Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Outdoor Retailer 2018: Skechers Performance introduces the GO Run Razor 3 Hyper with Hyper Burst Midsole Foam

Article by Sam Winebaum

We have been big fans of the rapid progress Skechers Performance has made in the last three or so years.  They have been relentless in delivering ever lighter, livelier shoes topped with modern uppers and all at very reasonable prices. 
In what is now an annual tradition towards significantly lighter and ever more fun to run shoes, Skechers showed us the GO Run Razor 3 Hyper, a 6.4 oz 23mm heel/19mm forefoot (without 3mm flat sock liner), 4mm drop trainer/marathon racer. I will retail, when it comes to market in November during marathon season, at $125. Catch that weight and price?

Shoe geeks may recall the Razor 2 (RTR review) weighed 6.8 oz and had a stack of about 18mm heel/14 mm forefoot (without sock liner) and was a fairly firm dynamic, light trainer racer. The Razor 3 will really up the comfort game for longer hauls than the Razor 2 could handle for many runners. It will be shoe for a wider range of runner types, paces, and distances than its predecessor, we think sitting between the current Ride 7 and Razor 2 . So how did Skechers add 5mm of cushioning front and back, provide plenty of outsole rubber, outfit it with a durable, light weight nylon mesh upper with 3D printed overlays, reduce the weight almost half an ounce, and deliver a soft well cushioned yet dynamic ride?
A big part of the answer is a new midsole foam called Hyper Burst. It is not conventionally injection molded and is 15% lighter and 30% more resilient than their current mighty fine UltraFlight which succeeded FlightGen in current models reducing weight across the board. We can't get into more details but the innovative process plays a big role in delivering the weight and resiliency benefits.
The resilience, other characteristics of this foam, good outsole coverage and Skechers testing indicates that despite the very light weight it should deliver the miles expected of a trainer. We have run in prototype shoes with Hyper Burst and the ride is silky smooth, soft, dynamic and almost weightless feeling for all the cushion. Fans of the Razor 2's firmer more conventional racer ride not to worry, Skechers has other goodies coming down the pipeline which will keep you smiling and fast.


Anonymous said...

I am starting to become a skechers fan - love the Go run ride 7's. I usually run in saucony and adidas but unless they start to lighten their midsoles, like the Nike's and the Skechers they will be left behind. Love the sketchers for their lightness, agility, price. Watch out Brooks, Saucony and Adidas - skechers is her to stay and will compete with the big boys. :)

Anonymous said...

The Razor 3 looks like a promising shoe. But the looks are loud and cheap looking. I've purchased Skechers before but would probably skip this one based on looks. Please ask Skechers to clean up the looks - something like the Razor 2 looked much cleaner.

sam winebaum said...

HI Anonymous 1, Agree Skechers on the move and fast with constant improvements in materials and construction all leading to lighter weights and more fun runs.
Hi Anonymous 2, you are not the first to comment about the look, definitely different from the recent Skechers and reminds me of Hoka a few years ago. I have mentioned to Skechers that some are questioning the look and I know Skechers is following comments closely. This said I encourage you to not " judge a book by its cover" as the saying goes and wait for our review and others before making a final decision. Under the hood real good stuff here!
Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam. John Shaw here. Do you know if the sockliner will still increase the drop to 8mm like it did in older models of Go Run shoes? I have calf issues with a 4mm drop but not 8mm

Derrill Rodgers said...
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sam winebaum said...

Hi John,
I did not get a full spec sheet but will find out on drop with or without sockliner.

Anonymous said...

Concur with the looks, really terrible. Have Skechers on my radar and can overlook 'the look' but jeese put some thought into an integrated design.