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Nathan Sports Run Apparel Round Up Review

 Article by Peter Stuart

Nathan Sports Apparel

Nathan is probably best known for their Handheld bottles, Hydration vests and lighting solutions. I’m guessing that I’m not alone in being surprised by their big leap into the apparel business. I wandered into the Nathan booth at the recent “Running Event” here in Austin after I spotted a wearable light system that looked really promising. That light system isn’t going to be available for a bit, but the very kind Nathan folks led me to the other side of the booth where they had some cool looking apparel. The Stealth jacket looked great and there were some other interesting things as well–but the proof is always in the daily use. Nathan sent five items for testing–most of them surprisingly great–and one sort of problematic. Reviews are below. 

First up is the Stealth Jacket ($90)

I love a light jacket. One of my favorite pieces of gear is the Patagonia Houdini jacket. The Nathan Stealth jacket may just out Houdini the Houdini. It’s water resistant, wind resistant and just enough jacket to help keep you insulated in 35-60 degree weather. This has become my absolute go to jacket in light rain, mist and just slightly chilly days. I’ve worn it running and I’ve worn it out on errands. It’s great looking, fits great and is totally worth buying. 

One caveat, if you’re at all between sizes or on the smaller size of your given size (a smallish large, etc) SIZE down. The jacket is best when form fitting and does run a bit big.


Wind and water resistant

Extremely light

Hood can be tucked away or tightened down on the head

Material is totally silent–no swish, swish, swish as you run through the woods. 

Vented in the back so it doesn’t turn into a sweat fest. 

Small zippered pocket

Reflective details for runs in the dark

THUMBHOLES. Yep, I’m a sucker for thumbholes. Keeps the jacket from riding up and keeps your hands just a little warmer. 

It’s a completely excellent piece of gear. Everyone should have one. 

Available in multiple colors from Nathan HERE

The 365 hooded long sleeve tee ($75) 

This is, for real, my single favorite piece of clothing in my closet right now. This spandexy, smooth, comfortable lightweight hoodie with thumbholes is what I want to wear every  day all winter. I’m sad when I have to take a day off to wash it. It’s not something I’d work out in, but man oh man I’ll wear it for anything else. 

There’s not too much to say about it other than: 

It’s moisture wicking, dries fast

The material is silky smooth.


Runs true to size. I’m a Medium in this but a Small in the stealth jacket. 

Available in multiple colors from Nathan HERE

The Nathan Rise Long Sleeve ($55)

I just went for a run in the Rise long sleeve. What a great long sleeve running shirt. The material is silky smooth, it’s breathable, it fits well and has a couple of details that make it an instant favorite. Yes, there are thumbholes, and they are great. 

The addition here is a slot in the fabric just above the wrist that allows a GPS watch to pop through and stay visible for the whole run. Worry not, the slot is on both wrists, so it allows all watch wearers to be able to see and access their watches when needed without pulling the sleeves up. It’s simple, but I found it to be a great convenience on the run. 




Wrist window for watch access

Ventilated back panel helps keep temps moderated. 

Great fit. 

Available in multiple colors from Nathan HERE

The Nathan Dash Quarter zip long sleeve tee ($70)

The dash quarter zip long sleeve is a pretty simple, elegant piece of clothing. It’s a moisture wicking, quick drying long sleeve that is equally at home on a chilly morning as a top or base layer as it is for a post run (or all day) top that looks like a casual, everyday shirt. 

I’ve been surprised by the versatility of this shirt. I took it out in 39 degree weather this week as my only layer and was totally comfortable. I took it out in slightly colder, windier temps with a vest over it and it performed equally well. Yesterday I just wore it as my shirt at work. It’s very soft, comfortable and fits true to size. 


Moisture wicking, quick drying

Reflective “nathan” on the sleeve 

Zipper doesn’t chafe. 

I think there are versions with thumbholes, but mine doesn’t have them. Boo. 

Great piece of gear that I’m wearing more often than I would have thought. 

Available in multiple colors from Nathan HERE

Nathan Mens Rise Short sleeve shirt ($49)

A great T-shirt. Works equally well as a running or lifting shirt as it does as a casual wear shirt. The fit is true to size.



Moisture wicking, quick drying

Ventilated back panel to keep you cool

Reflective features

Comfortable and fits well

Currently on sale!!!

Available in multiple colors from Nathan HERE

Men’s Front Runner Shorts

This is the one problematic item for me. I’ve only run in the Front Runner shorts once–but I’m scared to run in them again. To be fair, I think my issue with the shorts may have something to do with the sizing. I got a medium, which is usually fine for me. They  seem to run a bit big. Usually not a big deal, but the compression liner in the shorts was pretty loose. So what, you say? Well, loose inner liner meant more movement down there, which led to some really bad chafing. Chafing in the worst possible place for a male runner. I’ll leave it at that. I wonder if the smaller size might take care of the issue. 

Conceptually I like the shorts, they’re not the lightest shorts out there, but they have lots of pockets and are reasonably comfortable (minus the chafing). Ultimately I’d just like a better fitting, tighter inner liner. 

Available in multiple colors from Nathan HERE


I am pleasantly surprised at how good the Nathan apparel feels, looks and performs. The Stealth Jacket and the 365 Hoodie are must haves for me. The other stuff is really good too. I’m looking forward to more of their gear in the future. 

Peter lives in Austin, Texas and has been a sub 3 hour marathoner as well as a 1:25 half marathoner in recent years

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