Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hoka Spring 2022 Previews: Tecton X, Speedgoat 5, Mach Supersonic, Carbon X 3, Kawana

Article by Sam Winebaum

I recently attended a media preview of key early Hoka 2022 releases

  • Tecton X, a very light carbon plated trail racer with the same stack height as Speedgoat, 

  • a lighter Speedgoat 5, 

  • Mach Supersonic a “bouncy” non plated trainer, 

  • Kawana a new swallow tail soft and friendly road trainer

  • updated and lighter Carbon X with a performance knit upper. 

All the new Hoka have new foams in the mix which promise not only lighter weights but more energetic rides. These foams appear to be compression molded EVA. In 2020 I tested a shoe with what likely was one of these foams and it was very light, very well cushioned and very dynamic.

Update: Hoka Speedgoat 5 Review (11 comparisons) Video Review

Update: Kawana Multi Tester Review
Update: Mach Supersonic Multi Tester Review (10 comparisons)
Watch the Speedgoat 5 to Tecton X to EVO Speegoat Video Comparison Review

We will get more details and get hands on with all the new Hoka at The Running Event at the beginning of December and will update the article then. Of course we are hoping to have samples soon as well for testing and review.

Hoka Tecton X ($200)

Update: Tecton X First Run Impressions and Shoe Details Video

A trail race shoe you can train with. A super light max cushion trainer racer .

Women’s Launch Color

33mm /29mm stack (same as Speedgoat 5)

men’s 8.5 oz /240 g women’s 6.9 oz 196g (will be almost 2 oz lighter than Speedgoat 5)

Men’s Launch Color

Dual density ProFlyX midsole with a softer top layer (similar to Clifton Edge), a responsive super light bottom layer (same new foam as Carbon X) and 2 parallel carbon plates from heel to toe which act as struts to provide propulsion but also move allow side to side movement with the trail terrain. 

Vibram MegaGrip Lite Base outsole, a thinner overall profile for lighter weight yet still 4mm lugs 

Jacquard mesh upper.

Releases May 2022

Hoka Speedgoat 5 ($155)

Update: Hoka Speedgoat 5 Review (11 comparisons) Video Review

A training shoe that can race and especially Ultras.

Weight: men’s 10.3 oz / 291g (half ounce lighter than SG4) women’s 8.5 oz / 242g

Stack Height: men’s 33mm /29mm stack (same as Tecton X)

Lighter CMEVA midsole compound, actually the same compound as in the EVO Speedgoat

Speedgoat 5 Vibram MegaGrip with Traction Lugs tech, improving traction by 20% in outsole above, Speedgoat 4 below. A touch less coverage upfront, maybe more flexibility and decoupling? Something I think the SG needed and which EVO Speedgoat has.

Double layer jacquard mesh upper with stretch front vamp. Bolster heel lock down. Launches March-April.

Watch the Speedgoat 5 to Tecton X to EVO Speegoat Video Comparison Review

Mach Supersonic ($150)

Update: Mach Supersonic Multi Tester Review (10 comparisons)

A new bouncy foam in a non plated trainer with a rubberized foam midsole as outsole. 

Mach 4 stays in line. Based on just received sample of the Supersonic it will weigh about 0.4 oz more than the Mach 4 did at 8.13 oz US8.5 vs. 7.76 oz for the Mach 4 at the same size.

Weight: men’s 8.3 oz / 235g,  women’s 6.9 oz /195g

Stack Height: 29mm heel, 24mm forefoot

New lightweight very bouncy top layer foam and ProFly construction so..

Rubberized EVA lower layer which doubles as outsole (as with Mach 4)

Vegan engineered mesh upper.

Releases March 15, 2022.

Carbon X 3 ($180)

Carbon plated trainer racer now with Hoka lightest foam to date reducing weight.

New midsole foam, new performance knit upper, close to 1 oz weight drop.

Weight: men’s 7.8 oz / 222g  women’s 6.8 oz / 193g

Carbon X2 weighed: M 8.4 oz. 239g W 7.0 oz. 198g 

Stack Height: 32mm heel, 27mm forefoot :: women’s 30mm heel 25mm forefoot

New foam midsole top layer, same as Tecton X in a Profly construction with lower layer rubberized foam as outsole.

New performance vegan knit upper.

Available April 1st, 2022 Kawana ($140)

Update: Kawana Multi Tester Review

A soft, slightly lower stack take on the Bondi with Hoka's softest foam to date. Comfort ride.

Weight: 10 oz / 283g women 8.4 oz / 237g (Just received sample US8.5 weighs 10.23 oz /290g

Stack Height: 30mm heel / 25mm forefoot, 5mm


New “lively” soft CMEVA midsole.

Asymmetrical swallow tail. Longer to the back on the lateral side, right above.


Recycled Jacquard mesh upper with memory foam collars

Durabraison rubber outsole.

Releases Jan 15, 2022.

More details and test/review results for Hoka 2022 soon.

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Ben said...

I'm really excited to see all of this! Do you have any sense of whether the addition of the Supersonic and the Kawana will (either now or eventually) eat the Clifton line alive? It seems like Hoka now has a super max-cushion (Bondi), a slightly lesser cushioned but still soft DT (Kawana) and then two more responsive options in the Mach line. Doesn't seem like there's much room for the Clifton to fit in?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Ben,
What often happens is that the legacy shoes that set the early bar and are popular go on and on as runners are loyal to them. I am sure Hoka will continue to improve the Clifton but have no update news as of yet.
Sam, Editor

Phil said...

Always interested in new Hoka models because I think they are good shoes. But been more concerned about durability recently. It's possible the outsoles here might add a bit but also exposed foams and some lighter foams. So not sure, wait for the reviews. I'd like to see Hoka make one shoe that may be heavier but has serious hard wearing full cover rubber and a foam that will hold up.

Teddybear72 said...

When making the bondi7 wide you have to make the sides wider also. Where the laces are. The sole is wide but when one laces them ones foot looks like a sausage. Make the lace area wider.

French Phil said...

Hi Sam
thanks for this update (and for all RTR content :-)

Few comments :
First regarding Kawana :
Upper seems similar to Clifton
Stack is lower than Clifton
But it is significantly heavier (10oz vs 8.8 oz)
So the foam is quite heavy. Soft and lively, hopefully, but quite heavy, maybe as a tribute to durability (as we know ZoomX is soft and lively but NOT durable)?

French Phil said...

Regarding Tecton X :

When you say one outsole layer is similar to Carbon X (v3 I guess), are you talking top or bottom layer ?

Tecton X midsole looks very similar to Mach 4, Mach Supersonic, and Zinal (with addition of carbon rods and Vibram of course).

As it was already mentionned top layer of Mach 4 and Zinal are similar to top layer of Carbon X2, I suppose it is Tecton X top layer similar to Carbon X3 top layer.

Anonymous said...

Wonder about the Elevon and Rocket X? The Tecton and Kawana seem nice, I think that lug separation on the Tecton is better than on the Challenger ATR>

Pedro Cordeiro said...

I hope this new foams are really an upgrade as the hoka’s foams are falling behind not only zoomX but also fuelcell and novablasts 2 midsole. Regarding the speedgoat 5, I am really afraid they mess up with the stability of the shoe. The SG4 was just the sweetspot of stability.

Alberto said...

Any ideas about the with of that new "Tecton X"???

I tried a pair of Speedgoat 4 and I really loved the cushion... but there're soooo narrowwwww that running in them was a nightmare for me!!!

I suppose the width of Speedgoat 5 will be the same as Speedgoat 4 (unfortunately for me), but what about that Tecton X... do you know if that new will be as narrow as Speedgoat, or maybe a bit wider like Mafate (I hope!)???

Sam Winebaum said...

Sorry to hear Alberto. Not sure on width of Tecton X I does not look significantly wider the SG4 but the Jacquard mesh potentially may have more give. As you may be aware the Speedgoat is available in wide sizing. The Tecton X it appears will not be available in wide sizing.
Sam Editor

Anonymous said...

I'm a little concerned about the upper on the Speedgoat 5. I see that some brands are moving towards more breathable uppers and doing away with overlays and it looks like the Speedgoat 5 is using something similar to engineered mesh, In practice I suspect there is a tradeoff with foot security and durability. That has been my experience with such shoes that have gone this way e.g. Topo. Also found that the upper on the Evo Speedgoat was slightly less durable than on my Speedgoat 3s and 4s.