Thursday, July 26, 2018

Spring 2019 Hoka One One Previews: Mach 2, Cavu 2, Speedgoat 3, Challenger ATR 5, Arahi 3, Gaviota 2, EVO Rehi

Article by Sam Winebaum

Hoka One One continues to expand its offerings, modernize its uppers with engineered mesh and even beyond with Kevlar strand structured MATRYX upper technology. Best of all in 2019 we will see more of what Hoka now calls “rubberized foam” and which previously was known as R-MAT and then R-Bound. Here are some highlights from the Spring 2019 introductions.

Mach 2
Weight: 8 oz/227 g M US9, 6.6 oz/187 g W US 7*
Update: our test samples indicate a weight closer to 7.7 oz/219 g for a US 9
Stack Height: Men’s 24mm/17mm, 5mm drop*
$140. Available February 2019
*all weights and stack heights do not include sock liner.

The Mach 1 (RTR review) was the successor to the Clayton as a light, well cushioned trainer racer. The Mach 2 is built on a completely new last with special focus given to the arch profile, the source of irritation for some in the Clayton and to a lesser extent Mach.

Retaining the ProFly dual density midsole construction of a softer heel for cushioned landing and somewhat firmer front midsole for propulsion, the big news for Mach 2 is that the midsole instead of being a normal EVA is a “rubberized foam”. We hope, and expect, this shoe will run much as the famous Huaka did, with a stable and dynamic bouncy ride with lots of terrain feel and plenty of cushion, equally at home on road and many trails. I expect it to be more forgiving than the Mach 1.

Instead of bonding 2 pieces of different density foam, the Mach 2 is co-molded at two different densities in a single shot to eliminate the glue interface and extra layers leading to a smoother feel and transitions.
There is no outsole, the midsole and outsole are a single slab as in the recent Hupana. Wear of the prior rubberized foam outsole/midsoles was very good but of course we will have to test. The Mach 1 had as its outsole a rubberized R-Bound foam under the EVA and thus again, more glue and weight. We expect the Mach 2 to be a very smooth running, easy to transition, cushioned speedster.  While improved over the Clayton we found Mach 1 not as smooth transitioning as we would prefer.
The upper is a lightweight engineered mesh. The weight is about the same as the Mach 1, losing ¼ oz.
Cavu 2
Weight: 7.2 oz/204 g US M9, 5.8 oz/164 g US W7
Stack Height: 23mm/18mm, 5mm drop
$110. Available February 2019

Very similar in its ProFly midsole construction to the Mach, the 2019 Cavu will also get a rubberized foam, dual density single shot midsole. The Cavu is focused on up tempo and versatility before and after the run. (Cavu 1 RTR review)
The new engineered mesh upper is designed to be more breathable than Cavu 1, with instead of a full internal bootie a half bootie. The upper changes rear midsole cut outs reduce weight by an ounce. Cavu 1 with its conventional EVA ProFly midsple was a fairly firm stiff up tempo shoe. The rubberized foam should deliver a bouncier maybe less harsh, stiff and smoother ride with the elimination of glue layers making the Cavu a better race and tempo run shoe.

Our You Tube Video Preview of the Mach 2 and Cavu 2

The dynamic support J-Frame based Arahi 3 gets new tooling, i.e a new look to the midsole and a new upper. $130. Available January 2019 including in wide.
The  heavier support Gaviota 2 gets a new more breathable upper. $150. Available December 2018 including in wide.

Speedgoat 3
Weight: 10.3 oz/292 g US M9, 9.1 oz/258 g US W7
Stack Height: 32mm/28mm, 4mm drop
$140. Available January 2019
The Speedgoat will retain its secure and forgiving underfoot feel and Vibram Megagrip outsole. It adds mid to rear and mid foot support from its new, lighter engineered mesh upper along with new “seat belt” supports which remind me somewhat of Salomon Sensi Fit.
I believe the solid panel ahead of the lace up may be a feature shared with the new EVO Rehi road racer and the EVO Mafate prototype worn by Tim Tollefson at Speedgoat 50K this year and UTMB last year. He told me at Speedgoat, where he finished 3d that it helps smooth upper flex there. The toe bumper is redesigned to put less pressure on top and the sides of the toes, a welcome change for me as I found the Speedgoat 2 toe box quite narrow and constricting up front.
A waterproof breathable proprietary SkyShell version ($150) will also be available in January.

Challenger ATR 5
Weight: 9.4 oz/266 g US M9, 7.7 oz/218 g US W7
Stack Height: 29mm/24mm, 5mm drop
$130. Available January 2019 including in wide.
In Hoka’s “All Terrain” category the Challenger is equally versatile on road and trail , the kind of shoe we like at Road Trail Run. Version 5 moves back to the slightly softer feel of the 3 as the 4 was firmer. It will match the weight of the 3, gaining 0.4 oz over the 4 but this is still a very light shoe for its capabilities and level of cushion.
The rear outsole lugs are arranged closer together for a smoother and more consistent ride while the front ones are spread wider for grip.

EVO Rehi
Weight: 6.7 oz/190g US M9 5.8 oz/164 g W US 7
Stack Height 17mm/13mm, 4mm drop
$140. Available February 2019.
We did not see the Rehi in person as samples were not yet available, but it is Hoka new ProFly based racing shoe, checking in at 6.7 oz. Here again we see the rubberized foam midsole outsole of the Mach 2 and Cavu with deep underfoot coring. This should be a super fast fun shoe to race and we look forward to comparing to the New Balance Beacon and upcoming Skechers Razor 3 Hyper. It features a non moisture absorbing light weight MATRYX upper first seen on EVO Mafate making it a tri choice as well  The support and structure in the upper is provided by Kevlar strands in the weave and was very effective in the more trail oriented EVO Mafate (RTR review). We see the front of the laces panel to ease over the toes flex. This shoe should be a forgiving fast rocket.

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Σπύρος said...

Unfortunately the toebox of the Speedgoat 3 doesn't seem to be wider than the previous version. A lot of runners had issues with how narrow it is.

Sam Winebaum said...

Σπύρος ,
SG 2 is on the same last but the upper is more foot conforming according to Hoka. I tend to agree it is narrow but a change in upper material can make a big difference. Look to both Torrent and EVO Mafate for more up front room. Reviews below at link.
Sam, Editor
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Anonymous said...

I have a really wide forefoot (at the ball), but think the Speedgoat 2 is plenty wide up front. That's after sizing up a half size, which is about right for length too. I do run without an insole (thick Ortholite sponges are awful when wet, and also too soft), but the forefoot volume was fine with the insole too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hoka, why no Speedgoat wide? Have you not read the reviews consistently complaining about narrow toe box...duh! Really disappointed.
Mafate’s lack of full length Vibram Megagrip also stinks for technical running.

Jeff in MA

Anonymous said...

Also agree I'd love to see a wide option for the Speedgoat!

Σπύρος said...

I hope the tongue is gusseted in Speedgoat 3. Can you provide some more info about the boots in the background in the first photo?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Σπύρος,
Not sure exactly what they are. There is a new Speedgoat Mid Waterproof with SkyShell but those boots don't look like it. Hoka's line is expanding quite dramatically and for different channels. Sam, Editor

Just a Bill said...

So the Rehi is a replacement for the wonderful Tracer 2?

Sam Winebaum said...

Yes. That’s what I see. Sam, Editor

Alberto said...

Why HOKA doesn't listen to the runners???

Almost EVERY review in the world says that SpeedGoat toe box is WAY TOO NARROW!!!


Mike said...

I am also a fan of the Tracer 2 so I look forward to hearing about the new Rehi. From the stats it looks to be less cushioned than the current Tracer, but perhaps a bit stiffer and faster too?