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Backcountry Tabernash GORE-TEX Infinium Anorak and Jogger Pants Review – Active Wear for Wintery Conditions

Article by Dominique and Sam Winebaum

Backcountry Tabernash GORE-TEX Infinium Anorak ($190)  
Backcountry Tabernash GORE-TEX Infinium Jogger Pants ($180)


Dominique: Tabernash is a small mountain community with a subarctic climate located in Colorado and is a fitting name for the Backcountry Tabernash Anorak and Jogger Pants, both including the latest in fabric technology --  GORE-TEX Windstopper® Infinium™, a totally windproof and highly breathable membrane.  

Typically, I prefer a full-zipped jacket to an anorak, however, I am finding that this type of design - “hip length, hooded, pullover outer garment” - optimizes both weather protection and freedom of movement,  and this is especially true with the Tabernash. This is not my first exposure to GORE-TEX Infinium ™, an innovative fabric that is soft, windproof, highly breathable, and water resistant as the very first product with Infinium, a pair of very light but warm The North Face gloves, was my go to for several years of winter running, nordic skiing and every day wear.  

Backcountry has been in the business of selling outdoor clothing for a quarter century and only recently began to emphasize its own lines of high performance clothing. I feel good about wearing the Backcountry logo as we have a place in Park City where they are based and I am very excited for my Tabernash Anorak and Jogger! 

Fit and Style

The fit is true to size, comfortable, and snug.  I can layer up underneath depending on the weather conditions and the type of activity -- less is more during high intensity activity, such as cross-country skiing.  By virtue of its design and fabric technology, this versatile cold weather anorak is extremely protective, super comfortable, and quite trendy.  The fit is expandable on the bottom right side by approx. 4 inches via a 10 inch zipper that opens laterally into a triangle strip of highly stretchy fabric. 

Construction, Features, and Materials

The Anorak can be defined as a lightweight technical soft shell designed for aerobic activity in cold weather conditions with water repellent properties.  It  is constructed with panels of GORE-TEX Infinium, which is a membrane which is totally windproof, breathable, and water repellent.

Infinium is strategically placed where protection and breathability are most needed (at the same time),  upper front body, shoulders, upper arms, and hood.  


Inside out you can see the layout of panels of GORE-TEX Infinium and panels of hybrid stretch fleece.


Breathability is increased under the arms via a fair amount of laser cut holes in a thinner (than main body of light fleece) mesh fabric. 

The hood is very well designed

It is adjustable via a drawstring in the back providing great protection and a cozy feel.  

For additional protection, a thin face mask can be deployed from an opening in the back of the neck and which is an extension of the hood. It can be used with or without the hood up. 

Sam Demonstrates the Face Fask

There is a generous kangaroo front pocket that is integrated into the main body light fleece and doubled, with zippers on both sides, for storage and to keep hands warm.  

A rear zippered pocket doubles as a pouch to store the jacket.  

The bottom of the anorak can be adjusted for a tighter fit via a drawstring; likewise the circumference around the hips can be extended by opening the zipper as described above.

In combination with the Jogger pants there is plentiful reflectivity back and front.

Performance, Uses, and Conclusions

Dominique: The Tabernah is quite versatile in my opinion.  Thus far, I have worn it when walking in the first cold, as well as in drizzly weather although its water resistance is not to be mistaken for full on GORE-TEX.  The focus here is total wind resistance and breathability.  It is also very comfortable and fairly lightweight.  

When ski season begins, I plan to wear it cross-country skiing and running -- aerobic activities in cold weather conditions for which the Tabernash has been designed for.  It is also a great anorak to wear when fall/winter hiking.  I find it quite trendy looking and doubles as a lifestyle piece, especially in my black.  

Sam: The Tabernash Anorak is as Dominique says versatile. By combining windproof highly breathable Infinium with a mid layer weight main fabric light fleece, a highly functional hood (and mask), some reflectivity, and a stretchy in motion fit the Tabernash can be a do just about anything fall, spring and winter companion.  My tests so far have been in relatively moderate no precipitation conditions with strong winds and as claimed the wind resistance and breathability are outstanding with even in mild conditions (40’s to 50’s F)  the breathability notable given the warmth of the fleece. 

I plan to use the Anorak for winter running, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and nordic skiing, all high output activities where the combination of breathability, wind resistance, and touch of warmth are called for. I would not call it a foul weather jacket as the fleece main body does tend to absorb moisture, so plan to layer a shell over if need be as it can also serve as a mid layer in such conditions. 

At $190 with impeccable construction, state of the art Infinium from Gore-Tex for total wind protection and great breathability, and with many useful features and carefully thought out details is a good value for the athlete and adventurer looking for multi activity versatility 

Backcountry Tabernash GORE-TEX Infinium Jogger ($180)


A dedicated pair of pants made with GORE-TEX Infinium, albeit joggers, for winter activities, such as Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, running and hiking, to be worn with the matching Anorak, I am so ready for winter in my Tabernash outfit!


As with the Tabernash Anorak, the Jogger has front panels of GORE-TEX Infinium, which is windproof, water-resistant, and very breathable.  

Fit and Style 

I selected a size small for the Jogger and a size medium for the Anorak.  At 5’5’’ and 136 lbs, a size medium Jogger would have been too baggy for me as I have fairly narrow hips.  Anyone taller might find the Jogger a bit on the short side.  I like the style which is a relaxed fit, however, I typically prefer pants to joggers.  

Like the Anorak, the Jogger is constructed with front panels made of GORE-TEX Infinium with the back, aside for the waist area, thin stretch fleece to add warmth and provide freedom of movement.  The zippered cuffs are designed to provide a better fit over Nordic ski boots or hiking boots, however, I find the Jogger a bit on the short side; I would have preferred them a tad longer. 

Sam: The pants are “jogger” style so a stretch waistband and drawcord all around (but with fly in the men’s). 

They have stretch cuffs (with short zippers to go over boots more than easily remove the pants with shoes on). They also have articulated knees, reflective highlights, and a roomy more pants than tights like fit. 

The construction and fit is classic nordic ski pant, my favorite type of pant (prefer to tights) for cool to cold conditions running and nordic skiing. 

This type of construction has a windproof front (the Infinium of course) with a breathable rear which like the front is essentially a thin soft shell woven material with a light fleece-like inner but with out the Infinium. 

And as with all good nordic type pants, we have articulated knees with as a bonus reflective stripes at the knees in that key motion zone.

The fit is not tights snug for easy motion and to create a bit of an air gap for warmth and evaporation of sweat.

I have run them in temps just at 50F and still been comfortable and this despite the heavier fleece like fabric. I can’t wait to run, Nordic ski and hike these in colder conditions where the combination of generous fit with stretch, adequate warmth, breathability and wind resistance should be near ideal.


Dominique: I find the Anorak to be more stylish than the Jogger and might get more wear from the former.  This said, I am truly excited for my Tabernash outfit -- to keep warm, dry, and comfortable on snowy, windy trails and roads.  

Sam: What Dominique said! 

Shop the entire Backcountry Tabernash Collection Anorak and Jogger Pants as well as Jackets and in different colors at Backcountry HERE

Tester Profiles

Dominique has run for over 40 years, consistently about 25 miles per week at paces between 10 and 11 minute miles. She races rarely, but always surprises more hard core runners in her age group when she does. She has a 1985 marathon PR of 3:16 in her second marathon which at the time put her on the top 10 Swiss women’s lists. She is the mother of two grown children, both runners post college, and enjoys nordic and alpine skiing, hiking and trekking, and gardening. 

Sam is the Editor and Founder of Road Trail Run. He is 64 with a 2018 3:40 Boston qualifier. Sam has been running for over 48 years and has a 2:28 marathon PR. These days he runs halves in the just sub 1:40 range training 30-40 miles per week mostly at moderate paces on the roads and trails of New Hampshire and Utah. He is 5’9” tall and weighs about 164 lbs if he is not enjoying too many fine New England IPA.

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