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Dahlie Run 365 Pant Run and Long Sleeve Coverage Review

Article by Sam Winebaum

Long Sleeve Coverage ($120) and Pant Run ($100) 

Dahile was started by Bjorn Daehlie, the most successful male nordic skier in history with a staggering 29 Olympic and World Championships medals between 1991-1999. Daehlie is believed to have had the highest VO2 max ever recorded, a staggering 96 ml/kg/min..and tested out of season..

Nordic skiers of course train year round and when not on skis run, cycle, hike, and more accumulating thousands of hours per year in training. Thus, in creating his brand which equips many national nordic teams including his home country of Norway, the focus is not exclusively on nordic skiing. Over the years I have tested a number of Dahlie apparel items. All included a component of merino even the summer training t-shirts.

With the Run 365 collection the brand has created run specific pieces that cross over to all kinds of other sports including nordic. 

Dahlie sent the Long Coverage ($120) mid layer and the Pant Run ($100) from the Run 365 collection for testing. Please read on to find out how they performed.

Pant Run ($100)

My last Dahlie running pant was a stout wind proof front merino lined run pant. Here the approach is completely different. The Pant Run is at first glance a simple “wind pant” made of a single layer of 4 way stretch, very thin and dense fabric. Looking more closely one finds the lower legs are a stretch jersey, a good thing for mobility. There are no zippers at the ankles but we do have a reinforced stretch cuff that easily goes over nordic boots. I tried it and it works perfectly. 

A single pocket is found on the right thigh. it easily and effectively holds a phone.

There is a reflective sash on the front and a “B/Daehile" in reflective material at the rear on one lower leg so adequate if not huge reflectivity, all very tastefully done. 

The wide stretch waistband has grippy silicone printing and a drawstring. Both are needed as even at my not so slender 33” waist, the fit of my usual medium is on the looser side. That said the pants never slipped down. I would not size down as unlike many such nordic inspired pants, while the knee is articulated, it is not open for flex as some are and those with bigger thighs may find sizing down constrictive. I think a yet more articulated knee would be helpful. That said the Pant Run is priced at a very reasonable $100 for such a versatile pant.

Part of the secret sauce to this seemingly simple pant appears to be the Bionic- Finish® ECO fabric treatment. This durable water repellent finish is fluorine free, highly breathable, and abrasion resistant.  I can attest to the breathability and water repellency claims although the Pant Run should not be considered a highly water resistant pant but it shouldget you through showers, snow squalls and such..


I have now run and nordic skied multiple times in the Pant Run. Temperatures ranged from teens Fareneheit to above freezing.  I am very impressed that such a whisper thin shell pant with only running shorts or short tights below is more than adequately warm, very breathable and wind protected. On a very cold day I tried them with a waffle textured Salomon tight below and while warm the tight and pant in combination were a bit more binding over the thighs and knees than I would like. I do think the waist could be a bit snugger and the upper legs more roomy with the knee yet more articulated but these are minor concerns. A zippered lower leg would extend the pant utility to those trail runs or long runs or even hiking when at the ridge and in the wind such a super light weight pant would be ideal.


The Pant Run is a simple and effective run companion for cooler to cold conditions. Very light, windproof, breathable with some water repellency it can cover a wide range of temperatures and runs, At $100 it is a solid value. A few adjustments to fit and some ankle zippers and it would be even better.

Long Sleeve Coverage ($120) 

The Long Sleeve Coverage is a relatively snug fitting light mid layer weight top with generous length and thumb holes.  The fit is true to my usual medium and I appreciate the extra length

The style is modern, clean and bright with a sharp white reflective front sash and side “B/Daehlie” branding. 

It has a deep front zipper and a narrow neck collar so when things heat up you can easily ventilate if need be.

The fabric construction is unusual in that the outer somewhat shiny layer is recycled polyester with a bonded grid of merino on the inside next to the skin. The merino grid is intended to provide some insulation during lower intensity activities and evaporation during higher output activities. The Coverage is reversible although labels will show if you go merino grid to the outside but the zipper will work to both sides. I assume polyester next to the skin and merino to the outside will be a better option in warmer temperatures with the polyester not insulating and the now outer merino grid evaporating and wicking. I have not tested reverse as of yet.


I have run and nordic skied in the Long Coverage in a variety of winter conditions in temperatures from just above freezing down to the teens.  

The relatively thin outer polyester makes the top more suitable as a base layer than as a stand alone mid layer in colder and windier conditions than more classic fleecy mid layers although I have been perfectly comfortable at freezing with no wind with just the Long Coverage. When it gets colder and windier, layered under a light wind shell, it also really shines as sweat is rapidly moved away from the skin with the merino grid providing a stand off to keep the top from sticking to the skin and getting clammy cold.

The light touch of insulation from the merino is clearly felt, the standoff from the skin from the grid and the large holes through to the outer polyester do an outstanding job thermo regulating. 

I have never been chilled, even nordic skiing where hard sweaty uphills are followed by fast windy downhills. In more temperate conditions above freezing or on colder windless days I have appreciated the touch of insulation, great venting from the fabric construction and deep zipper if you need even more fresh air.


The Long Coverage is a very versatile technical top that, through its unusual construction and blending of merino and polyester layers, is lightweight and insulating.  It also has great temperature regulation and a distinct sensation of ventilation and heat removal without a sense of chill.  It dries quickly when wet. It worked best for high output activities near freezing and up to about 50 F / 10 C, stand alone, and as a layer under some wind protection in considerably lower temperatures. 

Shop for the Run 365 Collection for men and women at Dahlie,com HERE

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