giving the Trabuco 10 a try after enjoying runs in the Fuji Trabuco Lyte, the predecessor of the Fuji Lite 2 . The Lyte and Lite 2 are limited to less technical trails with shallow lugs and lack of a rock plate although still very versatile being lightweight and flexible.

Having previously tried on the Trabuco 9 in store, I thought to give the 10 a try and take it out training for and racing a sky-marathon out in the Victorian high country. It’s what any runner would expect in a standard trail shoe; moderate stack height, accommodating toe box, rock plate and deep lugs. 

Avis et Impressions: Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8- une simple mise à jour

Article par Jeremy Marie

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8 (140€)


Après la mise à jour majeure opérée sur la version 7,  Nike s’est contenté de revoir l’empeigne sur cette nouvelle Kiger 8.

La semelle intermédiaire conserve la même combinaison d’une épaisse couche de mousse React, un insert Air Zoom à l’avant, le tout accompagné d’une plaque de protection contre les pierres.

La semelle externe est identique elle aussi, avec une gomme différenciée entre l’avant et l’arrière.

Les changements se situent du côté de la tige, qui se compose de deux parties: la partie externe, très ajourée, fine, presque grillagée, est doublée d’une couche de protection interne, évitant aux poussières et débris de pénétrer le chaussant, tout en restant, en théorie, assez respirable. Le système de laçage a lui aussi été reconduit quasiment tel quel.

Nike assure avoir retravaillé le talon sur cette 8ème version, mais les différences sont minimes


Empeigne parfaitement ajustée, avec un maintien sûr du coup de pied à l’avant.

Toebox spacieuse

La protection des cailloux sous le pied est excellente

Amorti très dynamique du talon au medio-pied

Grip très correct en conditions sèches.


On est loin des premières Kiger, légère, flexibles et dynamiques. Le gain de poids au fil des années est important, et la Kiger pèse autant que des chaussures d’ultra-trail.

Amorti à l’avant assez sec, et fatiguant pour le pied, inconfortable après 2h..peut-être à cause de l’ensemble “crampons-plaque” qui pousse contre l’unité Zoom Air

La traction est moyenne en conditions un peu boueuses, et toujours aussi médiocre dès quele terrain est humide…La dureté des crampons la rende moyennement agréable sur les portions de route.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 Initial Runs Review & Details.

Article by Nils Scharff

Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 ($250)

The new Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 is in for testing! 

The release color in the pink unicorn look might not be for everyone, but we are sure Saucony will offer more colorways soon after the release in June. What changes from the previous version? 

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 Initial Review - a ride close to perfection

Article by Marcel Krebs

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 ($160)


The Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 made its debut as part of the launch of the highly successful Endorphin product line in 2020, and what a debut it was! The Speed quickly became the star of the Endorphin lineup, almost outshining its "big brother", the Endorphin Pro. The reason for this was primarily the outstanding running feel with great propulsion in combination with a comparatively low weight, and especially so in the light of the generous cushioning. 

Last year, the successor was therefore all the more eagerly awaited. The midsole remained unchanged, it was merely an update of the upper. In version 2, Saucony opted for a dual-layer mesh, whose outer layer was quite firm/stiff and therefore hardly stretchy. In combination with the pointed toe box, the successor was therefore unfortunately more of a setback than a step forward for runners with wide forefeet, while runners with narrow feet were able to enjoy an even better fit. 

From left to right: ES1, ES2, ES2 Runshield, ES3

Just in time for the fall and the not infrequently accompanying mixed weather, Saucony then brought out the Endorphin Speed 2 in a RUNSHIELD variant to the market last year and managed to square the circle: The dense and comparatively firm, because water-repellent, upper material gave the Speed not only additional stability, but also kept the feet reliably dry. And all this in combination with a significantly more comfortable toe box as well as a significant weight loss. 

Along with the grippier outsole, the Saucony RUNSHIELD Speed 2 was my favorite for a variety of different training runs in fall and winter, not least because of the improved stability, the Speed 2 RUNSHIELD also cut an excellent figure as a daily trainer during slower runs. As a result, it was more than well deserved that the Saucony Speed 2 RUNSHIELD became my ‘Road Shoe of The Year 2021’.

With this in mind, I was all the more excited and pleased when I was informed at the beginning of April that I could test the brand new Saucony Endorphin Speed 3. In the next sections, you'll find out in detail how the Speed 3 performed compared to its predecessors and how it fits into Saucony's new Endorphin lineup.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ und Metaspeed Sky+ angekündigt. Unsere Analyse ! (German)

Article by Sam Winebaum, translation by Nils Scharff

Am 23. April 2022 hat ASICS die nächste Generation ihrer Marathonwettkampfschuhe, den Metaspeed Edge+ und Metaspeed Sky+ angekündigt.  Beide werden voraussichtlich am 14. Juni in den Handel kommen und unverändert für 250 Euro zu haben sein.

SATISFY Running Apparel Reviews and Interview: Truly Eliminating Distractions -Peace and Silence Technology

Article by Jeremy Marie and Sam Winebaum 

Satisfy Running

Satisfy Running is a French brand based in Paris. It is safe to say they are truly unique in the running apparel space. Sourcing entirely in Europe and Japan from fabrics mostly made to their specs,  the brand blends impeccable artisanal fabrication, super comfortable high performance fabrics and a unique sober serious style bridging high fashion, popular culture, and run culture. Satisfy makes no excuses for its very high pricing and our testing confirmed the quality and performance of every piece. Jeremy and I set out to test several of their products and also share the brand's story interviewing its founder, Brice Partouche.

adidas Terrex Agravic Pro Review: more carbon plated hiker than runner. 8 Comparisons

Article by Jeff Valliere and Mike Postaski

adidas Terrex Agravic Pro ($220)


Jeff V:  adidas Terrex’s entry into the carbon plated trail shoe market, the Agravic Pro features a BOA dial for quick, easy and precise fit, Lightstrike midsole for long distance support and an aggressive Continental outsole with 5mm lugs.  I am not sure exactly what adidas was aiming for with the Agravic Pro, but I find it to be much better suited for long day hikes/slow runs on technical, all mountain terrain, vs. being a quick or efficient running shoe due to its weight, stiffness and lack of response.  Protection is bulletproof underfoot, as is the upper.


Protection, traction, BOA fit dial, recycled materials Jeff V/Mike P

Efficient (for weight) forward ride Mike P

BOA fit is great (up front only) - nice security without any lace pressure Mike P

Bombproof protection and outsole Mike P


Weight, heel hold, stiffness, toasty upper, lack of agility, price Jeff V/Mike P

BOA seems to have no effect on rear foot hold Mike P

Single direction BOA - no way to gradually loosen Mike P

Non-fitted neoprene collar lets any & all debris in Mike P


Sample men's (US10) 12.4oz  / 350g 

Stack Height: men’s 32mm heel / 28mm forefoot (4mm drop)

Available now: $220 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

ON Running Cloudrunner Multi Tester Review

Article by Matt Kolat, Jeremy Marie, and Sam Winebaum

ON Running Cloudrunner ($140)


Sam: The Cloudrunner is positioned by ON as a “light” stability model. By light they mean it has moderate pronation control features. Specifically these features are: 

  • reinforced medial side upper using a full midfoot to heel panel of denser mesh. I would say the upper is “trail shoe” worthy in its overall construction and support

  • smaller CloudTec elements on the medial side than lateral side to control movement

  • raised midsole side walls or “rails” with again as with the upper the medial side rails more substantial than lateral side.

  • a wider Speedboard plate than usual

  • Zero Gravity midsole foam which is quite dense.


  • Style! Matt, Jeremy/ Sam

  • Quality!  as usual with ON shoes. Jeremy/Sam

  • Comfy upper, plush with thick foam padding without feeling “too much” Jeremy/Sam

  • Nice, gentle foothold without any tightness Jeremy

  • Heaps of room up front. Jeremy/Sam

  • A comfortable Swiss bank vault of an upper with trails worthy support Sam

  • Outsole is grippy even on wet surface Jeremy, Matt

  • Easily doubles up as a daily sneaker Jeremy/Matt/Sam

  • Really good heel counter that’s not obtrusive Matt/Sam

  • Fits custom orthotics to allow for more stability and customized experience Matt

  • Well executed post less light stability suitable for neutral fans as well, with effective rails that are not in way.  Sam

  • Potential cross over to gym due to overall support Sam
  • Flexible Speedboard is a big improvement over older ON. Doesn’t over prescribe stride type  Sam
  • 90% of the polyester and 30% of overall shoe is recycled content


  • Cushion to weight ratio is not that good at 10.45 oz  / 295g (US9)  Jeremy/ Matt/Sam

  • Midsole foam feels dull. Deserves a bit softer (Helion?) ride considering the target. Jeremy/Sam

  • A bit firm upfront (too much so for longer runs) Jeremy/ Matt/Sam

  • A bit too soft at the heel despite stability focus Jeremy/ Matt

  • Overbuilt if comfortable upper that would be ideal on a trail shoe Sam

  • Not an easy flowing ride, the transitions between midfoot and forefoot lacks something Jeremy/ Matt

  • Not stable enough to be considered for overpronators Matt

  • Between types. Basically a firmer, on the heavy side mostly neutral shoe with the support from the upper, moderate raised sidewalls, tweaks to CloudTec elements, and broad base Sam