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Craft Pro Endur Distance Multi Tester Review: Px Foam! 11 Comparisons

Article by Ivan Luca Corda, Matt Crehan and Sam Winebaum

Craft Pro Endur Distance ($150)


Sam: Craft of Sweden, well known for their nordic ski and summer training apparel burst on the footwear scene the last few years with a distinctive line of road running shoes with a lean towards dirt road and pavement ultra running. The CTM Ultra, Ultra Carbon, and Race Rebel all surprised us with their stable, near max legal heel heights, aggressive 10mm drops, and multi surface outsoles. All blended an EVA outer carrier with either a  PEBA central core (CTM Ultra)  and in the case of the Ultra Carbon and Race Rebel a carbon plate in place of the PEBA.

The Pro Endur carries forward the stable rear geometry and aggressive drop (9mm) but goes with an all expanded beads Px Foam TPE midsole foam in the same family of thermoplastic elastomers as PEBA but here with no plate of any kind.  Px Foam is made without chemical cross linking agents and is said by Craft to have be made of  “raw materials that are environmentally friendly and re-usable. This means that Px Foam is a green technology -  ultra-high performance and recyclable.”

The stability required for this energetic dynamic foam is provided by the foam itself here, the broad on the ground geometry and a substantial although not as aggressively lugged fuller contact outsole than prior Craft. Yet, we  discovered the broader platform and outsole are even more than adequate for fun and fast running on non technical trails and park paths, continuing Craft’s multi surfaces versatility theme.

Coming in at a 36mm heel / 27mm forefoot full stack height and approximately  9.42 oz  / 267g (US9) it is reasonable in weight for its stack and full outsole.

The simple thin one piece upper has no traditional overlays beyond a single strap like overlay on the medial for support and to connect the two sides of the upper in similar fashion to many adizero shoes. But the upper is not overlay free, as barely seen but effective, it has many very thin longitudinal TPU printed overlays which essentially deliver the support. 

Matt: The Craft Pro Endur does what I’ve been waiting for a shoe to really do, which is highlight just how good new PEBA like foams are without a plate. 


Very pleasant and forgiving ride no matter the distance: Ivan / Sam / Matt

Softer, lively rebounding ride and cushion, and plenty of it: Sam / Ivan

Just about any pace (and distance) friendly: Sam

Plateless construction lets PEBA foam’s energy shine: Sam

Very stable rear of shoe, so much fun on downhills: Sam / Ivan

Copious outsole stabilizes and provides some response: Sam

Grippy outsole on wet roads: Matt

Green Tech: Px Foam is made with a natural foaming agent with no chemical cross linking agents All raw materials are environmentally friendly and re-usable and recyclable Sam



Lace up is tedious, but effective: Sam / Matt

Front of midfoot fit is a touch baggy and tubular, could wrap better there: Sam / Ivan

Could use a touch more forefoot pop and snap, a bit too soft: Sam / Ivan

A bit too flexible up front: Ivan / Matt / Sam

Rear of upper could use a bit more medial structure/support: Matt/Sam

Thin tongue as with other thin tongue shoes on early runs can cut into ankle when wearing low socks: Matt

Tester Profiles

Ivan Luca Corda: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Current age group: 45+. Height: 5’11 Weight: 140 lbs

Began running in 2012 (age 36). Weekly mileage: 50-80 miles (mostly roads and light paths/trails) Favorite distance: Marathon. Memorable running experiences: Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon ‘17 (above Arctic Circle starting at midnight in full daylight), Copenhagen Marathon PB in 2022 in 2:37:52. First Ultramarathon in 2020 (100 km) and 3rd at Danish National Championship and then again in 2021.

Passionate about analyzing all sort of data by using every possible gadget. This also includes comparing running shoes by measuring running mechanics.

Matt is the owner of Made to Run an independent running store based between Manchester and Liverpool in the UK, which he runs alongside his mother Susan who competed in the 1987 Rome World Championships 10,000m and 1988 Seoul Olympic Marathon for Great Britain. So with running in the family, Matt has high goals of replicating what his mother did and having raced at the national level over in the UK for the last 15 years, Matt made a further step towards his goal on his 30th birthday when he won the 2021 Manchester Marathon in 2:18.23, followed two weeks later by winning the Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon. Matt also has PR's for the 5km -14:18, 10km  - 30:11 and HM - 65:28. Matt’s next goal will be to take on his first marathon major at Octobers London Marathon. Matt is also the author of The Art of Running, a graphic novel about legendary runner Steve Prefonatine. Instagram - GoCre91

Sam is the Editor and Founder of Road Trail Run. He is 64 with a 2018 3:40 Boston qualifier. 2022 will be Sam’s 50th year of running. He has a decades old 2:28 marathon PR. These days he runs halves in the just sub 1:40 range training 30-40 miles per week mostly at moderate paces on the roads and trails of New Hampshire and Utah. He is 5’9” tall and weighs about 164 lbs if he is not enjoying too many fine New England IPA’s.


Approx, Weight: men's 9.3 oz  / 264g (US9)

Samples: men’s 9.17 oz / 260g (US8.5) 260g, 8.9 oz / 253g (US8.5) 

Stack Height:  men’s       36mm heel / 27mm forefoot

                        women’s  34mm heel  / 25mm forefoot:

Drop: 9mm

Available now. $150

First Impressions, Fit and Upper

Ivan: One of my favorite long-distance shoes last year was the Craft CTM Ultra. I used it a lot during my high mileage training leading up to the 100K Danish National Championships in the summertime. The higher drop and overall geometry seemed to work well for me and especially on those back-to-back long runs with fatigued legs and often sore calf muscles. 

Jumping forward to this spring, I was really happy to discover that Craft was about to release another long-distance trainer with the Craft Pro Endur Distance. Same day as I received it from Craft, and only 10 days after an all-out Copenhagen Marathon, I went for a 32 km run straight out the box. 

Lacing them up before the run I was a little worried about the structure of the upper compared to the former CTM Ultra which just fit me like a glove. Besides feeling extremely comfortable under foot the shoe felt a bit too spacious overall. I decided to switch for a thicker pair of socks and do a heel lock, which definitely improved the fit and also helped with the quite long laces. 

The midfoot hold and front still felt a bit baggy, but I didn’t find it overly bothersome during my run. However, I would have loved to try it out a half size down as I think there is enough space within the shoe also lengthwise. Please also note that Craft’s conversions from US to EUR sizes are already a bit different than usual. Normally a US 8.5 would convert into an EUR 42 but in this case it is an EUR 41.5. 

When considering the fit we also have to take into account that this is meant as a long distance trainer or even an ultra distance shoe. During those kinds of runs our feet usually swell up a bit and therefore a lot of runners benefit from the generous fit. 

Craft is using a one-piece engineered mesh for the upper. Maybe I could wish for a touch more structure in the upper but overall it feels very comfortable, soft and light and not really noticeable during the run which I like. I would have preferred that the tongue was a bit thicker. Lace bite hasn’t been an issue. Probably due to some fairly stretchy laces. Personally, I just prefer less stretch and more padding for a tighter and more secure hold instead. 

Sam: My white with canary yellow and blue and some green highlights has a simple, elegant, modern, aesthetic, as do all recent Craft. They really have mastered the visual design of all of their shoes.

I will first focus on the lacing. Out of the box they were laced top down through all lace holes. The laces lock very strongly through their slits with a lot of work to get the shoe on. I played around with other lacing arrangements but in the end found the stock approach best as it really locked down the foot adequately enough in what is a quite spacious tubular and unstructured type of upper fit. 

The heel counter is semi rigid with a rigid plastic overlay wrapping the far rear to the lateral side. A good move given the softer foam here and high stack but wonder why it doesn’t instead or also wrap to the medial side as well..

I do think given the relative softness of the foam the ankle collars as they tie into the lacing could be more substantial as we have no “substantial” overlays at mid foot.  

I say more substantial as there overlays as the entire upper is coated with very thin longitudinal overlays which in addition to a small gusset strap on the tongue are the only support elements beyond a medial overlay which also joins the two sides of the one piece upper in similar fashion to some adizero shoes.

The fit is true to size for me and a bit over voluminous or baggy at the very front of the eyelets as the forefoot begins. 

I have relatively narrow feet but not super narrow and the upper generally worked well but I think could benefit from a touch less mid foot volume given its unstructured nature.

Matt: This was my first Craft shoe, and I was surprised by the idea and design of the Pro Endur, a TPE foam shoe without a plate. For me the use of carbon or various plastic plates has been used to stabilize softer and more substantial stacks of foam that have been put into recent shoes, as well as for some individuals having the benefit of a spring like effect. 

So the idea of a TPE based shoe without a plate sounded like a great idea for some of those easier days but it would all come down to if it they could make it not have that soft mushy feeling that some max cushion training shoes have, and to ensure it offered enough stability to use on days when your legs felt a little worse for wear or when you planned on taking it out on the long run. The shoe proved me wrong on a number of counts, from my thoughts of it as a recovery day/easy mileage shoe to if it would be stable enough, but I’ll get into that later. 

For now let's focus on upper and fit. I agree with Sam that with the initial lacing the Craft Endure Pro isn’t the easiest shoe to get your foot inside, add to that a heel lock lacing, due to my glass ankles and a slightly too soft heel cup for me, and there’s not much chance of me being lazy and sliding my foot in the shoe with unlacing the shoe each time.. a bad habit I know. 

The upper is light and roomy and drains well (assisted by the highly perforated sockliner) having got it completely drenched in the shoe a couple times in the lovely British summer we’re having.. 

I’d prefer a little more overlay on the medial side just to help add that little bit of stability, having injured my right medial ankle ligaments several times, I just need that extra little support from the shoe upper, and I found it  slightly lacking there, possibly by extending those white dashed overlays from the medial toe box to the heel and that would be enough. 

In a UK10 the Craft pro Endur fit true to size for me and I’ll have no problem taking it on some 20 + mile long runs in my next marathon cycle in a month's time.       


Craft shared details about its Px Foam midsole with RTR as follows:

“Px Foam is a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) It is in the same family as Pebax and at least as responsive as Pebax, but it is Craft's own unique technology. 

Regular EVA rebound is in the 50% range and can’t be made as soft and keep high performance. PX foam rebound is 72%. Px Foam was jointly developed with Shandong University using Xinrui Science and Technology Supercritical fluid Micro-foaming Technology Laboratory to carry out experiments on process technology, equipment design, material analysis and physical property testing. A single, natural foaming agent is used in making Px Foam without adding any chemical cross-linking agents or other processIes. All raw materials are environmentally friendly and re-usable. This means that Px Foam is a green technology -  ultra-high performance and recyclable."


Px Foam comes in at a durometer of 50 Asker C. Yet the foam maintains a Rebound of ≥ 72% and a Compression ratio of ≤ 20. In simple terms this means that this lightweight foam has a soft feel and a rebound that is as good as anything else in the market. A lot of bounce and great stability for an incredible ride!”

Ivan: The midsole is where the real magic happens here. But let me just start off by also mentioning the insole which is quite unusual and I believe also contributes a great deal to a very pleasant underfoot sensation. Instead of the thick and lively TPU insole used in the CTM Ultra which was on the heavy side, Craft went with a lighter and very dampening insole with a hexagonal pattern all the way through this time around. It feels extremely comfortable and complements the already springy foam underneath very well. 

As for the midsole itself it goes by the name ‘Px Foam’ and has a lower density than traditional EVA making it 20% lighter. Craft claims that it offers a higher amount of energy return while providing great shock-resistance and flexibility. 

I can only agree 100% to this and I doubt that I can describe it better. The TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Px Foam has a distinct light and springy feel to it. Very reminiscent of some other great performance oriented midsoles such as the Saucony Endorphin Speed and Asics Metaspeed Edge. Just without the plate and therefore some more flexibility and ground feel.

I really like the geometry of Pro Endur Distance. While I also enjoyed the slimmer profile of the CTM Ultra this one might be better suited for most for those longest runs. The platform is definitely much wider, and especially at the heel, for a more stable ride from heel to toe. Considering that that foam is more dynamic this is also a necessity. The listed stack height is 36mm / 27mm in mens (and 34/25 in women’s) and I would say that it runs like that too. Maybe not an absolutely max cushioned feel but very close and in my opinion it has a very balanced feel all the way though. 

Sam: The Px TPE foam, stable heel, and flexible forefoot all come together for a forgiving, energetic, and exciting midsole. Big smiles here with none of the instability yet one must admit slightly more exciting feel of the Invincible Run from Nike’s Zoom X and none of the extra weight of expanded TPU bead midsoles such as in Saucony’s PWRRUN+ in the Triumph series. The foam itself is similar in feel to Saucony’s PWRRUN PB foam but springier and bouncier and I think a touch softer. It also reminds of a more lively and for lighter adidas Boost foam.

Ivan describes the midsole well and I concur that the heel stability for such a high stack of 36mm heel / 27mm forefoot is excellent as is the forefoot stability while remaining flexible, maybe a bit too flexible. There is clear rebound, vibration dampening and enough softness for any pace running without being mushy or plated over firm. It is notable Craft achieved this super foam ride without any plates. 

Matt: As I mentioned in my initial impressions, seeing the specs of the shoe and lack of any form of plate, had me label in my mind as a shoe that was going to suit easy paced miles and recovery day mileage after tough track session, and just as my initial impressions that the On CloudMonster would suit the same, the Craft Endur Pro proved me to be wrong. It’s Px foam does offer a soft and plush feeling on initial step in and over easy paces (7-8 min mile pace for me) it does feel like a competent mileage shoe, but it is when you step it up a gear and hit that tempo to steady range (5:30-6:30 mile pace for me) that the Craft Endur Pro really came into its own for me. Since getting the shoe to test I’ve managed around 60 miles in it, two easy pace 7:20/ mile. runs of around 8-10 mile, where it felt good, though a little clunky on my foot, but it was on the 10 mile steady and progressive runs that it felt really good, over a mix of road and light trail. Here the responsiveness of the Px foam really came into play and the shoe felt really smooth here even on slightly heavy and tired legs. I even ventured to the local parkrun and stupidly without warming up ticked off a sub 17 5k, helping pace a couple fellow attendees and the shoe moved well from the start, even after setting off a little harder than needed at low 5 min mile pace. 


I agree with both Sam and Ivan that the stability of the heel and forefoot is excellent and the wider base of the shoe more than make up for that lack of a plate to offer structure, and this despite the slight lack of stability I found in the upper,  the midsole was a delight, something I again thought might not be the case due to the use of TPE foam. 


Ivan: A fairly thick rubber outsole covers almost the entire length of the shoe. Apart from some diagonal treads around the heel and very front there is not a lot of structure to the outsole. Craft describes it as an inset road rubber outsole, but the lack of lugs haven’t caused me any issues while running on softer surfaces such as gravel and dirt roads. 

Despite Craft’s description, I could wish for better traction on wet roads though. I wasn’t sliding around but at times the outsole did not stick as much as I prefer in those conditions.This is especially noticeable when turning corners. Otherwise the outsole has a nice soft feel to it and runs pretty quiet which I appreciate. From official photos a deep groove runs horizontally in the forefoot creating more flexibility. However, my pair only has 3 thinned out “lines” in the outsole. I think this is a good final decision by Craft as I find the forefoot plenty flexible already. A deep vertical flex groove in the forefoot also helps create a more guided and very stable ride despite the lively character of the midsole.

Sam: The copious rubber coverage in a flatter, greater ground contact design with a long decoupling groove stands in sharp contrast to Craft’s usual aggressively lugged designs yet I found it gripped hard packed dirt and gravel extremely well and was smooth on pavement. The full coverage in concert with the midsole geometry also help deliver excellent stability for the relatively soft and bouncy foam here.

Matt: The parkrun I did was a mix of ¾ hard packed dirt and gravel, with the other ¼ road and the significant amount of rubber coverage coped well on both surfaces, and as mentioned earlier discussing the drainage of the upper again the rubber outsole worked great when dealing with the wet tarmac surfaces I’ve faced since testing the shoe in here in the UK. 


Ivan: I absolutely love the ride of this shoe which is both well cushioned, balanced and dynamic. It is a versatile workhorse without ever feeling heavy or clunky underfoot. The flexibility in the forefoot contributes to a smooth pleasant ride and the fair amount of stability doesn’t prevent a natural stride. 

The shoe shines at most paces but lacks some rigidity for faster workouts. Having plenty of well cushioned tempo shoes with plates, I actually think this a great alternative to those long easy and medium paced runs. During my runs the shoe always felt stable despite the spacious upper and quite energetic Px Foam. The wide platform, a solid heel counter and the well covered outsole definitely helps in this regard. 

I enjoy running at all types of surfaces in the Pro Endur Distance. On tarmac the midsole provides a lot of energy return while it has a dampening feel to it on softer surfaces. Plenty of cushion no matter and among the shoes in my rotation which leave me most recovered after long runs. 

Matt: The shoe is a real pleasure to run in, and for me its sweet spot is in the steady to tempo paces, with it feeling just a little heavy for faster work and that weight making it feel clunky at the easier paces.  

Sam: An amazingly versatile, energetic, easy on the legs ride here at most all paces and even one can say multi surfaces as on light trails the shoe conforms to small terrain differences in a unique way without losing stability. 

I agree with Matt that the Endur chimes brightest at steady paces being a bit clunky at speed lacking forefoot pop and is a touch ponderous at slow paces. A bit more medial rear upper support with maybe the TPU overlay of the lateral side also extending to medial side with additional structure to the upper as it connects laces to the rear. could improve the ride at both of these extremes as might a touch firmer rubber. This said it is one of the finest and most fun (always important in my book) all around rides of 2022 so far 

Conclusions and Recommendations

Ivan: The Craft Pro Endur Distance has exceeded all my expectations and has even surpassed the Craft CTM Ultra as one of my all-time favorite long-distance trainers. Yes, I would prefer a tighter fit overall and the black version I received might not be the most exciting one, but that is very much a personal preference. 

As a long-distance trainer, I definitely consider the accommodating fit acceptable, leaving room for some foot swelling. However, the real star of the show is found beneath and the full Px Foam midsole delivers exactly what Craft claims. Superior feel and rebound for an efficient stride. Having a shoe that can handle a wide variety of distances and paces with ease and comfort is such a valuable weapon in any running shoe rotation. While not suited for the fastest of runs it definitely excels at pretty much anything else. It has enough cushion for any kind of runner but still light and nimble enough to ever feel sluggish. 

Ivan’ Score: 9.3 / 10.0

Ride: 9.8/10 (50%), Fit: 8.5/10 (30%), Value: 9.5/10 (15%), Style: 8.5/10 (5%)

Matt: The Craft Pro Endur has surprised and delighted me and has definitely found itself a place in my next marathon cycle shoe rotation for those steady and tempo runs.The Px foam delivers on being a soft and responsive foam technology. I think it will suit most types of runners and become a great shoe for their rotations, especially with its outsole allowing for it to be taken on both road and light trails. My only negatives are the stability of the upper, I’d like just a bit more structure across the medial side, and in contrast to both Sam and Ivan I found the shoe to be slightly on the heavier side, which at paces at both ends of the spectrum left it feeling clunky.    

Matt’s Score: 7.8/10 

Ride 7/10 (50%), Fit: 9/10 (30%), Value: 8.5/10 (15%), Style: 7/10 (5%)

Sam: Striding fast into the top tier of running shoe brands, Craft just a few years into the race delivers a unique midsole with its Px Foam. It is an energetic TPE foam that for me is right between heavier adidas Boost and lighter but firmer Saucony PWRRUN PB in feel so with a nice rebound  but with enough internal structure to the foam due to its relatively firm on the gauge  durometer of 50 Asker C  yet also at the same time having high rebound of ≥ 72% according to Craft.  

What does all of this heavy duty data mean? You get an energetic, very stable underfoot ride that is just fun to run and is in no way punishing. I do find the platform could use a touch more front response and pop for faster paces, maybe through a touch firmer rubber to act as a sort of plate, the Endur having none.

The upper is decently supportive but could use more medial structure and a bit less front of midfoot volume as it is a bit tubular in feel there. Potentially changing the all longitudinal consistent array of very thin overlays to a more targeted approach might help. The lacing system is a bit fussy but in the end is effective in helping secure the foot in what is a quite unstructured upper.

Reasonable in weight at 9.3 oz  / 264g for its big stack 36mm heel / 27 mm forefoot if you are looking for an energetic all around trainer focused on distance, and all round not only means almost all paces but some light trails too, the Endur is a top choice. At $150 given its state of the art midsole foam, versatility, quality construction and expected strong durability it is a good value as well.

Sam’s Score: 9.30 /10 

Ride 9.45 / 10 (50%), Fit: 9/10 (30%), Value:9.5 / 10 (15%), Style: 9 /10 (5%)

11 Comparisons

Index to all RTR reviews: HERE

Craft CTM Ultra (RTR Review)

Stack Height: men’s 40 mm heel / 10 mm forefoot 

Ivan: Craft CTM Ultra does not feel as fun, soft and energetic as the Pro Endur Distance but I really like the kind of sloped geometry of the shoe. The drop is definitely more noticable and I have always enjoyed it for those days with sore achilles/calf muscles. It doesn't provide quite the same wide and stable platform though. Unlike many others, I really like the fit of the CTM Ultra despite being thinner and less structured. It just seems to fit the shape of my foot really well. 

Sam: The CTM Ultra, as Ivan says, has a more aggressive geometry on a narrower platform with a combination of rocker and flex and with an outer light EVA frame with internally a PEBA insert. It actually makes for a nice up tempo or even long race pairing with the Endur. 

Saucony Triumph 19  (RTR Review)

Sam: I did not run the 19 but did the 18. About an ounce heavier on a slightly lower platform the Triumph has an expanded TPU beads midsole to the TPE in the Endur. The Endur Px Foam is lighter, more energetic and springy, and I think more flexible in nature. In this match up Endur wins. 

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run  (RTR Review)

Ivan: The Nike Invincible is a far softer and bouncier shoe but also way more unstable demanding a lot of muscle microadjustment through the gait cycle. I personally can’t use it for long runs but think it is a fun shoe for shorter runs and also recovery runs due to its extremely cushioned unstructured underfoot characteristics. Both shoes provide some flexibility at the very front from the outsole and the fairly baggy uppers. 

ASICS Glideride 3 (RTR Review)

Sam: The Glideride 3 has a more supportive upper that is for sure with a more substantial heel counter. Overall lockdown is superior to Endur if in a heavier upper. Glideride 3 combines a rocker and some flex and has a hardened foam plate with a top layer of very soft and energetic FlyteFoam Blast over decently energetic and soft FlyteFoam Propel. The platform comes alive at faster paces with the plate and top foam providing a distinct if mellower than most plated shoes propulsive effect with slower fine too.  It does not have the pleasing all of a piece fee; and energy of the single layer Px Foam Endur. Overall I prefer the Pro Endur for its versatility and midsole feel.

Saucony Ride 15  (RTR Review)

Ivan: Both are light, cushioned, flexible and have some top tier insoles that provide a high amount of dampening. I prefer the more energetic midsole of the Craft but appreciate the simplicity and lightness of the Ride. Both are versatile but for longer runs I would definitely stick with the Craft Endur Pro Distance due to some more depth and energy return from the Px midsole.

Sam: Agreed with Ivan. I do prefer the more locked down upper of the Ride 15.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2  (RTR Review)

Ivan: The shoes are actually quite similar in some ways. The beaded foam in both models provide almost the same level of cushion overall, but the nylon plate in the Endo Speed makes for a snappier toe-off. They are both very well suited for long runs and the Endo Speed actually was my shoe of choice for a 100 km race last year. Both are extremely versatile with Pro Endur distance being more stable but less suited for tempo runs. 

Sam: The Speed 2 is a big 1.4 oz / 40g  lighter on about the same stack height, less stable and somewhat firmer and has a nylon plate for propulsion. It is clearly a race type shoe that can train while the Endur is more pure trainer that can race if you don’t mind the weight and want an more energetic foam feel, and more stability and flexibility.

Topo Specter  (RTR Review)

Sam: The just released Specter has a EVA frame with central 16mm heel / 14mm forefoot PEBAX core sitting in an EVA frame. Broader on the ground , slightly lower stack at 35/30 with a superb upper the Specter is a better choice for broader feel. The lighter (by about 1 oz) Specter is not a flexible shoe as the Endur is having a lower 5mm drop and an effective rocker geometry. Despite the Endur’s more energetic midsole,  I lean slightly towards the Specter in this match for its upper, smoother ride, and lighter weight.

New Balance 1080  (RTR Review)

Ivan: The 1080 is also well cushioned, versatile and has a nice rocker geometry for a smooth ride. I don’t find the foam itself as energetic and it also feels a bit unstable to me. It is not my first choice for longer runs and the stretchy upper is not for me. That being said, it is a well cushioned and simple daily trainer suitable for the majority of recreational runners who just need one fairly versatile shoe.

Sam: Agreed with Ivan. I find the high stack and rocker of the 1080 more awkward than the smooth flex and flow of the Endur and hands down Px Foam provides a far more pleasing and energetic ride feel than Fresh Foam. 

Skechers Max Road 5  (RTR Review)

Sam: The 5mm drop Max Road has a softer flavor of Hyperburst and is lighter by an ounce has a 6mm drop and considerably less outsole coverage and stability. It is more fun to run at fast paces than Endur but pales in overall versatility and stability. 

Adidas SolarGlide 5  (RTR Review)

Ivan: The Solarglide also has some deep level of cushion with some energy return but it is also a much heavier shoe and that  it is felt during runs. I find it somewhat unstable despite the LEP 2.0 torsion system. Both shoes are a bit baggy up front with Solarglide providing a more secure fit around the midfoot. The ride of the Craft is definitely more exciting, while the Adidas is an honest,  durable easy day trainer but in my opinion also a too heavy feeling to make it as versatile.

On CloudMonster (RTR Review)

Matt: Both shoes had me initially believe they would suit easy/recovery day paces and both proved me wrong, feeling better at the steady to tempo pace range.As most of my runs are done within that pace range both shoes have secured their place in my marathon shoe rotation. Both had the same issue for me regarding the tongue digging into my ankle if wearing lower socks and both lacked just that little bit of stability on the medial side of the upper.

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Ioannis said...

Hi Sam, unrelated question, but will you be doing mid year shoe favorites for road and trail like you have done in the past? Really enjoy those short summaries/favorites on what the reviewers like and are actually running in. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, how does it compare to the Saucony Tempus?

Mikael Koskinen said...

Interesting shoe, thank you for the review! Though I must admit I have some difficulties understanding Craft's lineup as most of their shoes seem to be aimed for longer distances. I think this is positioned as a cheaper alternative to CTM Ultra?

Does the Pro Endur Distance have any similarities with Salomon Pulsar SG? That was the shoe I thought of when reading this review. SG is of course more trail focused but how you described the midsole sounded familiar.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe¡¡ just the same mistake again¡¡. I have just bought and proved CRAFT CTM ultra 2 and the brand has not solved in this new model slippery outsole on humid or wet roads.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam - thanks for the review. Interesting to learn more about the Craft offerings. How do you see this shoe compares to the new Pegasus 39? Thanks

Anonymous said...

The heel of the Saucony Endo Speed 3 makes me really nervous based on some initial reviews out there. As a result, this Craft model looks like a viable alternative as a daily trainer and future purchase.