Monday, July 30, 2018

Saucony Spring 2019 Previews: New Switchback ISO, Kinvara 10, Triumph ISO 5, Guide ISO 2, Peregrine ISO

Article by Sam Winebaum with Shannon Payne

Update: full multi-tester Triumph ISO 5 review
Update: full multi-tester Switchback ISO review
Update: full multi-tester Kinvara 10 review
Update: full multi-tester Peregrine ISO review
Saucony emphasized the expansion of ISO Fit to more models including trail with the upcoming Peregrine ISO and a cool new light trail runner the Switchback ISO with BOA closure and full Everun midsole.
Moving towards common, consistent technologies across models such as ISOFit, Saucony also presented Form Fit an integration of sockliner, Everun topsole and more contoured midsole side walls to mesh with the sockliner and top sole.

The new last, first seen in the Ride ISO, will expand to more models including the new Guide ISO 2 and Triumph ISO 5. This new last is wider in the forefoot and grippier in the heel area.

Saucony also shared data with RoadTraiRun indicating that while road running has grown 20% in participation since 2006, trail running has grown 79% with strongest growth among women as is now at approximately 8.1 million participants. 5 million of these trail runners cross over to road running.

Swtichback ISO
9.6 oz/272 g, 8.6 oz/244 g
4mm drop
Available February 2019
This all new, go fast trail runner can be thought of as the trail cousin of the Freedom ISO, sharing a full Everun midsole and 4mm drop. I think Everun may be better suited to trail running shoes than road running shoes when used as a full midsole due to its dense nature.
Swtichback has the Form Fit system, a reinforced woven mesh upper and a BOA lace free system which in conjunction with the ISOFit and Form Fit construction should provide a great foot hold.
The low profile but very toothy PWRTRAC-XT 900 outsole should provide great all terrain grip and a smooth ride. The outsole and dense full Everun midsole should provide adequate rock protection.  I actually expect this shoe to also feel better on the road than the Freedom as the lugged outsole should flex better and the lugs deflecting may take some of the edge off what I find is a firm ride in the Freedom coming from Everun and the dense Crystal Rubber outsole.

KInvara 10
Weight 7.8 oz/221 g, 6.7 oz/190 g
Stack Height: 23mm/19mm, 4 mm drop (unchanged)
$110. Available October-November 2018
Update Full Multi-Tester Kinvara 10 review here
The theme for Kinvara 10 is “Advancing the Experience, Honoring the Legacy”. The K shoe was the original low drop, flexible, unstructured light trainer from a major shoe company. As the years went by it became stiffer, heavier, and less natural in fit. On the plus side for some, but not all who remembered the earlier more natural slipper like K shoes, it became more stable. Then with versions 8 and 9 (RTR review) it started to move back to its origins. With Kinvara 10 it appeared to us that on a totally modern platform, and with up to date materials, it really returns to its original purpose of a fast, (relatively) light, flexible trainer racer with plenty of cushion.
The engineered mesh upper with 3D print overlays felt lighter and less structured and has a solid modular heel hold. The Kinvara gets the new Saucony Form Fit and retains the Everun topsole. The flex seemed improved, an issue for me with some recent models such as the 8 but less so with the 9.
The infamous Pro-Lock strap across the laces at mid foot is finally gone.
The achilles area has modular pads in a throwback to version 1.
The outsole rubber is quite minimal and is well placed for most runners. An additional lateral flex groove and deeper wider, center tuning fork grooves, all should contribute to a more flexible and more naturally flowing ride yet one with some stability from the wide mid foot platform and vertical side walls there.
Watch Saucony introduce the Switchback ISO and Kinvara 10 at our YouTube Channel

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Triumph ISO 5
Weight 11.4 oz/323 g US M9, 10 oz/284 g US W8
Available October-November 2018
Update full Triumph ISO 5 review
The Triumph ISO sees some major changes. The Triumph ISO 5 is on the new wider forefoot, grippier heel last of the Ride ISO.
The ISO upper is now a Jacquard knit. Jacquard knit uppers have two knits woven together on both sides of the pattern to create a more stable and strong pattern yet remain breathable.
Two additional millimeters of Everun re added to the full Everun midsole.
The outsole is changed to the thinner very durable Crystal Rubber found on the Freedom ISO.
All of these changes which should increase the premium, well supported, very well cushioned ride of the Triumph but we hope not to the Triumph ISO 4 was a quite a lively ride for such as big shoe.

Guide ISO 2
Weight: 10.7 oz/303 g US M9, 9.2 oz/261 g US W8
8mm drop
Available January 2019
The light support Guide ISO 2 gets the new wider forefoot, grippier heel last and fit shared with the Triumph ISO 5 and Ride ISO. It gets a Jacquard mesh upper and a woven heel.

The outsole gets broader higher lugs and deeper flex grooves when comparing to the original Guide ISO.
Triumph ISO 4

Peregrine ISO
10.5 oz/298 g, 9.2 oz/261 g
Stack Height: 24.5mm/20.5mm, 4mm drop
Available January 2019
The Peregrine gets an ISO Fit upper and the Form Fit system. Outsole and midsole are unchanged. Peregrine ISO will be available in widths.

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Anonymous said...

Did have a chance to try the new saucony triumph iso 5. I still have the saucony triumph iso 3 and didn't get the iso 4 as it was to firm and seemed to less cushioned. I am wondering if the iso 5 has improved in that department.

Σπύρος said...

The upper of the Kinvara 10 looks the least breathable of all versions.

Cambridge English exam preparation with Gianni said...

Why do they insist on using a minimal amount of rubber on the outsole? I'll have to throw away my K9 prematurely because of this silly choice to remove rubber from there and they're doing exactly the same with the new model. I love that the Kinvara are lightweight but if I had to compromise between actual weight and outsole durability I'd go for the second without blinking. Also, we're not Kipchoge, who really cares about 20-50gr more, seriously?

Clint said...

100% Giovanbattista Fichera. I tend to land fairly laterally so the shift of a rubber insert towards the outer midfoot from K8 to K9 was welcome. There was obviously a reason for this so why the hell would they just do away with all inserts now? Soon these will be no good for anything but track work. Stop putting rubber on the lateral heel if you want to trim weight Saucony. Put it where anyone running in an uptempo show should be landing.