Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Salomon Ultra-Glide Initial Video Review: Energetic & Soft, Smooth Gliding, Accommodating

Video by Sam Winebaum

Salomon UltraGlide ($140)

Update: Full Review (9 comparisons)

In the video, I take the August release Salomon Ultra-Glide for a first 8 mile run and share shoe details, ride impressions, and fit.

It has a marvelous and quite different ride for Salomon and trail in general! It features an Energy Surge midsole that is soft(er) and energetic, a rocker profile with some flex and a Salomon road shoe last for more front volume than usual in a Salomon. 

Light at about 10 oz / 283g for a US9 it has a substantial 32mm heel / 26mm forefoot stack height and a full Contragrip outsole with 4mm lugs

Bottom line so far: Ultra-Glide with Energy Surge is well named! 

Compared to the Sense Ride (also in video with comparisons to Pulsar and More Trail) it is softer and bouncier with better smoother to road terrain versatility, more upper volume and lighter weight with the Sense Ride denser and somewhat more protective but not nearly as exciting, so a somewhat more technical trails focused option.

Full review soon. 

Available now in Europe and Australia including at our partners below. August US.

Watch the Video Review (13:14)

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roy hampton said...

Many thanks for the detailed first look Sam. Very excited to see a comparison between this [Salomon Ultra Glide], VJ Shoes Ultra and Brooks Cascadia 16.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Roy,
I will be receiving the VJ Ultra shortly for that comparison but not the Cascadia 16 although my wife is testing the GTX version. From what I know from Jeff V regarding both the VJ and Cascadia he is testing and my wife I think both will lean somewhat more technical terrain than the Ultra Glide.
Sam, Editor

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rms said...

VJ Ultra arriving today! Hope its not a dud

Unknown said...

Is there anything in the wind about a Hoka one one speedgoat 5?

Romain said...

For long technical outings, would you recommend the Ultra Glide, sense ride 4 or ultra pro ?

Tom said...

How would this compare to the Speedgoat EVO?

Sam Winebaum said...

Similar in being on the more flexible side. With EVO more forefoot stack and protection but less agility. UltraGlide upper more secure for sure.

Unknown said...

How would the Salomon Ultra Pro fair for running on gravel / pavement?
I am looking for a shoe with the durability and water drain ability of a trail running shoe, and with a sole that works on pavement. So far I considered, Salomon ultra pro and Innov8 PARKCLAW 260 knit. Which shoe would you recommend for running on gravel/pavement?

The Stoat said...

Eagerly awaiting the full review. How would you compare the Ultra Glide with the Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra 300 Max? Looking for a shoe for a 100 miler. Not too technical in terrain. Was waiting for the Ultra Glide as I was put off by the weight of the Trailfly and some negative reviews, but I'm reconsidering after my feet took a battering on a recent ultra.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi The Stout,
What terrain and shoe gave you a battering 1st question. And no question the TrailFly while heavy is more cushioned and protective than UltraGlide which while fine is more about smooth and bouncy ride with more front (decently protected) ground feel. It is well named as UltraGlide. You might also look at Endorphin Trail when it releases as well as Xodus 11.
Sam, Editor

The Stoat said...

It was a 100km run across mixed terrain, rocky at times, lots of rooty and muddy wooded sections. I think on reflection it may be less relavent as the damage was mostly from sliding around on the uneven terrain rather than punnishment through the sole. Shoes were Slab Ultra 3s. The next race is going to be longer (100miles) but I think a lot smoother terrain - a good amount of grass or packed dirt, through forests and fields (Cotswold way in the UK). I'm thinking that the Ultra Glide is probably the best tool for the job being a bit lighter that the Trailfly. I can get both for similar price. Which is more flexible at the toes?

Sam J said...

Ginger runnner just said these flatten out at around 80 miles. Have any of your guys or reviewers brought these through 100 miles of use and experienced flattening of the midsole or the opposite? Thanks !

Jeremy said...

Hi Sam J.
I did not run in the Ultra Glide but I have exactly 100 miles in the Salomon pulsar which uses the same midsole foam, albeit a thinner layer.
I've yet to feel any flattening of it, they're still the same responsive-cushy beast as they were on the first run.
Jeremy, reviewer