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Odlo Spring 2022 Apparel Reviews: Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket, FLI Pants and Mid Layer Zip, & Ceramicool Micro Crew Socks

Article by Jeff Valliere

In the article I review Odlo's Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket, FLI Pants and Mid Layer, Ceramicool Micro Crew Socks.

Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket


Sizes S-XXL

Available now

Intro, Features and Tech: 

Jeff V:  The Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket is a lightweight, thin (but not paper thin) running jacket/multi purpose jacket that is small and light enough to carry along in your run vest or pack. It is a step up in protection from many of the paperweight see through jackets.  At just 205 grams / 7.25 oz, the Zeroweight straddles the line of minimalism and fully featured, with enough substance to provide adequate protection on a legit rainy day.  

The Zeroweight features a sturdy hood with built in visor, complete with adjustable elastic cinch cord, as well as an elastic cinch cord around the hem (with a pull on either side), reflective detail, a quality zipper and even a clip below the neck to go “cape style”.

From the Odlo web site, the Zeroweight specs/features are as follows:

Waterproof, Enhanced Breathability, Lightweight, Water column 10,000 mm, Reflective details, Adjustable hood, Recycled garment.

Jeff V:  Fit and Style: Listed as having an athletic fit, I find this to be less true than other Odlo products I have tested in the past.  In my normal size medium, I feel like I have plenty of room for layering underneath and having enough room to not feel too snug or confining, which I very much prefer in a shell jacket.  The arm length is perfect and the cuffs are thin, elasticized and minimal.  The hem length is adequately long to extend just enough below the belt line for adequate protection.  

The hood is secure and snugs up well, with a nice and easy to use draw cord to really feel secure when the wind picks up and weather turns bad.  Style is very good, as is the case with all Odlo products, where the black is subtle and understated.  While I like the subtleness of the black and appreciate that it can double as a daily shell (though again, no pockets), I think the yellow would be more appropriate if you run on roads or where being visible is a high priority.


Jeff V:  Performance is great with very good waterproofing properties, is windproof and performs as intended for running and other outdoor activities.  I have had the good opportunity of being able to run in the Zeroweight in steady rain, snow, cold temperatures and high winds and it has kept me warm and dry.  

While it does an excellent job of keeping moisture from the outside getting in, I did find that when pushing hard and building up some heat, it will trap that moisture from within, as is the case with any “waterproof” jacket I have ever used.  At the risk of adding weight, I think it would be worth it to have hand pockets and perhaps some venting of sorts (not full time, but zippered). At $149, I see this as a very reasonable price for the quality and performance.


Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Jacket (RTR Review) - $300

Jeff V:  The Dual Dry has a higher waterproof rating, weighs nearly half as much and even has a chest pocket, but is double the cost.  The Dual Dry compresses really small and can tucked into many run short pockets or run vest pockets. It is nearly unnoticeable to bring along, whereas the Zeroweight Waterproof is not nearly as light or compact.  Both do a great job shedding water, but both can build moisture from within.  With a more sturdy build, I find the Zeroweight Waterproof feels warmer and more protective.

adidas Agravic Windweave Pro Wind Jacket - $160

Jeff V: At just 73 grams / 2.6 oz, the pullover style Windweave is defying logic light, with a secure hood, excellent windproofing, surprising warmth and mild water resistance. The Zeroweight Waterproof is much more waterproof, substantial and sturdy, with a full zip, cinch hood, cinch waist and is versatile enough for daily wear or travel.

The FLI Mid Layer Zip


Sizes S-3XL

Available now

Intro, Features and Tech:

Jeff V:  The FLI Mid Layer Zip is a medium weight mid layer, providing an amazing warmth to weight ratio, is breathable, quick drying and comfortable, with two fuzzy hand pockets.  I find this midlayer to be excellent for running and hiking, though it is one of those outdoor garments that has become a casual wear staple for me, mainly because of its soft brush fleece comfort and style.

From the Odlo website: Enhanced moisture management, Freedom of movement, Grid fleece, Brushed inside, Zippered hand pockets

Fit and Style:

Jeff V:  ”Athletic fit slightly tailored” is how Odlo describes the fit and I agree.  Fit in my size medium is just right, with no loose material or bunching and just the right length in the sleeves and hem.  While I am 5’10” tall and 145 lbs, the fit feels somewhat conforming, so if you prefer a looser fit, you might want to consider a different midlayer.  As is the case with all Odlo products, style screams classy and high quality in a subtle sort of way.

Performance, Conclusions:

Jeff V:  I really appreciate the comfort, softness, breathability and quick drying properties, but simultaneously, the versatility really has me sold, as it looks good enough for day to day wear or even wearing out on the town for a nice dinner or as a do it all travel garment.  As always, I would love a hooded version and perhaps a “regular” fit option.

Men’s FLI Pants


Sizes: XXS-XL 

Available now

Intro, Features and Tech

Jeff V: The FLI Pants are a light, minimal and thin packable hiking/travel pant that offers great freedom of movement, breathability and moderate weather protection. They feature a zippered rear pocket and two zippered hand pockets.

From the ODLO website: Lightweight, Freedom of Movement, Fast Drying, Packable, 4 way stretch, 1 back pocket, Zippered hand pockets, Water resistant

Fit and Style:

Jeff V:  Fit here is a tough one and I have yet to figure out Odlo sizing, as the tag sewn into the pants does not coincide with the size chart on the website or the sale tag.  Either way, my waist is ~33” and my size listed on the sewn in tag reads US 34, which fits me just right, so maybe size medium?.  Despite being just 5’ 10” in height, my inseam is disproportionately long at 34” (34.75”) and the pant length is a touch short as expected given my waist size to leg ratio.  This is something that I almost always struggle with in any kind of pants, be it running, hiking or casual.  If you have a more normal ratio, you should not have any trouble.  The leg fit is pretty slim, not the least bit baggy and not too far off of feeling like a semi tight run pant.  Black is the only color offered and they look stylish, though a lighter khaki would be nice for summer, as black garments definitely feel hot.

Performance, Conclusions:

Jeff V:  The FLI pants are stylish looking, thin, minimal, comfortable and make a great pair of pants for hiking, traveling and even just casual wear around the house.  I appreciate the zippered pockets, freedom of movement and overall comfort.  I will again caution on the fit, as the sizing on the website is nearly impossible to interpret into real life predictions (at least for my American self), so be sure to ideally try on somewhere, or order from a source with a top notch exchange/return policy.  Also, if you have hulking quads, I would recommend looking elsewhere because of the tight leg fit.

Unisex Ceramicool Hike Graphic Micro Crew Socks


Sizes S-XL

From the Odlo website: Active Cooling, Enhanced Moisture Management, Enhanced Comfort, Seamless to construction

Jeff V:  The Ceramicool Hike Graphic Micro Crew Socks with seamless construction are exceptionally comfortable, with a snug, but not overly tight fit, one can quickly and easily slide them on without having to roll them on like some performance socks).  They are mid thickness, adding a somewhat padded feel to your shoes, without feeling overly thick or bunchy.  Breathability and warmth are excellent, performing equally well on 80+ degree days as they do on 20 degree days.  I use them for hiking and running and have become one of my favorites.  As always with Odlo, styling is top notch and they come in 3 different colors.

Shop the Odlo FLI Collection for men and women at Odlo HERE

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