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ON Running Cloudswift 2021 Multi Tester Review: Always Very Fine Looking, Finally Very Fine Running!

Article by Michael Ellenberger, Sally Reiley, and Sam Winebaum

ON Cloudswift 2021 ($150)


Sam: ON a Swiss company has stuck to its original DNA as the brand’s popularity has grown tremendously in recent year and especially for stylish athleisure uses. That DNA includes:

  • Beautiful highly engineered uppe which are clearly “Swiss Engineered”

  • The “Speedboard” a semi rigid full length plate that has been less about creating a rocker effect and more to prescribe the gait towards a mid foot type of strike and flow

  • Of course the distinctive CloudTec see through Cloud elements which deform and return under load.

I have found almost all ON I have tested to be quite firm, stiff, and not quite frankly not much fun to run for this heel striker with a “locked in” gait that didn’t always want to be redirected the “ON Way “. My favorite ON to date was the original Cloud X with its firm fast feel for short distances, followed by v1 of the Cloudswift which brought a more rockered profile into the mix.

The Cloudswift 1 with its more pronounced actual rocker geometry was more to my liking but was still firm, especially at the heel, and not as smooth flowing as I would like yet it was the best ON trainer for me to that point but not a great one or one I reached for much at all after review testing.

ON kindly offered free samples of the 2nd edition of the Cloudswift to the RTR and in their email described changes they thought we would appreciate: 

“ I think you'll be happy with the updates as they address some of your cons with the first gen: lighter weight, more cushion, an even more pronounced rocker, and an integrated tongue and upper for a sock-like fit (which also happens to be 100% recycled mesh). 

Just like the original Cloudswift the second-gen is designed for our city runners - built for high impact on hard surfaces. Temperature resistant Helion foam combats hot/cold conditions while rubber reinforcements provide traction when it's wet. 

The SS21 model also features enhanced forefoot cushioning, a re-engineered Speedboard (greater flex in the heel and a more rigid mid/forefoot for a snappy response), and an updated design and colorway. “

This all sounded great but examining the shoe it looked almost identical to the original so I wondered if these changes would actually be significant enough to make a difference in ride feel or fit. Time to test!

Michael: Newton was once heralded as the most polarizing running brand - I’d hypothesize that ON has now usurped that opposition, with dynamic, often fashionable offerings that run well, but turn off many athletes who want a more “traditional” profile. ON’s move into the elite running world - hiring Dathan Ritzenhein to build the ON Athletics Club (“OAC”) - was a distinct move to counteract their reputation as a fashion-first brand. I loved last year’s CloudSwift and where I felt it fell short - the laces and the upper - have been totally overhauled by the team at ON for 2021, as if they listened directly to my feedback. The result? You’ll have to read to learn it all, but man - this is a rock-solid trainer.


  • 100% recycled upper is snug comfortable; nearly the best I’ve tried  Michael/Sam/Sally
  • Speedboard provides a nice “boost,” without getting in your way All Testers
  • Helion midsole remains one of the best available, especially in cold weather Michael
  • More cushioned at the heel, more forgiving, easier to transition/toe off than v1 Sam
  • Uniquely ON styling with a beautifully engineered great looking upper Sally
  • Comfortable and attractive for everyday athleisure wear Sally


  • Especially in winter, the flaws of the exposed midsole and Cloud elements are clear (ice, rocks, slush, salt) Michael 
  • A slightly more flexible profile may improve peppiness underfoot Michael/Sam 
  • Helion foam could use a bit more rebound and be slightly softer and the Speedboard could be a touch more flexible Sam/Sally


Estimated Weight: men's 9.9 oz / 281g (US9,) 8.5 oz / 241 g  (US8

men 9.63 oz  /  273g (US 8.5)   /  (US    /  (US

women  8.5 oz / 241 g  (US8)    /  (US

Sample US8.5 Cloudswift 1 weighed 10 oz /  283g

Drop: 7mm

Available now. $150 


Tester Profiles

Michael is a 2019 graduate of Northwestern University Law School in Chicago, with an interest in patent and intellectual property law. Prior to law school, he competed collegiately at Washington University in St. Louis (10,000m PR of 30:21). He recently finished 2nd at the Chicago Half-Marathon in a PR of 67:43, and was the top Illinois finisher in the 2017 Boston Marathon (2:33:03, 82nd overall). He recently secured a 2:31 marathon PR at the Austin Marathon. 

Sally is a lifelong runner and mother of five who ran her first marathon at age 54, and has now run the past seven Boston Marathons and one Chicago, with a 2017 Boston PR of 3:29, good for 8th in her age group. Along the way she has raised over $240,000 for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital running with Team Eye and Ear. A relative newbie to road racing, she has achieved All-American status in the 10K (44:04) and 5K. To commemorate her 60th birthday she ran the NYC Marathon in November finishing 2nd in her age group with a PR time of 3:28:39.  Sally is a compact (petite) runner at 5’2’’ and 105 pounds.

Sam is the Editor and Founder of Road Trail Run. He is 63 with a 2018 3:40 Boston qualifier. Sam has been running for over 48 years and has a 2:28 marathon PR. These days he runs halves in the just sub 1:40 range training 30-40 miles per week mostly at moderate paces on the roads and trails of New Hampshire and Utah. He is 5’9” tall and weighs about 164 lbs.

First Impressions and Fit

Michael: From appearances alone, I think ON has built one impressive trainer - it’s not just a handsome option (I quite like the orange accents!), it’s also clearly well-constructed, with a soft-to-the-touch upper, stretch where you want it, and a rugged enough outsole to highlight ON’s dedication to hard-surface “urban” running for the model. Fortunately, the Cloudswift fits my foot as good as it looks, with sufficient snugness (a marked and obvious improvement over last year’s model) without coming across restrictive. What can I say - I’m a fan! 

Sam: ON shoe after shoe has consistently had spectacular styling. Modern distinctive lines, superb quality and feel, the distinctive CloudTec Cloud elements, Swiss attention to detail. Yet some of their uppers and rides have not worked as well as they looked for me.  

Here we have an engineered mesh upper front of the shoe with starting a midfoot a one piece tongue with the tongue, rubbery midfoot wrap and rear portion of the shoe an integral single piece “sock” like dense and padded construction with a touch of stretch  

Holding it all together and effectively wrapping the mid foot is the “cage” a rubbery material that is decently pliable and certainly not a rigid plastic cage as some of the adidas Ultraboost have.

This upper works and super well with a precise, secure decently roomy, fit back to front that has no pressure points or loose ness, beyond a touch of noticed pressure and lack of flex from the triangular forward 2 lace holder overlays. They clearly are intended to improve hold and wrap in that area, an issue with v1 for me. Breaking them into separate elements on each side might help give and easier flex there. 

In our v1 review  I called the original fit more suitable for high volume feet. Here the fit is still higher volume but the hold is significantly improved and the combination of cage design and lacing should accommodate a wide range of foot types from Michael and my relatively narrow feet to somewhat broader higher volume feet.  Unlike the first edition, there are no issues with mid foot lock down I think thanks in part to those triangular orange lace holders.  The fit is without question true to size for me.  Yup, some serious Swiss precision upper engineering here. 

Sally: I have never had the pleasure of owning or running in an ON shoe before, but I have long been intrigued by the brand because many of my friends wear them and swear by them. Plus they are the only “sneaker” featured in the tony Gorsuch catalog of Aspen/Vail, CO - if they are the shoe to be seen in on the feet of these gorgeous European ski models sporting their Bogner and Canada Goose and Moncler outfits…. Well then, I need to see what the hype is all about. 

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening the box for the first time, and I wasn’t disappointed by the attractive white and lemon yellow shoe that emerged. ON Cloudswift 2 has a very unique and very visible midsole that is there for all to see. 

The upper consists of an integrated tongue that gives it a very sock-like feel. The first time I slipped my foot in, well, let’s just say I thought I had the wrong size. Be forewarned that it is not as easy to put on as a traditional running shoe! Sidenote: Do folks still use shoe horns? But once my foot was in, it felt great, although admittedly snug. I have a low volume woman’s foot, but I had to put on my thinnest socks to fit this shoe (and might go out on a limb and proclaim them to run small/short?) But be patient: these shoes definitely get better with time, both in fit and in ride, so allow a break in period. Then plan to enjoy.


Michael: While the Cloudswift’s upper looks visually quite busy, it’s one of the most comfortable and supportive upper I’ve run in a long while. 

ON has made specific improvements to the fit here, with an integrated tongue,  midfoot and rear and 100% recycled mesh upper, all of which delivers a sock-like fit. In last year’s review, I specifically called out the lacing of the CloudSwift, and am happy to report that it, along with the general lockdown of the shoe, has been vastly improved. ON has listened to its critics  - this upper is seriously awesome.

Sam: Michael has described the upper well. I would add that the Cloudswift sockliner is excellent. It is a dense rubbery material which clearly delivers additional cushion and a touch of bounce. It wraps up the sides of the inner shoe towards the rear more usual which seats the heel toward the midfoot notably well in the shoe.

As noted in fit I do think the two front orange lace holders are a bit overdone and could be split to provide a bit more flex at this key area. I noticed they were not as flexible over the foot as I might prefer. It is clear that they are an essential component of foot lockdown towards the toe box given the volume and width in that area. Lacing them a little looser helps the feel there.

Sally: I was very impressed with this upper, it is comfortable and attractive and functional. Michael and Sam summarize it very well. 

The integrated tongue makes for a very unique sock-like fit that hugs and holds your foot securely on the run. The biggest challenge for me was putting the shoe on! I did find I differed from Sam in that I preferred to snug the laces on the run. 


The SS21 model also features enhanced forefoot cushioning, a re-engineered Speedboard (greater flex in the heel and a more rigid mid/forefoot for a snappy response). Temperature resistant Helion foam combats hot/cold conditions”

Michael: The material here is ON’s Helion foam, which we were largely impressed by in 2020, and remains a terrific option - especially for winter runners! - in 2021. ON totes the temperature resistant qualities of Helion, and for good reason - some midsoles (especially EVA, but many TPU compounds as well) firm up considerably in colder weather. When I’m running on the treadmill versus outside, I can notice a difference on my trainers - but that’s fortunately not the case here.

ON has also reworked the Speedboard here to provide for greater flex in the heel, and a more rigid mid/forefoot for a snappy response. I liked the Speedboard concept in ON’s flagship racer the Cloudboom, and generally enjoy it here, though I wish there was even more flexibility in the forefoot. A shoe like (for example) the Rebel v2 maintains snapiness without sacrificing flexibility; ON has clearly made a choice to allow for snappier toe-off here, but at the cost of the shoe feeling a little stiff and unyielding. It’s not enough of an issue to dissuade me from running it, but I wish there was a way to get the benefits of the re-engineered Speedboard without overly stiffening the midsole.

Sam: The midsole here is about way more than just the Helion foam as the Cloud Elements,  Speedboard, and rocker provide key elements of the cushion and propulsion and much more so than as in a typical single or multi density all foam midsole.

The cushioning is ample but different as the Helion is by itself quite firm. The midsole has a very purposeful and consistent feel.The CloudTec elements as they deform under load and spring back provide a key element of the cushion with the overall effect more mechanical in feel than springy, bouncy or even dense/firm. 

Add in the Speedboard and you might think they are “firm” compared to many midsoles but the cushion is all there. Your rebound is decisive and more about response than much bounce or rebound feel. There is plenty of cushion but does not come from foam alone as in most shoes so they may not feel as “soft” but I found the system both highly responsive during and it was during and post run forgiving on the legs.   

I do think the Speedboard, essentially a full length plate is definitely improved. There are now larger rear Cloud elements geometry with landings for sure far less harsh than v1’s were, a shoe despite rocker and Helion that was not that pleasant for heel striking, as is also the case with most ON. The ride is clearly less harsh at the heel than v1. I welcome the changes to the heel Cloud Elements geometry and the more pronounced rocker which helps the roll a great deal with less of the “hitch” in flow I felt trying to get by the Speedboard at mid foot in v1 . 

I agree with Michael that the forefoot part of the Speedboard, which ON actually stiffened, could be more flexible. 

This said, all the quite subtle changes not really apparent from a visual standpoint, make the Cloudswift midsole clearly more forgiving, more cushioned at the heel and forefoot, and livelier on the toe off with an easier to find and use rocker than the first version. 

Sally: I can not compare this Cloudswift to the previous version because this was my first ON shoe ever, but clearly there was some consensus that the original version was stiff with a harsh ride, and that this edition is an improvement. But even a first time ON runner can realize this midsole is unique. It is not bouncy or soft, and yet it feels cushioned and springy. 

Upon inspection, the Cloud elements feel very firm and rigid, but they yield underfoot in a very consistent way and propel the foot forward nicely to an almost springy toe-off. I am a lightweight runner (105 lbs),  and wonder if a heavier runner experiences this midsole differently? Do the wavy pods compress more? I also noted the nicely cushioned sockliner, which might contribute to the padded feeling underfoot.


Michael: As good as On’s Helion compound is for winter running, the outsole is going to hold it back a little (for the reasons On users and critics alike already know). There are fairly large holes in the outsole here - both in-between segmented pods, and down the central groove below the Speedboard - that just collect rocks, ice chunks, and more. On the treadmill (where I’ve, for better or worse, found myself a lot this winter), that’s is of course not an issue. Outdoors, while the issue is mostly cosmetic, it’s not entirely a non-factor, and there have been instances in this and other ON offerings where I’ve had to stop running to extract a sizeable pebble or two from underfoot. 

Sam: Ah the pebble factor and ON..What can you do with such large deep separations between Cloud Elements! 

I will say grip from the textured pads was excellent, among the best this winter running on dry and wet pavement and areas with winter sand over pavement . 

Sally: Massachusetts in February. Yep, snow, ice, cold. I was even lucky enough to test these after a major nor’easter here along the coast north of Boston, complete with ocean pebbles and road salt and sand left on the roads after the storm. The grip was decent, but the slush buildup and gravel collection in the deep grooves was an issue. Bring on the clear streets of springtime!


Michael: You know what wasn’t a major factor in my time with the Cloudswift? The pods. Designed around a halved garden hose, ON’s unique, sometimes ridiculed cushioning technology has come so far that, as far as I’m concerned, it’s practically a non-factor. Are there benefits to “sealing” those pods? Potentially - see my Outsole section, above - but in terms of pure cushioning and ride performance, I don’t think the 

So how’s the ride? Frankly, it’s a lot of fun. The Cloudswift isn’t a lightweight trainer, per se, but it sure rides like one. I had no issues working it up to tempo pace, and even to strides, I found the stiffened Speedboard to be a nice benefit when focusing on a quick toe-off. 

What didn’t work? Well, the flip-side of that taut Springboard at higher speeds is a distinct lack of flexibility at more relaxed paces. That’s not to say the Cloudswift is a bad recovery shoe - I don’t think that’s the case at all, in fact - but I do think runners who genuinely like a flexible option (and heck, looking at the pods would suggest this is one!) will come away disappointed. This isn’t Cloudboom levels of stiff, but it’s pretty darn rigid.

Sam: I agree the ride is fun but this is Swiss fun so it is serious! No one will mistake the ride here for soft and bouncy all foam such as the NIke Invincible  has yet the ride is clearly well cushioned and dynamic with a distinct sense of responsiveness through the entire stack but not a punishing one. The more mechanical aspects of the cushioning, the deforming of the Cloud Elements vs. softness and rebound of the foam itself may have one thinking it is an overly firm maybe a punishing ride but that is not the case. I had similar early concerns with the Nike Tempo Next with its giant air pod but it too is very well cushioned, just a different feel here from Cloud elements in play in addition to the foam itself.

I found all paces well accommodated but faster daily training to tempo was its sweet spot when I  can get off the heels and really activate the Speedboard and roll forward. The sensation is very consistent and directed in the path of travel.  The rocker/ Speedboard combination provides a smooth long roll vs. a sharp final toe off effect as say the Endorphin Speed has or a sense of drop forward and toe off as say the Gldieride has or a final soft toe off impulse as the Invincible has. 

The Cloudswift  rocker is most similar to the much lighter Skechers Razor Excess we just reviewed but it is a bit more flexible and not quite as dynamic and snappy and it is not as harsh. Compared to the Cloudswift v1 this new version has a ride accommodating a wider ranges of paces for me and unlike the v1 can even handle slow easy paces decently well.  

Sam: I agree that the ride of the Cloudswift is fun, and can remain fun at varied paces. It is not a bouncy ride, but it is somehow cushioned and springy. One definitely feels the rocker effect as this shoe has a smooth roll forward into a nice perky toe-off, and a firm and yet forgiving landing. I found myself running a bit more than usual on my toes, so definitely not a flat foot sensation. They do feel a bit stiff at the slower paces (which I am doing more of these days as I battle a hamstring injury) but they respond well to a faster pace, and seem to excel in the uptempo mode. Uniquely enjoyable!

Conclusions and Recommendations

Michael: It feels as if ON took our advice of last year, and molded the Cloudswift not into an entirely new shoe, but into a more streamlined, comfortable, and more useful option. I like the 2021 Cloudswift for easy to moderate running, with the significant benefits that Helion performs terrifically in cold weather, and that the ON is toting one of the nicest uppers I’ve tried in the recent memory. T

The downsides are simple - an outsole that collects road grime, and a midsole that won’t do it for you if you need outright flexibility. For me, it’s a shoe that really clicks, and I think it should continue ON recent foray into more "mainstream" running shoes and markets. 

Michael’s Score: 9.3/10.

Sam: Finally an ON Running shoe that I really actually enjoy running in and not just looking at. The subtle changes from the first version deliver as advertised with a more secure super comfortable upper, a more cushioned heel landing, and a smoother transition and toe off. 

The changes clearly put the Cloudswift into the daily trainer class for me of those shoes you can reliably reach for every day for just about any type of run and enjoy doing so. I could not say that for any prior ON.  Agreeing with Michael I think the Speedboard could use some tuning to either make the shoe more flexible or to have the Speedboard geometry lead to a snappier toe off effect and I would welcome a lower weight.

Sam’s Score: 9.12 /10

Ride: 8.9  (50%) Fit: 9.5 (30%) Value: 8.8 (15%) Style: 10 (5%)

Sally: I am now officially an ON fan! I enjoyed the unique firm yet cushioned in a unique not bouncy or soft way ride of this shoe. The snug fit is comfortable and secure, and improves over time. These shoes benefit from a break in period, so don’t expect magic your first few miles. But wait for it! These shoes deliver  an enjoyable run, ideal as a daily trainer at most any pace. And don’t tell if you see me wearing these around town, because they are seriously comfortable enough for everyday wear - and definitely chic enough if they feature them in high end ski lifestyle catalogs! This shoe got better every run.

Sally’s score: 9.2/10


9 Comparisons

Index to all RTR reviews: HERE

ON Cloudswift 1 (RTR Review)

Michael: I handled a lot of the comparisons above in the full review, but the most noticeable (and welcomed) improvement is to the upper, which now keeps your foot sufficiently locked down and comfortable. The 2021 Cloudswift is not a revolution, but it is a very welcome evolution over its predecessor, and I’d recommend it on those grounds.

Sam: More secure upper, softer heel, more forgiving and smoother transition and toe off.  The sum of small almost unnoticeable changes  transform the Cloudswift into an effective trainer for just about all paces except very slow for me while the v1 with its overly firm heel, more awkward rocker, and not as precise fit stayed on the shelf after my testing for the review.

ASICS Glideride 2 (RTR Review)

Michael: My first thought is - both shoes are stiff, so Nike Free devotees need not apply. But on the run, the ASICS and On do handle differently - the ASICS has a more distinct roller sensation to the forefoot, while the On (despite its Speedboard) feels more traditional, and doesn’t rock quite as naturally. I like both but for easy running, I actually think the On is slightly more pleasant.

Sam: Both are rocker based. The Cloudswift has some flex from its Speedboard while the Glideride has next to none from its geometry and hardened EVA front plate. I  agree with Michael that the rocker effect of the ON is more traditional in feel while the Glideride’s locks the ankle and is yet more directed in the path of travel so for me a slightly better choice if I just want to cruise along steady and straight, Keep in mind that the ASICS has a definite easy to find groove where its geometry is effective in rocking you up and away while the ON is a bit less prescriptive and thus more versatile for me at varied paces. While both are amply cushioned both are relatively firm and not exactly bouncy shoes. 

Nike Tempo Next % (RTR Review)

Sam: Another shoe with a more “mechanical” feel to its platform. Both are relatively firm feeling but amply cushioned. The Nike essentially removes the road and your feet from the equation with its giant air pod plus plate plus massive stack providing a very muted feeling but incredibly fast ride for such a big shoe. 

The ON relies for some of the same from its Cloud elements and Speedboard, and feels more “normal” but is not quite the long run speedster the Tempo is. I would give the ON the lean for its ability to handle slower paces slightly better than the Nike which really needs speed and power to activate the air pod. The Tempo Next is the better choice for hard, fast long runs.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 37  (RTR Review)

Michael: We’ve been over and over the Pegasus 37. The upper is good, the new midsole materials are welcomed, but the arrangement of the Air Zoom units just doom the shoe. That impression hasn’t changed over time, and except for the true Pegasus loyalists, I’d recommend the Cloudswift.

Sam: Agree with Michael on the men’s Peg. The women’s version with softer React foam,  a lower PSI air pod and lighter weight than either men’s Peg or Cloudswift is a different story.  It has a very smooth and friendly ride. The ON is more cushioned in feel at the forefoot than the women’s Peg but not quite as agile and is more prescriptive. For faster tempo somewhat shorter distance daily training the Peg. For a more all around training ride which also handles fast very well the ON. Overall I prefer the more traditional riding women’s Pegasus 37 but only slightly.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 (RTR Review)

Michael: The new 1080 was a welcome surprise for me - a max-cushioned shoe that handles more like a midweight trainer. While the Cloudswift fits into that middle category nicely, I think the New Balance is slightly peppier in its midsole, with the added cushion for those long, slow efforts. I’d prefer the On for medium-faster running, but forced to choose between the two, I think the 1080 is a superior choice.

Sam: Prefer the ON in this match up. While about 0.5 oz lighter the 1080 gets there with a minimal and for some problematic heel unit. The ON upper is clearly superior overall for me in its security and comfort. The 1080  may be a touch more cushioned/ softer in feel but my sense is that overall the cushion is about equivalent to the ON. I found the 1080 plateless rocker geometry fine but overall the ride is just not as dynamic or peppy as the Cloudswift’s but more forgivingly cushioned in feel. I agree with Michael as to best uses for each.

Sally: Swing vote here, and I am going with the ON Cloudswift. The newest 1080 is a great well-cushioned trainer, but it does not have as much personality as the Cloudswift. Besides, the 1080 heel/ankle structure was a deal breaker for me. The ON has a superior upper and an uniquely enjoyable ride that keeps you wanting more.

Saucony Endorphin Shift (RTR Review)

Sam: The Shift has a similar dense feel and has yet more cushion. No plates, no elements, just a   slab of  EVA/TPU blend PWRRUN foam which feels a lot like Helion might without Cloud Elements in the mix. Its propulsion effect comes from a final toe off rocker. The Shift is not as agile and quick feeling but maybe more reliable let’s just say and somewhat more stable. While Cloudswift leans more towards faster running paces, the Shift leans more towards slightly slower paces and longer runs.  

Puma Deviate Nitro   (RTR Review)

Michael: The Deviate Nitro was a huge surprise for me - a 2021 Puma trainer than I genuinely love running in! - but it wasn’t perfect. With a sloppy (occasionally painful) upper and a very stiff carbon spring from its plate, the Puma will require some calibration before you jump into it for everyday training. The On is a little more gentle, but that makes it more accessible. Both are genuinely enjoyable options - I think the On is slightly more useful for those who only want one trainer.

Sam: Yes the Deviate upper isn’t perfect and it is stiffer in feel and a touch harsher up front from its plate. This said its ride is more traditional in feel with a more non prescriptive rocker even with its carbon plate in the mix.  The rest of its midsole platform is softer and bouncier and it has impeccable grip.  The ON leans daily training somewhat better while the Deviate leans more up tempo. The Puma is about an ounce lighter and comes at the same price.  

Hoka Mach 4 (RTR Review)

Sam: Polar opposites here in approach although both share a rocker geometry and some front flex in the mix. The Hoka is all foam with a much simpler design with a combination of a firmer ProFly top midsole layer and a thick rubberized foam midsole as outsole layer below. The result is a bouncier softer ride and 2 oz less weight with plenty of cushion and rear stability from its broad swallowtail heel design.  The Mach from upper to ride is more easy going, flexible and softer while Cloudswift is more responsive and directed. If I had to choose one it would be the Mach for its lighter weight and more easy going all around do anything ride although for up tempo, despite weight, the ON is a slightly better choice due to its response and firmer feel.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2 (RTR Review)

Michael: ON takes a loss here, because the Rebel v2 is genuinely one of the best trainers I’ve ever tried. Springy, lightweight, and well-cushioned, the FuelCell compound in the New Balance is truly class-leading. ON has a great upper and an enjoyable ride - but it can’t beat the new Rebel. Get the New Balance.

Sam: Very lightweight, super bouncy, and tons of fun the Rebel is a great choice if you have good mechanics and your runs are relatively short and fast. While the ON is Swiss Serious the NB is a Wild Child. It is not as stable or as easily directed as the Cloudswift. For most it will not be as good a choice as an around daily trainer aa the ON.

Sally: I picked the Rebel 2 as the best daily trainer of 2021 even before we turned the calendar to 2021. The Rebel is simply a smile inducing confidence boosting peppy shoe that is going to be hard to beat. The ON Cloudswift is a beautifully engineered shoe with a uniquely enjoyable ride, but I will take the roller coaster over the ferris wheel anyday. Guess I am a Rebel.

Tested samples were provided at no charge for review purposes. No other compensation was received by RTR or the authors for this review from ON.The opinions herein are entirely the authors'.

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